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Russian actors: "Dreams from plasticine"

Today we will talk about the film "Dreams of plasticine." Actors and roles are presented below. It's about melodrama 2012.


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Consider the plot of the film, then presentedactors. "Dreams from plasticine" - this is the film, the main character of which is Oksana. She is in love with Boris, twenty-five, an employee of his father. The latter marries his girlfriend Vika. Oksana dramatically experiences this. She gives herself the promise that she will win Boris, whatever it costs her. On the advice of my mother, the heroine sculpts a dream from plasticine. Ten years later the girl will regret her desire for her.

Key players

Next, the actors starring were named."Dreams of plasticine" - a film about Boris. I. Petrenko played this role. The actor was born in Potsdam. Soon the family went to Moscow. He joined the staff of the Maly Theater. Constant shooting began. For this reason, I had to leave the Maly Theater.

Alexey Komashko played the groom of Oksana by nameNikolay Rudenko. The actor was born in 1981, on April 29, in Zaporozhye. He graduated from a technical school, his specialty is an "artist-designer". He studied at the Sobinov Conservatory, on the course of A. Galko. He was a student of theatrical faculty. He played at the Theater under the direction of O. Tabakov.

Oksana and Vika - the couple of Boris - two female images of the film "Dreams of plasticine." Actors Ekaterina Klimova and Polya Polyakova performed these roles. Let's talk more about the first.

Ekaterina Klimova was educated at the Shchepkin Theater School. Director B. A. Morozov supported the actress. Taught the skill of the actor and scenic speech in the Children's Model Agency.

Fields Polyakov was born in 1983, on August 1. I studied at VGIK, in the studio of VM Solomin. Professional dancer.

Alexander Mokhov played Sergei Petrovich Malenko -father of Oksana. The actor was born in 1963, on June 22. All his childhood was spent in the city of Shimanovsk in the Far East. He was educated at the Irkutsk Theater School. He served in the army. He became a student of GITIS. He studied at the course of Oleg Tabakov.

Other heroes

dreams of plasticine actors
Next, the performing secondary roles are namedactors. "Dreams from plasticine" is a film in which the wife Malenko, who is called Anastasia, appears. Natalia Vasko played this role. Alexander Kobzar embodied the image of an official Arkady Mikhailovich Turkin. Konstantin Chernokrylyuk and Nina Antonova are also actors in the picture. "Dreams of plasticine" - a film in which they played a boy and a trader. Alexandra Kireeva played the role of Oksana in her childhood.

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