/ Crochet hooks with description and scheme. Slippers crocheted on felt soles

Crochet hooks with description and scheme. Slippers crocheted on felt soles

Home cosiness consists of small things. And such a trifle, as beautiful and warm slippers, in winter is just necessary. How to tie a sneaker? With the description and the scheme, let's read a little further.

How to tie the soles

This scheme and description of the process of bindingsoles are universal. It can be used for every model you select. First, we'll figure out how to determine the right size. It can be adjusted and knit all the same description, it does not matter whether you are knitting for yourself or for a child.

  • Outline your foot on paper.
  • Take a centimeter tape (if not at hand, you can use the length of the thread).
  • Above and below our soles retreat by three centimeters.
  • This segment is the length we need to start work.

crochet hooks with description and scheme

We now turn to the soldering of the sole itself.

  1. Type a chain of loops of the desired length (for example, this is 17 centimeters, in this segment I have 15 loops). It all depends on the selected yarn and the thickness of the hook.
  2. Having typed our chain of the necessary length, tie another 2 lifting loops. In our 15th loop we sew a column with one cuff. We send these bars to the beginning of the chain.
  3. In the first loop we sew seven bars with oneon the outside. This is our sock. Next, we knit in a circular fashion until our 15th loop. In it we tie six bars with one cuff. This will be our heel. We connect the series. One row is considered to be rounded around our chain.
  4. Далее провязываем второй ряд.We make two lifting loops. Until the beginning of the sock we tie one pile with a crochet. Where we knit 7 bars in one loop, we sew two by now. At this point, there should already be 14 columns with a crochet.
  5. Continue to knit to heel one by one. Where 6 bars are tied, we make two bars in one loop. We must exit 12. We close the series with a connecting loop.
  6. Third row.We divide the sole from the beginning of the toe to the beginning of the heel (a straight line, not counting the beginning of the roundings) visually into three parts. We make two loops for lifting. The first part is tied one by one with one over. The second - polustolbikom. The third - a column without a crochet.
  7. We sew the heel and sock in the following way.The first loop - one column with a crochet, the second loop - 2 columns with a crochet. So until the end of the rounding. We tie the straight part mirror. First a column without a crochet, then a half-tumbler and a column with a crochet.
  8. Fourth row. The whole row is tied with a column without a crochet.
  9. Our sole is ready.

We knitted slippers

Hooking crochet hooks with the description and layout is quite simple. First option.

  1. Having finished our sole, we sew the first row of slippers with bulging posts.
  2. The second row is tied one by one. Convex column, concave column.
  3. The third row is also alternating one by one. Over convex we continue to hang convex columns. Over concave - concave.
  4. The fourth and subsequent rows aredecreasing the loops. Where our socks are, visually determine the central loop. And from it on the sides we only knit the convex together (grab a convex, concave pass, grab the central convex, concave pass, grab the convex and tie it all together). The rest we sew the same way.
  5. We continue to reduce the required height of the boot.
  6. If desired, you can decorate with a lapel (tying it with the same pattern) or leave it just like that.

As a result, we have got nice relief boots.

home slippers crochet

Slippers on the sole

For longer-term use of household slippers, you can tie them to the sole. Slippers crocheted on felt soles will be warm and will last longer. There are several options for creating such shoes.


You can cheat a little. For example, by tying boots as in the example above, you can simply sew a felt sole to our insole. So they will get warmer and will be more resistant to sock.


Start unfastening the slipper directly from the sole. You will need an awl and yarn. How to:

  • For starters, it's worth mentioning puncture sites. Holes do about 2 centimeters apart.
  • After carefully pierce the awl with our sole. Try to make holes more so that the yarn can pass. But do not overdo it, and then risk that the slippers will quickly erupt in these places.
  • We send one air loop.Gently pull it through the first hole. Then we knit in a convenient way for you. For example, in each hole we sew three columns with a crochet, so a very beautiful pattern will turn out. The number of columns you control yourself. Look at the thickness of the yarn. Ready loops for the next row should not float on top of each other. The row should be straight and slightly taut.

slippers crocheted on felt soles

Next, already untie any kind of product you like. Crochet slippers on felt soles are ready.

For children

Sneakers with a crochet with a description and scheme can be linked any, to your taste. For example, for a child, in the form of bunnies.

  • We educe the sole as described in the beginning or in any convenient way that you know.
  • We send the first two rows of columns without a crochet.
  • Next, we knit all the same in a circle, starting gradually to reduce the side loops.
  • The third row - two loops on one side and two loops in parallel with the other.
  • We use this method to the desired length of the slipper.
  • The last row is typed without decrements with columns without a crochet.

We turn to the decor of our rabbits. From the same yarn, make two small pompoms. These will be our tails. Sew them to the heel with a hidden seam or attach with a hook.

Ears knit in the following way.Type a chain of 10 loops and tie it around the pillars without a crochet. In the first loop, tie three bars. In this way, tie another row. Having made four ears, sew them.

Eyes make with the help of a black thread and a needle, and make a nose pink.

Baby sneakers crochet ready.

children's crochet hooks

For home

Simple slippers can be connected for a warm season. To do this, you need to choose the right yarn, for example, cotton. Link slippers for everyday use, not for heat is very simple.

We knit the sole. All the same universal way. You can pick up any other one that you are used to. For more practical use, you can take a ready-made sole.

The top of the slipper is made very simply. We knit a chain about 7 centimeters long.

Then we knit a certain canvas in length with columns withoutcape. We knit by straight and reverse rows. Do not forget to do the lifting loop. At the edges, you can tie the same bars, but with a different color. The length of this determine yourself.

After the canvas is ready, sew it to our sole. Homemade sneakers crochet ready.

You got slippers, or rather slaps withan open nose. They are very easy to decorate for every taste. It can be a flower in the center or on the side, made of yarn or fabric. Ornaments can serve as buttons and beads.

home slippers crochet

For beginners

For the one who first took the hook in his hands and wantstie slippers for themselves, there is a very simple way that does not require the study of schemes and unclear cuts. How to tie crochet hooks for beginners?

  • Type six air loops and close the circle. We make three air lifting loops.
  • The first row of tying posts with a crochet. We make three air lifting loops.
  • Second row. In each loop we sew two columns with a crochet. We make three air lifting loops.
  • Third row. The first loop is one column, the second one is two. So alternate to the end of the series. In each row, do not forget to do lifting loops.
  • From the fourth to the tenth row we tie one bar in each loop. It turns out that something like a glass.
  • Next, we sew the sole with straight and reverse rows. The length is measured along the heel. As soon as our sole is ready, we fold it in half and sew it together. It turns out the seam on the heel.
  • From above we sew a hole for the leg with a column without a crochet.

We decorate our slippers with flowers or any pattern.

For men

Since the strong half is not used to wearingplush slippers, we suggest to make for them more habitual slaps with a closed nose. Slipper crochet slippers crochet quickly, so in one evening you can cook your favorite warm gift.

  1. We untie the sole.We collect the necessary number of loops, about 19. We chain the chain in a roundabout column with a crochet. Do not forget to do lifting loops. In our first and last loop we sew 6 posts.
  2. The second row we sew the same way.
  3. From the third row we divide our soles in half andwe sew in the same way only one half. Do this until the width of the insole is equal to the width of the foot. Once we have achieved this result, we sew another row with the whole row already.
  4. For strength, you can sew a felt sole or, by tying two identical insoles, sew them together.
  5. We pass to the sock. Dial 8 loops. We conduct the columns without cords in straight rows. In each row, add one eyelet in the middle.
  6. We knit to the required length.
  7. We put the upper part and the sole and bind them together with columns without a crochet. You can just gently sew details.

Easy way

Now consider the simplest crochet sneakers.

  • We are etching the sole. You can use the method given at the beginning of the article or another option.
  • Next, we sew the first row of our slippers with the crochet columns.
  • We send three more rows.
  • From the fourth row, we begin to make decrements. To do this, we sew the central three loops together.
  • We knit further with the same columns, and in each row we do a reduction.
  • We continue to the desired height. It can be boots or slippers.
  • If for a slipper it turns out wide, then along with the central loops on the toe, it is necessary to reduce two loops along the sides.
  • The edge of the hole is tied with two rows of columns without a crochet.

Для данной модели можно использовать остатки yarn and alternate in rows. You will get a rainbow and beautiful pattern with such a simple binding. If you add a certain decor in the form of a flower, then your slippers will be smart and bright. The main thing here is to try and give vent to fantasy.

crochet crochet squares

From motives

For more experienced needlewomen we suggest to makevery original crochet sneakers. With the description and the scheme of problems does not arise, they knit grandmother's square. To do this, you can choose absolutely any square motive or use the proposed one.

crochet crochet squares

For one slipper we need six squares. Four - for the top and two - for the sole.

Having connected all the motives, we proceed to assembly. First, take two squares and arrange them vertically, so that they touch the corners (not the sides).

We also apply two more elements, but horizontally. We must collect a large square so that in the center they are joined by corners.

Next, take the thread and hook and connect the inner sides with a column without a crochet.

Put the remaining two squares on top of our sole. We connect the external sides with the same columns.

Our two horizontal squares are connected to one of those that are on top of the sole. Alternately, we connect the outer sides of one and the other square by columns.

Knitting crochet hooks out of squares only seems difficult, in fact, everything is very simple.

You are warm this winter!

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