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"Angel or demon" - actors, performing the main roles

What is the series "Angel or Demon"? Actors who played the central characters, the character of their heroes, a brief description of the plot - all this will be discussed in our article.


alexey komashko

Before proceeding to the discussion of the film "Angel ordemon "(whose actors are already quite famous), it is worth saying a few words about the history on the basis of which the plot is built. In the center of the narrative is the confrontation between mystical beings in the real world. Once in a century an angel descends from Earth to Earth. In this case, the mythical creation turns into an ordinary student Maria Averina. The latter faces a demon in the face of the girl Kira (Anastasia Styozko). Being under the spell of an evil creature and not knowing about her angelic nature, Masha deprives her parents of her own. Freed from the control of the demon, the main character is aware of what she did. Now she has to hide from persecution.

Maria encounters a guy named Jan, in the facewho finds the right companion and protector. The young man also turns out to be an angel and gives the girl a chance to change everything. Masha receives from Jan a magic book, after which, as if nothing had happened, she wakes up in her own house. Her family is unharmed. It would seem that life has returned to its former course. However, not all so simple. Now, in order to receive forgiveness for the terrible sin, the newly-made angel will have to help the unfortunate and the destitute. In this heroine helps the gifted magic book.

Soon after Masha declare a demonic huntcreation under the leadership of the girl Agnes (Anfisa Vistinghausen). The main character meets a seductive guy named Dan. It is he who is given the task of seducing a girl and getting a mysterious scripture that will open the gates to otherworldly beings into the world of people.

That's what the series "Angel or demon" tells about. Actors who performed the main roles in the film, their characters will be considered further. So, we learn about the characters in the picture.

Anna Andrusenko

angel or demon actors

The actress was born on July 3, 1989 inDonetsk region in Ukraine. Anna's childhood was spent in Sochi, where the family moved to live soon after the birth of the girl. She was an actress at the Shchukinsky Theater School. In the movie appeared, starring in the popular TV series "Univer". Then came the roles in the projects "Closed School" and "Amazon". Despite the fact that Anna's career has just started, she already has the status of one of the most promising actresses in the post-Soviet space.

As noted above, in the series "Angel ordemon "Andrusenko plays the role of Masha Averina, a graduate of the gymnasium. The heroine is a diligent student and just a good girl. Together with her younger brother Sasha is trained, in the role of which the young actor Maxim Kazinsky acts.

Maria's life turns upside down when she finds out about her hidden angelic nature. The mission of the girl on Earth is the salvation of lost souls.

Alexey Komashko

maxim kazinsky

Alexey is also a Ukrainian actor,who was born on April 29, 1981 in Zaporozhye. In his youth he moved to Saratov, where he entered the Theater Institute. Then followed the training at the State Conservatory.

Today Alexey Komashko is one of the most talented young actors in the troupe of the Oleg Tabakov Theater. He regularly appears on stage in a variety of performances, actively acting in films.

In the series "Angel or Demon", the actor playsmentor of the main character - an angel named Jan. From the plot of the picture it is known about the prehistory of his life. Once he was in love with the powerful angel Margo. After Yang decided to descend from heaven in order to protect the magic book, a crisis broke out in their relationship. Experiencing suffering, the girl turned to the dark side. Soon, from the union of Jan and Margo, the future leader of the demons appeared - the girl Agnes.

Cyril of Zaporozhye

Cyril Zaporozhye

The actor was born in 1985 in the city of Moscow.After graduation, he entered the Shchepkin Theater University. His first work on the big stage was the role in the musical play "Ordinary Miracle". A real fame for the young artist was brought to the shooting of the successful television project "Full Moon".

The protagonist of Cyril Zaporozhsky in the seriesis a character named Dan - in the past an angel who was cast off to Earth, having fallen out of favor with the Lord for his sins. The task of the newly made demon becomes seduction of Mary with the purpose of using the magical properties of the mysterious book. However, as the plot develops, the characters begin to show each other bright, sincere feelings, which prevents Dan from completing his mission.

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