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Lessons of needlework for young mothers: how to knit socks for newborns with knitting needles

In anticipation of the birth of a baby many young womenbegin to master various types of needlework, including knitting. Who, if not a loving mother, can create the most sweet and comfortable little thing for crumbs? One of the most necessary items of children's wardrobe are socks. The baby very quickly loses heat, so warm clothes for legs "he will need literally from the first minutes of life. A young mother should think about their preparation in advance. We talk about how to tie the socks for the newborns with knitting needles in this article. Readers are given a description of the performance of this wardrobe item "from A to Z". Even a beginner knitter, having studied it, can easily perform such a product.

socks for newborns with knitting needles

Preparatory stage

In order to carry out your own socksfor newborns with needles, it will take about 10-15 grams of yarn of medium thickness (100 g / 200 m). Children's clothes should be pleasant to the body, so for their production, choose a cleaned wool or wool. If you want colored socks, then select yarn of any shades, but the thickness and composition of all threads must be the same, otherwise the product will turn out to be shapeless and ugly. Spokes for work we prepare stocking (socks) № 3 in quantity of 5 pieces.

We knit cuffs

On two spokes folded together, dial 20loops. Pull out one spoke. Do this very carefully so as not to miss the loop. We begin to carry the socks for the newborn with knitting needles, namely the upper part is the cuff. Spread all the loops evenly over 4 spokes (5 pieces each). Next, knit 5 rows pattern "elastic 1 x 1": alternating 1 face loop and 1 purl loops. After this, follow the 6th to 12th rows with the front loops.

socks for newborns

Stage of execution of the heel

We learn knitting for newborns (socks)knitting needles. Transfer the loops from the 1st and 2nd spokes to one. Further, only they participate in the work. From the 13th to the 18th rows, perform hosiery knitting (alternating face and back loops). From the next row we round the heel. We do this according to the following technology. 19th row: 6 face loops, 2 together, turn over the work. 20th row: edge (remove), 2 loops, purlins, 2 together, turn the product. 21st row: edge, 2 facial, 2 together, turn over the work. Thus, untie the heel from the two sides, until 4 spokes are left on the spoke.

We learn to knit socks for newborns with knitting needles. Form the foot

Next, we perform all the rows round the faceloops. Spray the 4 remaining loops, then dial and decorate 4 loops along the left side edge of the heel. Next, perform the loops left on the 3rd and 4th spokes. Now, type 4 loops on the right side of the heel and tie them. As a result, there should be 22 loops on the spokes. Now 11 rows knit in a circle without decreasing. Then at the end and at the beginning of each knitting needle, reduce the number of loops by 1. The next row is made without any penalty. In the last row, tie all the loops together 2 together, fix the thread and cut it. The product is ready. Similarly, pair with it.

knitting for newborns

You learned how to knit socks for newbornsknitting needles. Schemes specifically for this version of the product is not, because it is made out the simplest pattern - stocking and elastic band 1 x 1. Feel free to take the knitting needles and strings and proceed to the needlework. Literally in an hour or two you will see the result - small, beautiful socks.

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