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How to "VKontakte" wind votes? 3 free ways

"VKontakte" is extremely popularsocial network, where every second is registered. In addition to actively communicating with Internet friends, it gives you the opportunity to have fun by running the application, browsing the video, listening to your favorite music or choosing interesting virtual gifts. But bad luck - to buy the latter we need so-called "voices". Are there any free ways to get them? Learn how to "VKontakte" to wind up the vote quickly and without unnecessary noise, this article will help.

VKvoice Program

how to contact the winds of voices
Although this program is considered "hacker"No particular risk due to its use you will not expose yourself. The latest version of the application is very easy to use thanks to a simplified and intuitive interface. The most difficult, perhaps, will be to find and download the program without having picked up a couple of unpleasant viruses. After a successful download, the further algorithm of how to "VKontakte" twist the votes will be clear. It will be necessary to press a maximum of four buttons and enjoy the result.

Like4u.ru site

wind up the voices in contact
This site helps to understand not only how "BBut also how to get the necessary number of "likes", subscribers or "fingers up" in other social networks, namely Instagram and Facebook. After a simple registration, you do not have to download any programs. on the site.With the registration, the user receives a "start-up capital", which will help to start acting.In the future, the account can be replenished by performing simple tasks.As the currency here go the so-called "likes" and "real." The more tasks you perform you get a chance to wind up the votes "VKontakte." Thus, like4u.ru works on the principle of "service for service." In addition to the standard way of "earning" local currency, you can try to participate in the evening lottery.

Program FastVoice "

cheat on vo
This is another completely free software thatwill tell you how to "VKontakte" win votes in just a few mouse clicks. Again, finding the working setup file for this program will not be easy, but the result will be worth the effort. The algorithm for working with this application is quite simple: after launching it is necessary to indicate the desired number of votes and a link to your page "VKontakte", and then activate the anti-ban system. The last point is very important, since the wrap-up of votes, of course, is considered "hacking", and the creators of social networks are not at all delighted with the desire and ability of users to get free skins. For such fraud, you can "finish the game" before blocking the page, so you should be very careful.

Be careful: ban!

Remember that the vote wrapping in the "VC" can becomecause of checks by the administrator of your page and its subsequent blocking. Therefore, the above programs it is better not to abuse, so as not to cause unnecessary suspicion. Try to crush your sense of greed and add yourself votes for free at least not very large portions. It is advisable to secure and create an additional page for the wrap, which will not be a pity to lose in case of blocking.

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