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Why do not money come to "Yandex.Money"?

The system "Yandex.Money "is one of the most popular in Russia, now virtual funds can be transferred to real ones, because the electronic purse of a nuclear weapon can be equated to a bank account. Just like in any system, there are some difficulties, one of them - when do not come money for "Yandex.Money", then we will consider the possible reasons.

do not come money for Yandex money

Why do not I receive funds for an electronic wallet?

Most often, problems with the transfer of funds toelectronic wallet arise when replenished through payment terminals installed in most outlets. Faced with this situation, the user first of all should try to find out why the money for "Yandex.Money" does not come. There are different reasons for this to happen.

In each individual case, the movement of moneymeans between the payment system and a virtual purse can take from a couple of seconds to several days, delays are most often associated with technical equipment malfunctions. As a result, cash that has been paid through the device "hangs". This can happen for a number of reasons:

  • At the time of the transaction there was no Internet connection;
  • the failure of the service "Yandex";
  • problems in the terminal software.

Quite often the reason lies in inattentionUsers who made a mistake while completing the payment request. However, if a person is sure of the correctness of the actions, but still did not send money to "Yandex.Money", then you need to contact the technical assistance.

money did not come to Yandex

When are the problems?

So, let's look at the problems most often encountered by users:

  • do not come money for "Yandex.Money" when transferring from another electronic wallet;
  • when the account is replenished through the payment terminal.

In any case, situations with unreached funds provoke bad thoughts and do not raise the mood.

Departure from another wallet

When the money was transferred from another purse andthe sender / recipient states that they did not act, then there may be several options: the first - when filling in the details, an error was made and they did not come to that account, the second one - you are misled. It's sad, but the latter option is often used by scammers. You can even receive a screenshot of the check, but is this a problem nowadays, when every second owns "Photoshop"?

In the payment system "Yandex.Money "payments can not be lost, to date, such cases are not known, but situations with carelessness of users are enough.Almost all transfers between purses are held instantly, and if you have problems and questions, you can always ask them to support.

through how much money comes to Yandex money

Payment terminal

Why do not Yandex.Money come to the money credited through the payment acceptance machine, and what should I do in such a situation?

Basically, such problems arise because of theterminal, so you should contact the service organization of the device through which the payment was made. The terminal number is always indicated on the check. If the check was lost, then find out the owner's phone number (it is usually indicated either on the equipment itself or in the menu in the "Information" section), contact him and tell him the date and time of payment, address location, purse number and amount. If you are told that the money has been transferred, you should contact the Yandex.Money support service.

Term of enrollment

Many users are worried about the question, throughhow much money comes to "Yandex." Money. With payment transactions within the system, that is, from one purse to another, the funds are credited to the account within a few minutes.

The transfer of cash and non-cash funds can be performed from several minutes to several days. This is due to technical delays in different systems or program failure.

why money does not come to Yandex money

Some tips

First of all,that when carrying out an operation through a payment system, a receipt for payment should be taken without fail and stored until receipt of money into the account. This is the only document that will be an argument in resolving disputable situations. Quite often it happens that the terminal does not issue payment receipts. In this case, you need to remember the transaction time and the exact amount of the transfer and be sure to specify if the funds have arrived to the account. If you do not receive money for Yandex.Money, you should contact the owner of the equipment.

The main thing is that if you do not add funds, you should notTo panic. If you do not have replenishment of the electronic wallet account, this does not mean that the money was lost or someone was appropriated. Most likely, there was a technical hitch, after the elimination of which the user will receive his transfer. And do not forget to carefully check the requisition details, then there will be no problems.

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