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Exclusive clothes for cats: you can create a real masterpiece by yourself!

Nowadays, a lot of animal stores offer a variety of clothes for pets: a variety of textures, patterns and colors are simply mesmerizing. But such things are not cheap.

crocheted clothes for cats

Whim or vital necessity

Не каждый владелец может позволить себе купить, for example, a cat's sweater for 1,000 rubles or more. And others do not mind the sky-high price, they want their pet to look exclusive, wear outfits that can not be seen on anyone's pet.

In both cases there is a terrific way out - clothes for cats, with their own hands stitched.Especially for some breeds this is not a whim, but a real necessity! For example, short-haired cats are cold in the winter. Wounded animals are dressed so that they do not lick the ointment from the wound. It is easier to conceive your offspring if their belly is supported by a knitted blouse.

Clothing is also needed for exhibitions. The originality of the model gives more chances to win.

Everything is not so difficult

How to sew clothes for a cat?You can turn to professionals, or you can try it yourself. Today, benefits on the topic like "Clothes for cats with their own hands" is not so little, and you can buy them all in the same pet stores. Therefore, if you are familiar with the technique of knitting, and even like to do handicrafts, - in a good way! If not, despair is not necessary. Mastering certain skills is not difficult at all. Anyone can do it. It is enough to give the educational process a little time and show diligence and patience.

We choose the option

how to sew clothes for a cat

Carefully select the materials from which the model will be made. The fabric should be practical, light, well washable. Knitted clothes for cats - an ideal variant.

It is important not to forget that various hooks,buttons, rivets can damage the tender skin of an animal. Therefore, if you really want to use additional decorations, let them be in a place inaccessible to the cat.

Care should be taken to ensure that clothing is not narrow andDo not rub the skin of the pet. In addition to the risk of damage to the skin, it restricts the movement of the animal. To a comfortable and easy apparel cats get used quickly.

Если кошечка уже взрослая, и до этого она ходила without a dress, it is better to begin to accustom her to clothes from short models: vests, blouses without a collar, etc. With time, you can wear longer options. In addition, she soon will understand that it is so warmer and more comfortable, especially in the cold season. And clothes for cats, made with their own hands, is also nice for the eyes of the owner!

We knit ourselves! Clothes for cats

crocheted clothes
Крючком можно вывязать довольно интересные и original things. Want - openwork, for summer walks, you want - dense, practical. Depending on the version of clothing (winter / summer), a pattern, model and yarn are selected. Do not forget to take measurements with your pet. Hook in accordance with the thickness and density of the thread.

The pattern of the future product can be painted by yourself,using his imagination. Or take a ready-made option - there are enough schemes in the magazines. Merkings are necessary to make sure that the finished item will exactly fit directly to your pet. Be sure to measure the length of the back and girth of the tummy.

First step

To begin with, you can tie a simple sweater. His pattern is extremely simple. Draw the letter "T", where the vertical strip is the length of the sweater, and the horizontal strip serves as the sleeves for the front legs.

It is better to choose soft yarn, designed for knitting small children. Then you will be sure that the wool will not prick the cat's body. It will be enough to have fifty grams of yarn.

We knit the cloth continuously, starting from the back.First you need to tie an elastic band (three to four centimeters), then go to the armhole you liked the pattern, then we knit the rest. We close the loops first on one side, we sew further, close the loops on the other side. And so to the neck.

Second phase

The neckline is tied in the same way as the elastic band at the beginning of the work. To do this, it is necessary to fasten the hinges from the first shoulder, then close all the hinge loops (by four to five centimeters).

We loop the loops of the second arm - about threecentimeter. We return to the first, we sew also three centimeters. Again, dial the throat loops - about five centimeters - and combine the resulting detail.

The third stage

Finish the knitting with an elastic band of three centimeters. It's better to decorate the neck and throat in this way. In this case, the width of the rubber should be slightly smaller - about two centimeters.

clothes for cats own hands

Vest and cap for pet

By the same pattern, you can imagine how to sew clothes for a cat. To do this, you need cloth or fur. Only need to round the seats of the armhole and leave a little more room for the fastener.

Vest we cut with one cloth.Be sure to treat the fabric with a tape or any other trim at the neck and paws, so that it does not pour. On the side is best to make a velcro fastener - this is the best option for a cat's decoration.

A wonderful addition to such a blouse will beknitted cap. To make it, you still need to take measurements from your head: girth, the distance between the ears and the length from the frontal part to the occipital. For the scheme, the same letter "T", where the horizontal line is the radius of the head, and the vertical line passes between the ears, will fit, and eventually connects to the horizontal one.

And finally

how to sew clothes for a cat
Одежда для кошек, своими руками сшитая, – это very practical, beautiful and exclusive. Be sure to try to model something for your pet! But! before you dress the animal, take note of the following facts:

1. Accustom your pet to clothes gradually.If you put a sweatshirt or hat on an unprepared beast, it will be a great stress for him. Everything has its time! He must get used to along, and not perceive clothing as something that interferes with movement.

2. Do not change things too often.

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