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How to insert a picture in "Classmates" for an unforgettable conversation

For a brighter and more interesting communication on manyInternet portals and social networks, you can use graphic images (emoticons) and insert pictures. "Classmates" to their users offer a number of paid services, using which you can communicate on the forum more colorfully. To send a message with a graphic image, you need to click on the "Messages" menu item and select the recipient.

how to insert a picture in classmates
Pictures on «Odnoklassniki» without payment downloadis impossible. This is due to the fact that the social network is concerned about copyright claims. Each image on the Internet may have limitations for use.

How to insert a picture in "Odnoklassniki"

In order for your communication with friends to be morebright. Together with the text of the message, you can insert not only the usual images in the form of emoticons, but also animated pictures. The site has the function "Paid services", which allows you to make gifts to friends, send pictures, customize your profile, put high marks. Each service has its own algorithm of actions. To make the profile private you can in the section "Settings", in which payment options are offered. To put "5 +", you need to open a friend's photo, click on the rating and choose a convenient method of payment. Gifts are selected in the appropriate section.

pictures on classmates
Ability to send pictures and animatedemoticons appears when you pay for the service "Additional Emoticons". In the "Messages" section, by sending a message to the addressee, select the option "Additional emoticons", pay for services and use the opportunities. It remains to understand how to insert a picture in "Classmates". After the successful activation of the paid function, additional animated images become available to you. Now, by sending a message, you can open this item next to the text input field and choose the image options offered there.
pictures classmates
Here you can find a variety of images,which are divided into "Popular", "New", "Koloboks" and "My Smileys." Having paid function "Additional emoticons", you will have an opportunity to offer the variant of the animated picture. In the Internet there are various sites that offer users of "Classmates" graphic images. To use them, you need to choose the ones you like, get the code to them and insert them into the "Additional Smileys" to your page. Many refuse from paid services and find other ways to diversify the exchange of messages.

How to insert a picture in "Classmates" in the original way

Images can be drawn with symbols on the keyboard andfree emoticons. Very original images and patterns are obtained. Of course, they are not as bright as the animation of the paid service and the pictures offered by the sites with the inscriptions. However, this method is one of the options for writing your messages on the forum. With the question of how to insert a picture in "Classmates", we figured out, it remains to choose what is most suitable, and enjoy pleasant communication.

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