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The most simple knitting pattern: description, types and recommendations

Knitting has long been considered a boring occupation,suitable only for "blue stockings" and their grandmothers. This kind of needlework confidently takes a leading position in the lists of hobbies and crafts around the world. Crew knitters are not only traditional shawls, socks and mittens: now knitted can be dresses, coats, costume jewelry, shoes and even swimwear.

For many girls, the motivation for teaching manual knitting is the opportunity to dress up their four-legged friends.

simple knitting pattern
Warm clothing in pet stores is not cheap, and a skein of yarn, simple calculations and a simple knitting pattern allow you to save several times.

First steps: where to start

Those wishing to learn knitting can find a bunch of useful tips. Many pages of women's online magazines are full of photos, diagrams and step by step descriptions of the manufacture of a particular product.

Львиная доля успешности вязального проекта - в the correct selection of yarn. It is not necessary to rush to the cheapest samples, arguing that for study it will do. The concept of "thread quality" includes the characteristics of such parameters:

  • Percentage ratio of natural and man-made fibers.
  • Torsional density.
  • Strength of yarn.
  • Uniformity of texture and coloring (no thickening of thread and color in coils with the same marking).
  • Quality of used natural materials (vegetable and animal origin).

When using a good yarn, even the most simple knitting pattern will create a really worthwhile thing.

Needles and knitting density

The next step is to select the appropriatetool of work - knitting needles. They should be selected in consideration of the type of product that will be associated with them, and the thickness of the selected yarn. Optimum use of spokes is of the same thickness as the thread (the size in millimeters can be determined by attaching to the ruler). The thickness of the spokes printed by the manufacturer on their packaging is indicated exactly in millimeters.

simple knitting patterns for beginners

In addition, on the label of almost any skeinYarn recommendations are given regarding the size of the spokes. Most beginners, until they are accustomed to freely hold the spokes in their hands, often knit too tight. Therefore, it makes sense to choose spokes slightly larger caliber than indicated in the recommendations, then when knitting the web loops will be larger, and knit will be easier.

Following these tips and choosing simple knitting patterns for beginners, you can quickly achieve tangible results.

Elementarily simple

If you have all the necessary materials, you canproceed directly to knitting. As the first product, many experienced knitters recommend choosing a scarf, since its straight canvas does not require complicated calculations and manipulations with adding / subtracting loops.

In the category "The most simple knitting scheme for a scarfknitting needles "unequivocally win various kinds of elastics. Their essence lies in the combination of facial and purl loops. Also different different patterns from these elements are good.

simple knitting scheme for scarf knitting
simple knitting pattern

The most common pattern remains an elastic 1:1 (one face loop, one is wrong). However, the associated scarf can come out too tight and stiff, so it's better to consider using a 2: 2 gum or an English (including the cap).

simple knitting pattern

the most simple knitting pattern

How to learn to read knitting patterns

To understand the schemes for knitting does not representspecial work. On the field marked with cells, signs and symbols are indicated, denoting each loop that needs to be tied. One icon can replace one or more loops.

Some characters have already becomecommon, they are used in the same interpretation by many publications, others may be a personal invention of the designer of the scheme. In either case, a decoding of symbols is placed near each circuit.

The diagrams indicate the beginning of the knitting, its direction and rapport (a repeating element of each pattern).

simple openwork patterns for knitting patterns
The horizontal rows in the diagram correspond to the rowsknitted fabric. Often the patterns of simple patterns for knitting with needles are limited to depicting only the even or odd rows that form the face of the knitting. In other rows, all the loops are tied the way they see (facial or purl). But in some complex schemes, the pattern is formed by working with all rows of the canvas.

Scarf for one evening

To delve deeper into the process of knitting with knitting needles andas soon as possible to obtain a visible result, it is desirable to use volumetric yarn. You can take a smooth thread with a uniform torsion or choose a "fantasy" - with thin and wide patches. With the use of such a yarn, even a simple knitting pattern will allow you to quickly get an interesting cloth.

 simple openwork knitting pattern

To knit the scarf will need to type the calculated number of loops and knit the fabric of the required length, using the selected pattern.

Working with the sample

The number of loops can be calculated by tying the sample from the thread that will be used to make the product.

 simple knitting patterns for knitting
Even if the coil label indicates the density of knitting, this indicator is very inaccurate. It depends on:

  • knitting density of a particular craftsman;
  • type and size of the selected spokes;
  • applied pattern.

The resulting sample should be washed, then stretched and pinned to the horizontal surface with pins.

simple knitting patterns for knitting
Thus, when drying, the canvas does not sit down and becomessmooth. An alternative to washing can be steam ironing with a steam effect, but for beginners this method is not recommended due to the presence of many nuances.

The dried sample is measured, the number of loops and rows is calculated to be 10 cm (width and height) and determine how many loops should contain the web.

How to avoid basic mistakes of beginners

Even a tool of large diameter, thick yarnand a simple knitting pattern does not guarantee automatic hassle-free manufacturing of the scarf. These factors can significantly ease the knitter's work, but a successful result requires also attention, patience and perseverance.

Among the aspects that require the most zeal, you can list:

  • Accurate adherence to the scheme (without presumption and disregard for mistakes).
  • Timely correction of the admitted inaccuracies (dissolution and bandaging).
  • Observe the initial number of loops.
  • Accurate design of the edge of the product.
  • Observe the same knitting density of the entire canvas.
  • Aesthetic appearance of the first and last rows, as well as the tipped ends of the cut threads.

As for the last point, the tips of the threads are best filled with a large needle in the knitted fabric. So they will not break even after washing.

Knitting lace patterns

Having mastered the knitting world, you can proceedthe manufacture of lacework. This type of binding assumes the presence of holes in the canvas. If we are talking about summer things from cotton or viscose, then the openwork can be almost transparent, consisting of a large number of holes.

Since the recommendations in this article are addressedfor beginners, here it is necessary to consider simple open-work knitting with knitting needles. Schemes of such patterns necessarily include nakids. Porozyannye in the back rows, they just form an openwork. Also there is a reception in which two loops are tied together.

You can practice on such schemes that offer a solid pattern in combination with small elements of azhur, then it is worth moving on to more complex options.

simple openwork patterns for knitting patterns
simple openwork knitting pattern

As well as solid, simple openwork patterns forknitting patterns, patterns and descriptions have reports and repetitive elements. After tying several rows, the master remembers these elements and almost automatically follows the given algorithm.

The finished product should be treated the sameas a sample for calculating loops (wash, spread and dry). After these activities, the binding is leveled, the thing becomes soft and acquires the necessary shape.

A gift from the heart

With due attention to the choice of yarn, workerstools and models of the future product a simple knitting pattern will allow you to create a unique product that will become the favorite "highlight" of a knitter's wardrobe. In addition, the popularity of handicrafts adds value to hand-made gifts. Therefore, even with minimal experience in knitting, you can make excellent gifts for relatives, girlfriends or loved ones.

knitted scarf

Regardless of the type of binding products mademanually, need specific care: gentle washing with special products in warm (not hot) water, drying in a horizontal position, avoiding stretching. Compliance with these requirements will significantly increase the service life of knitted items.

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