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How to make knitted sneaker-tanks with your own hands? Tapki-tanks: a crochet pattern and a master class

Choosing a gift for a man is aa very complex and lengthy process. If you know how to knit, then the problem becomes much less, because you yourself can make an original surprise, which will appeal to any representative of the stronger sex. The main thing is desire, patience and perseverance. The reward for the efforts you have will be an enthusiastic thank you from the done-up man and a sense of self-satisfaction. Tapki-tanks, connected with their own hands, like both young and old men in your family. In addition, if we take this knitting guide and apply fantasy as a basis, then it may well turn out to be an original gift for the fairer sex.

Sneaker Tanks

Tapki-tanks for crocheting: a master class for beginners

In order to tie slippers in the form of tanks, you will need:

  • a pair of felt insoles, if you decide to simplify your work and save yarn. In this master class, the sole is knitted;
  • about 400 grams of yarn of the desired color.It should be taken into account that since we are knitting sneakers, we need to orient ourselves to the color suitable for our idea. The amount of yarn should be calculated independently, as the flow rate depends on the thickness of the thread and the hook. In any case, it is better to be safe and buy a little more yarn than necessary, in order to avoid searching the stores for the necessary color in order to tie the sneakers;
  • crochet pattern, either independently compiled, or presented in this master class, in printed form;
  • a little yarn of black color or any other darker shade;
  • a hook suitable for the selected yarn;
  • accessories and all that you want to decorate the product.

sneakers tanks crochet pattern

This master class is designed for those needlewomen who are familiar with the basics of crocheting and are able to read the diagrams.


To begin with, you need to link two ovalsoles in shape and size of the foot. To do this, circle the foot contour on a piece of paper and cut it out. Tie two identical parts of the sole with columns without a crochet, focusing on your pattern. In the place of the heel and toe, add the bars according to the size you need. Apply the knitting to the pattern more often, in order to correct the shape and length in time, if necessary. For those who find it difficult to calculate the number of increments and discounts, one should turn to the ready-made schemes by which the tanks of the sneaker can be connected. The knitting scheme, presented below, is made for children's pins, but you can take it as a basis.

Sneakers Tanks Crochet Master Class
In the case of felt soles, everything is much simpler.It is enough to buy a pair of insoles of the largest size and cut them in accordance with the desired shape. Shilom need to pierce the holes, through which later the initial row of columns without a crochet will be fastened. The rest of the work with both felt insoles and whole-knit passes according to the algorithm proposed in this master class.


Do not cut the thread when the sole is ready.It is necessary to tie several rows without adding more, in order to form the base from which our sneaker tanks will go up. If you prefer to knit it with crochet stitches, then tie 4 rows, if you prefer posts without a crochet, then 6 rows. You should have a sole, as in the picture below.

Sneakers Tanks Crochet

Top part

Now we need to relate the two details of the top partour slippers. Each of them represents half of the sole. They knit straight and turning rows. Do not forget to make the air lifting loops (there are two air lifting loops for the column without the crochet, three for the column with the crochet).

tanks sneakers pattern knitting patterns

Sew the resulting elements to the sole and turn out the sneaker tanks.

sneakers crochets scheme

Attach the thread at the top of our slippers andwe knit in a circle with columns without a crochet of 2-3 rows. In order for the rows to be even, at the end of the row join the second lifting loop with a connecting post.

knitted sneaker tanks

Now we need to get a kind of pocket,in which we put a sintepon or other filler for the volume. Do not forget to leave the window for your convenience. The form is of great importance, since it depends on the appearance of the product and the accuracy of its execution. Some prefer to use a wire frame to create a more correct and clearly defined shape. In this master class, filler is used. We fill the pocket with a sintepon and sew it so that it does not fall out during the process of wearing socks.

Sneakers Tanks Knitting Patterns

Tank tower

We proceed to manufacture the tops of the tank itself.To do this, we select a chain of eight air loops, we close them in a circle and knit five rows with increments and three rows without increments with columns without a crochet. We get small oval boats. They, too, are stuffed with cotton wool or a sintepon and sewed to the top of our slippers. If, based on only one description, it is difficult for you to tie such tapka-tanks with a crochet, the scheme is simply necessary. It can be compiled independently.

Sneakers crochets pattern


No tank can do without a barrel.To do this, we need to draw a chain of nine air loops, close them in a circle and tie in about eight rows without any increase. Then the resulting pipe should be filled with filler, using a handle or any other thin object, sew up the holes from above and from below and attach the bar to the tower. Tapknit crochet can be tied even by a novice needlewoman, the main thing is not to rush and do everything neatly.

knitted sneaker tanks


Приступаем к созданию колес.Do not overestimate your strength and, without thinking everything out, immediately knit sneaker-tanks. A crochet pattern, even for such a simple element as a wheel, may just be necessary. If you still decide to do without it, then take your time and do every row with special care.

Набираем 3 воздушные петли, в первую из них вяжем 6 columns without a crochet and close in a ring by a connecting column. In the second row, we make an increase in each column, that is, as a result, we should get 12 loops. In the third row, add in each second column, we get 18 loops. The fourth row repeats the third. As a result, we get 24 bars. We knit the fifth row without any increase. This should result in 12 wheels for each tank. For the greatest resemblance to a real tank, you can use yarn of two colors for them.

There is another way to create wheels. To do this, you can tie 24 tapes and roll each into a kind of roll, and then sew them together.


Приступаем к вывязыванию гусениц.For this we need to link 4 tapes. In uncrosslinked form, they will resemble the letter "n". We start with a set of 135 air loops. Try to dial freely, so that the edge does not tighten. Alternatively, you can take a larger hook for the loop set, and then return to work with the appropriate crochet hook. We knit three rows of columns without a crochet, the fourth final row is knotted by the step of the dog. In total, there should be 4 tapes, two for each slipper.

We sew caterpillars to the wheels, and then we attach all this construction to the tank itself.


We start to untie the bootleg.To do this, attach the thread and knit up five or six rows of columns without a crochet (see your preferences). The main thing is that the person who will wear this whole structure will be comfortable. If the bootleg is low, then the slippers will constantly creep. If you make it too narrow, it will squeeze the leg. Conclusion: it is better to measure a hundred times. Knitted sneaker-tanks, like any other thing made by own hands, require the needlewoman a lot of time and attention.


We choose the decor for our tanks.It all depends on your imagination. The easiest way is to purchase asterisks from the sewing shop and attach them to the product. Or you can embroider the emblem for tanks on your own.

Sneakers Tanks Crochet

In conclusion I would like to note the advantages of such a gift:

  • manual work will always be appreciated, because the master invests in the thing not only time and labor, but also a piece of his heat;
  • repeat hand-made is possible, but each needlewoman tries to include a piece of individuality in her creation;
  • giving preference to manual work, you will be 100% sure that the thing will suit the donee in size and color.

I would like to hope that as a result, yougot excellent sneakers, tanks crocheted. The master class was created with the purpose to help and prompt answers to questions that may arise during the process of knitting.

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