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How to make animals out of plasticine: spend time with a child

Many parents mistakenly believe thatwith their children should only teachers - first in kindergarten, then in school. But if you want the child to really develop and not have problems with learning in the future, you need to start at home. In many families, the only leisure is watching television programs or cartoons, playing games on the computer. And what about creativity? For example, modeling plasticine animals or any other figures and characters is a good way to develop fine motor skills of the fingers, thinking, imagination. It's not so difficult to set aside half an hour of time to work with the baby. Do you know how to make animals out of plasticine?

What do you need?

how to make a plasticine animal
First of all, prepare a workplace.Work better on the table. It is necessary to spread a large sheet of paper on it (then cleaning will not be necessary at the very end). Stock up with paper napkins to wipe your hands. From the tools you will need wooden toothpicks, stacks and so on. Plasticine should be soft, so that the child can mold anything from it. Teach him to knead the material with his hands. How to make animals out of plasticine, if you do not give time to preparation? A kid needs to be taught and mixed colors, so more opportunities will open up before him. From two pieces of different colors, it turns out, it's easy to get a new shade.

With what to begin?

molding from plasticine animals
How to make animals out of plasticine?Immediately will not work. Begin with simple figures. For example, do with the baby "pancakes". Just something and you need to tear off a large piece of material small and stretch it with your finger. When a child learns to do this not on the table, but on weight, in hands, you can go further. It is impossible to understand how to mold animals from plasticine, if you do not explain to the crumb how to roll cylindrical figures. Show him how to tear off pieces of material and roll them with the palm of the table, then in his hands. As a result, the so-called "sausages" are obtained. Then you can proceed to rolling balls. This will require the child more zeal. A piece of plasticine should be rolled along the circular trajectory with the palm, without the use of fingers. And the balls are then easily converted into cubes, if you "pin" their table, creating a face.

A few examples

how to make plasticine from animals
When you have dealt with the simplest nuances andfigures, you can begin to explain how to make animals out of plasticine. Let's try to make a cat. It will take one plasticine ball, one cylinder and four "sausages". The ball is the head, the cylinder is the animal's body, and the "sausages" are the paws. Do not forget about the tail. All this is connected to each other, and on the head it is necessary to make the ears - just two protectors. Eyes and mouth can be easily drawn with a toothpick.

When the kid understands how to make of plasticineanimals, you can go to people, as well as various objects of human life. Enough by training, you can create whole pictures. It is not necessary to speak about the pros of this pastime. Firstly, it is a great opportunity to be with the child, to communicate with him, to become closer. Secondly, for its development modeling of plasticine is of great importance.

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