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Overview of the THWGlobal.com project: how to work on the site, reviews

In early summer of 2016 in a network around the worldthere was a new proposal for distance earnings. People were invited to the hosting, where they pay for viewing the video. The site, which can only come at the invitation of a senior partner, is called THWGlobal.com. How to work on this resource, is it another fraud? Let's analyze everything in detail.

thwglobal com how to work

Idea of ​​the company

In the Internet space a lot of money is spinning.The largest part is earned on advertising, it is quite understandable. The number of network users is growing exponentially, there are no borders in this space, therefore manufacturers are interested in disseminating information about their products or services. It's no secret that people with great pleasure watch videos and pictures. Texts now do not enjoy such popularity. On this pattern, YouTube hosting is developing. He receives significant funds from advertisers who are interested in attracting attention. And the areas (channels) are created by the most ordinary people who want to earn extra money. At the same time, viewers do not receive anything other than information, sometimes unnecessary and useless. Several differently decided to develop business creators THWGlobal.com. "How to work, so that all the participants of the chain described above are satisfied?" - these people thought. The idea lay on the surface. It is necessary to exclude from the scheme of disinterested spectators. Then advertisers will receive only targeted views, people - useful information, the company itself - money for the necessary and both services. Agree, this option is much more profitable than all the existing method of advertising.

thwglobal.com real reviews

Development of ideas

YouTube, as well as other companies involved inadvertising, link among themselves owners of sites (sites, video channels, etc.) and spectators. The first pay money, with the second have to share part of the profits. In this scheme, the viewer is a person suffering. It is used blindly, that is, it has little effect on the advertising provided. Now working companies (search engines) are trying to take into account the interests of users, but only. That is, people receive advertising corresponding to those topics that interested the owner of this ip-address. It is necessary to take into account that now in one house there can be a lot of computers and gadgets, which leads to confusion. They also have the same ip-address, therefore, advertising is shown to all similar. For example, a grandmother is interested in a remedy for hypertension, and grandson for new gadgets. The elder relative in the morning was concerned about finding new drugs. At the entrance to the network, all members of the family will receive advertising for funds from hypertension. And these are not targeted shows. They reduce the efficiency of the work and the service, and the advertiser. Everyone is unhappy with each other. Approximately this was the logic of the creators of THWGlobal.com. How to work more effectively, exclude non-targeted requests?

thwglobal com when it starts working

We get rid of unnecessary elements in the scheme

The idea is quite simple.It is necessary to get rid of those who are not interested in advertising. To do this, a site is created that unites those who want to show themselves and their potential customers. And to detail the services and fragmentation of the audience by interests, you need to conduct a survey of the public. Then you can select an advertiser for the target audience. An important element in this idea: money will not be given to other sites, all potential customers will gather in one place, namely on the site www.THWGlobal.com. How to work in such a system, beginners are required to tell their "sponsors". After all, it is impossible to register in it without an invitation. It turns out that the clients themselves will attract other people to the advertising network. To stimulate the activity of the people decided to share profits with those who are watching ads. This is the essence of the idea. Instead of multiple sites, create one global network (see the name of the site), in it to unite interested customers: advertisers and buyers. At the same time for viewing ads pay ordinary people who are now and continue to face them all the time, but do not get anything for it. All should remain satisfied, and the site - to row money with a "shovel".

www thwglobal com how to work

THWGlobal.com: how to work

We have considered the idea, the technicalmoments. You can register on the site only by invitation. A new employee-viewer must have a sponsor. The latter, as they promise, will receive twenty percent of the earnings of the person who was brought into the company, at the first level. If this person invites others, then their bonuses will also be a bonus. That is, the incentive system will extend to a depth of tenth level. The first receives twenty percent from the invited, then the bonus decreases. Earn this way you can, as stated by the company, up to ten thousand dollars. This, so to speak, income without investment. If a person has managed to build a huge, multilevel network, then his charges, it is clear, theoretically exceed the amount claimed. He will have to purchase a special certificate from the company to receive his bonuses. At the first stage, the emphasis was on inviting people. The company needs an audience capable of attracting serious advertisers.

thwglobal com why it does not work

What do people pay for?

You do not need to build a network for yourself.The company invited people to watch videos. They contain advertising. It is for her review that funds are accrued. The company receives money from the advertiser and gives some of the money to the audience. The question of how to work on the THWGlobal.com website does not cause any difficulties. You can just register and watch the video. This many do for free, but here money for the same actions are offered. And they promised to earn up to a thousand dollars a month. In total it was necessary, according to the company, to watch ten hours a week. Pay for it, she promised up to 250 dollars. Such an offer was of interest to many, people rushed to search the site THWGlobal.com. How to register, we have already reviewed. It is necessary that you invited a sponsor, that is, a person who already has an account on this network.

Something went wrong

Agree, the idea of ​​direct communication of advertiserswith customers it looks logical. People began to register on THWGlobal.com. The actual customer feedback was quite optimistic. People did not just watch the video. They were given statistics of the time spent on the site, accrued tokyenov. This is the name of the unit of the domestic currency, which by results of the month should turn into coveted dollars. However, the site stopped working. In addition, no one received any money. There were rumors that again scammers made money out of watching ads with gullible spectators and disappeared. Judging by the statistics of the site, there are more than one million registered. They could look at advertising for a serious amount.

how to work on thwglobal.com

Who are the scammers?

In fact, no one has not disappeared anywhere.Users have the opportunity to go to their office, see all the reports. In the post-Soviet space, video is not shown. The stop is caused by a unique criminal scheme. She pretty badly hurt THWGlobal.com. Why this site does not work, they said even in the news on the central channels of the Russian Federation, only the names did not mention it. The fact is that there were "craftsmen" who created a serious virtual structure that deceives advertisers. In short, they managed to do so, that fake viewing such monsters as Google, took for real and paid. The news said that fraudsters received thousands or millions of dollars. This is a serious loss for advertisers. The reputation of companies that organize the display of ads, too, has suffered. The newcomers were blocked before identifying gaps in the protection of the entire online advertising system. Among them was the THWGlobal.com website. When this magnificent site begins to operate, it is not known.

An Inconvenient Moment

People who honestly watched videos are not to blamethat there are cunning cheaters in the world. But they suffer. No funds were received at the beginning of 2017. The company promises to fix everything and pay. There are no ways to press on it, no one signed any official papers, people worked on trust. Registered users are divided into optimists and skeptics. The first indicate that the personal cabinets on the site are not deleted, they can enter, they can see all the information. Skeptics are sure that they faced another deception. Who is right - time will tell.

how to work on evrika thwglobal com

Once again about fraud and justice

Most likely, the delay in launching the company,frustrating registered users, has other reasons, hackers have nothing to do with it. The advertising market is highly competitive, the more global. Here the audience is ready to "gnaw through the throat", as the profits from it are calculated by astronomical sums. Probably, we are talking about the legal struggle of monsters, long working in this sphere, with a newcomer who put forward a revolutionary idea. But the public is unlikely to learn the details. Information circulates on the Internet is not as free as it seems to us. However, if the company starts working, we will certainly hear about it. In 2016, she gathered a large audience of fans waiting for the launch and money. Therefore, just in case, find out and remember how to work on evrika.THWGlobal.com, suddenly come in handy.

Other details of the company

The people are attracted by free registration.But this is not all "buns", which promises THWGlobal. In the system itself, you can develop your own network. It will bring money from watching videos, bonuses from purchasing paid products. In addition, an ordinary person who does not want to invite anyone will be able to purchase the goods of advertisers at a discount. You can also take part in surveys, get samples of new products and much more. So far, everything described is theory. In practice, everything is much sadder. People spent time watching videos, and got for it only frustration and resentment. Many consider themselves deceived. However, for the time being THWGlobal has not disappeared from the stage, the site is working, in Europe and America there are screenings of commercials. And what will happen next - only time will judge.

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