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The elementary truths of healthy food: how to degrease milk powder

Everyone knows milk from childhood can be purchasedboth in the liquid state and in the powder state. Today, when every second thinks about healthy lifestyles, many people say that before using, it is necessary to degrease milk powder. However, this applies to the usual liquid product. Let's talk more about the benefits of degreasing.

degrease dry milk


Such a product is obtained by separation(in other words, separation) of regular milk to extract milk fat from it. As a result, 90% of the original mass remains. 70% of solids and 99% of vitamins and other minerals pass to skim milk. In fact, such a product is no different from a single product. The only exception is fat-soluble vitamins. They are absent in the revised version. In general, the proportion of fat in it should not exceed 1.5%.

Low-fat milk: benefit or harm

Experts divided into two groups:some zealously protect the product, the latter, on the contrary, talk about its harm. You can argue about this for a long time, but the truth is this: milk with less fat is just necessary for people suffering from obesity or atherosclerosis. Its use is useful in kidney disease, as well as while dieting.

How to degrease homemade milk?

Currently, supermarkets in large cities offer us milk for every taste. The fat content in it can vary from 1.5% to 6%.

how to degrease homemade milk
But it's in big cities.And what about the inhabitants of small settlements and villages, where there is no such choice? Milk there is sold very fat. The mass fraction of fat is usually at least 3%. The answer is simple: find out how to degrease milk, and do it yourself.

Let's talk about one of the easiest ways. You will need a gauze, a container with a wide throat (an ordinary can fit), a mixer.

  • Leave the milk in a cool place for a day and forget about its existence.
  • The next day you will notice that the fatty part has risen upward. This cream (they can be used for making sauces, cakes, instead of sour cream).
  • Carefully remove the upper part. All that's left below is skimmed milk.
  • If it seems to you that the product is also fat after that, whisk it at a high speed with a mixer. Fats turn into small pieces of butter.
  • Strain the frothed milk through the 4-layer gauze. The fat part will remain on the canvas. This product has fat content - 1.5-2.2%.

Powdered milk

It can be of 3 types:whole, instant and defatted. The powdered product was used long ago, back in the 19th century. But one must be careful, because not always such a powder can be qualitative. How to degrease milk powder, few people think. And in vain. Some manufacturers add to it deodorized fats of vegetable origin, and not milk fat. Determine the composition of an unsophisticated buyer is difficult, and almost impossible. Therefore, it is better to give preference to proven brands.

how to degrease milk

Production of skimmed milk powder

Manufacture of dry milk today is put on the conveyor belt and does not create special difficulties. According to the mode of production, it can be of two types:

  1. Spraying. It is made by drying on spraying plants.
  2. Film. Drying takes place on rolling plants.

The first method of production is most in demand, it is also called spray drying.

  • Milk is filtered, then the separators come in and separate the fats from it.
  • Next comes the process of pasteurization, which is carried out to disinfect the product.
  • Prepared milk is cooled, then evaporated and homogenized.
  • The next step is to dry the product by spraying.
  • After this operation, it is sieved and cooled.

As you can see, the manufacturers do not have a special task - to degrease the milk powder. Everything happens in the production process.

Application of dried milk

Today, the powdered product is quite popular. It is used in many industries and is present in the composition of:

  • confectionery products;
  • bakery products;
  • baby food and dry mixes;
  • drinks (we are talking about therapeutic cocktails);
  • alcohol products.

production of skimmed milk powder
Also used in cosmetology (for the production of creams and masks), in agriculture (as a feed for animals).

Dried milk can be eaten.To do this, it is bred with warm water in the proportion of one to three. It is better to drink it early in the morning or late in the evening. Sometimes cardamom or fennel is added to the prepared beverage, which calms the nervous system.

Degrease dry milk - then save yourself fromproblems with health. In addition, a drink from such a product perfectly satiates and kills the feeling of hunger. Whatever it was, low-fat milk has many useful properties. And in some cases, its use is simply necessary.

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