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Delegating a domain to Yandex

Domain delegation is a prerequisite foruse of a domain name on the Internet. DNS servers, software and hardware systems (applications) ensure the operability of this condition. Despite the complexity of the name, the process is available to a person who does not have the skills of a programmer.

domain delegation

Domain connection - why do you need this?

Suppose that the domain name is already purchased, toexample, domenbk.ru, and there was a desire or necessity to check mail on other services, such as "Yandex". But the question arises: how to use this domain to get the following familiar functions:

  • Convenience of the application.
  • Translation of text from one language to another.
  • A familiar interface.
  • Calendars and repositories.
  • Safe storage of information.
  • Filtering and protection from spam.

The first solution is to configure mail forwarding inside the hosting. Mail, registered under the domain domenbk.ru, will come to another address, for example yandex.ru.

delegation of the domain to Yandex

The other two options are more complicated. They are appropriate for such cases:

  • Creation of corporate mailboxes (a box of this type is registered for each employee: [email protected]).
  • For mailings from an existing domain, you need to ensure delivery of messages that are not identified as spam.
  • To create mailboxes by users who are registered on a portal with an identical domain name.

Connecting mail for business: example of hosting "Yandex"

domain is removed from delegation

In order to connect a specific item to the mail for the Yandex domain, you can use two solutions:

  • By confirming the right to own the domain, after which the setting of the MX record becomes available. In this case, the DKIM and SRV entries are not automatically recorded.
  • Delegation of the domain to "Yandex". In this case, the site will become inaccessible for up to three days, so the option is suitable for recently installed domains.

yandex domain delegation

How do I delegate a domain?

In order to perform domain delegation on Yandex, you need the following:

  • Registered domain.
  • The account in "Yandex", which is registered on pdd.yandex.ru. yandex.

domain delegation

  • The domain is required to be connected to pdd.yandex.ru.

The domain that connects is DNS:

  • днс1.яндекс.нет.
  • днс2.яндекс.нет.

delegation of the domain to Yandex

After three days in pdd.yandex.ru an A-record with the IP-address of the server is indicated.

How do I attach a domain?

This method is suitable for hosted domains (the site is already located there). To attach a domain, you will need:

  • Registered domain.
  • The account of "Yandex".
  • Entering and connecting a domain in pdd.yandex.ru.
  • Proof of ownership in the following ways:a file is uploaded to the site directory (recommended); a CNAME record is added; by changing the address of the mailbox from the registrar; delegation (not suitable for overbought domains).
  • Obtaining the results of the audit.
  • Prescribing an MX record.
  • Waiting for the end of the connection (takes up to 72 hours).
  • Checking the status of the domain (indicating the information about successful termination of the connection and delegation of the domain).

domain is removed from delegation

Nuances to remember

  • When you delegate the site will be blocked for 72 hours, so the method is better used for new domains.
  • Attaching MX records activates the DNS editor, but editing this editor does not apply.
  • Availability of Yandex features in the mail will bepossible after attaching. It is worth noting that the three positions are an exception and are limited - this is Yandex.Money, Yandex.Direct, Yandex.Music.
  • Mailings within corporate mail - are allowed.

Removing a Domain from Delegation

Hosting has the right to remove from the delegation thator another domain. This procedure neglects the specified DNS servers. If the domain is removed from the delegation, then access to it is not possible. Initiate the withdrawal can both owners and registrar.

yandex domain delegation

The reason, which influences domain redelegation,can be the fact that the initiator of the removal - the owner - independently sets the status UNDELEGATED for the sites and services that you want to disable.

If the initiator is the registrar, the withdrawal occurs as a result of the following reasons:

  • the term of domain registration is terminated (the domain is blocked on the period specified in the registrar's rules and after its termination is deleted from the registry);
  • detection of a virus that makes a content change, resulting in a phishing page;
  • the data proving the right to own the domain is not provided;
  • the DNS servers are not working properly;
  • court decision on cancellation of registration.

The reasons for redelegation are clarified when you apply to the technical support of the registrar, if the rules of using it are not violated by the hosting company.

In conclusion, it is worth mentioning that the usercan independently verify the delegation of the domain. The Internet has created services that will help to find out this information. It is not difficult to work with them, and the procedure takes only two minutes. The user is required to enter the domain name in the appropriate line and click the "Check" button.

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