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We make earrings from polymer clay by the summer

Summer is in full swing.I want to look different and feel new, fun, light, mischievous and at ease. Summer mood, of course, will help create a bright, free and open outfit. But what is it to supplement? Go to the store and buy a bijou? There are, of course, beautiful things, but exclusive and stylish are expensive, but you do not want to buy cheap consumer goods. Let's try to create cute original accessories with our own hands, for example, from a very fashionable polymer clay this season. We become artists and create something that will delight and delight us and others. Let it be earrings.

How to make earrings from polymer clay?

We go to the store for artists.There, large quantities of clay are sold in packages of various weights and colors. For women's jewelry, as a rule, use clay for baking (firm "Cernit"), but you can get by the usual set for children's creativity "Plastic". Choose four colors. We also need: hooks for earrings, 6 small beads, fishing line, sewing needle, old cutting board.

Shaped earrings from polymer clay onepleasure. In her hands she becomes tender and plastic, reminiscent of children's clay. For two earrings, we take three lumps of different colors the size of a little less than a centimeter. To work conveniently, and the clay is not sticky to the hands, hands smear with any protective cream. "Slyapivaem" three balls in one large, tricolor, then take the clay of another color, better than dark or black, make sausage and roll it on the board to a flat state. With this tape we wrap the ball, place it on the board and roll it into a flat pancake. Then we divide this pancake into two equal parts, from each we separate a small piece and roll two small balls-beads (pierce through the hole in the center). From the remaining material, we sculpt figures, whoever they want, full flight of creative imagination (we fold them with a spiral, pull out the ends like a star, turn off the pound, etc.). Then determine the top of the product, pierce from the very edge of the hole to then insert the hook.

Next, earrings from polymer clay will be cookedor bake (according to the instructions on the package). When the product dries and cools, attach the hooks. To do this, we take the line, cut off two pieces of 20 cm from it. We put a bead on one piece, fold a fishing line in half with a loop, and a bead in the center. Both ends of the loop pass from the bottom into the hole in the earring, pull out, put on them one more bead, then the polymer ball, then again the bead. In the loop of the hook we pass the ends of the line towards each other, again we unite them and do the whole process in the reverse order. In the last bead at the base of the earring we end the ends of the line to meet each other and fix each with a double knot. In the same way we do everything on the other earring.

How to make earrings from polymer clay anotherforms? You can experiment and fashion various other figures. For example, small balls of different colors should first be wrapped in a narrow flat dark ribbon of clay, then collect all together in a square, roll it out to become flat, fold it with light wrinkles, as if it made of cloth, make a hole in one corner and bake. Get the original large diamond-shaped earrings made of polymer clay in an ethnic style.

Very beautiful earrings are obtained, imitatingFruit slices or fashioned in the form of flower heads. Take a living flower, carefully look at its individual parts. Try to mold something similar from polymer clay. This material is able to perfectly convey the beauty and tenderness of a real flower. Feel free to combine clay of the same color with the other, mix, achieving uniform beautiful shades or leave "nedomesy" in the form of bright multi-colored divorces, interspersions. Experiment and fantasize, and the material will "answer" you with amazing shapes and combinations.

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