/ How to learn to play poker yourself?

How to learn how to play poker yourself?

Revising a lot of films, venturing intothe history of various countries, we begin to understand that card games have existed since ancient times. They played, played, and will always play ... This occupation has a place anywhere, in any team. The most popular and widespread game is not one century is poker. This is not only an interesting pastime, but also a good option for additional earnings. We will try to understand how to learn to play poker, being a novice in this field.

how to learn to play poker

A bit of history

The exact date of the poker appearance as separateThe game is currently unknown. There are many versions and assumptions concerning the birth of this entertainment, but all of them are so contradictory that it remains to guess where the truth is, and where lies ...

 play poker with a computer
The progenitor of poker can be called popular inEuropean countries play primero, or la prime. It was the beginning of the 16th century. Italy, Spain, France were overwhelmed with excitement, they started betting in card games ... The variant of today's poker was simplistic then: players were dealt 3 cards each, after which a stormy money auction started. When the bets stopped, all the participants "opened" ... The suited combinations were cards or cards of the same value.

In the 18th century, there were references to the game,close to today's poker. There were 5 cards involved, and bluff became an integral part of the then English brag, the German pohshpil, the French so far. Fascinated by this game, not only courtiers and high ranks, but also ordinary peasants, and even sailors.

World fame

Play poker for money started from the time of hisappearance. Experiencing and at the same time amusing himself, every gambler tried to deceive his rivals and get any material reward for it.

Especially popular this game became in America in the middle of the 19th century. The rules were changed, a deck of 52 cards was already used. Then in the US poker was considered a national game.

play poker for money

Since the middle of the 2nd century, the wave of excitement has covered the whole world.In every country, poker was modified and supplemented, whole clubs were formed. The Slavic countries did not become an exception, where it became fashionable to play Russian poker.

Pleasure or income?

If you have a question about how to learnplay poker, then first of all you should decide what purpose you are pursuing. And already here it is important not to admit the main mistake ... Players with experience argue that poker is a whole art. Knowing all the winning combinations is not enough. Playing poker for money is simply impossible without talent, special skills and deception techniques.

All newcomers should put up with the idea that,that first you will have to incur substantial material losses, and only with time, with the acquisition of "card experience", the game will begin to reciprocate and bring a certain profit. The phrase "Newcomers lucky" does not always work here!

How to learn how to play poker yourself?

Every novice should approach this issue in the most responsible and serious way. This is a whole science and a lot of work!

  • First, trying to understand the essence of the game, you will have to re-read a lot of specialized literature.
  • Secondly, it's important to find a more suitable version of poker for yourself.
  • Third, resign yourself to the fact that you need to learn this game all the time, as they say, there is no limit to perfection !.
  • It's important to understand where to play poker first. As practice shows, virtual money in the worldwide network is much easier to lose than real money.
  • Before you make bets, estimate how much you can play. This is the golden rule of poker. Observing it, you can always stop, if the monetary loss will begin to grow.

where to play poker

This is the basis for all beginners. Only after understanding them, you can begin to make trial attempts in the gambling world of poker, but you should not forget about its limitations and established rules.

What is necessary for a successful game

Many are wondering how to learnplay poker quickly and without significant monetary loss. To answer it, you should list the main qualities that a real card account should have:

  1. Patience and again patience. This is an integral part of the game of poker!
  2. Observation of rivals.
  3. Caution.
  4. The ability to easily and quickly improvise and simulate situations.
  5. Understanding the game and the players. Only in this way can success be guaranteed!

After realizing the essence of poker and choosing your strategy, the game process will become understandable and fascinating. And only after you begin to experience true pleasure, you will gain the highest skill.

And how interesting is it to play poker with a computer?

In the modern world, machines in many industriesreplace people. They did not pass by human entertainment. Such a great card game like poker is held today even without real rivals. You can compete with a machine that does not know how to bluff and does not give out any emotions.

to play Russian poker

Everyone who has tried to play poker withcomputer, will confirm that the real pleasure from such a process is extremely difficult to obtain. However, it is quite possible to acquire the skills of the game. As a training option, this process is 100% perfect.

To date, there are quite a fewspecialized sites where absolutely real people play poker, only they are not at the same table in the same room, but in one virtual world. This entertainment is quite suitable as one of the options for entertaining pastime.

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