/ / "Wild Angel": a brief description of the series and the success story of the film

"Wild Angel": a brief description of the series and the success story of the film

Still some twenty years ago in ourthe country has not even heard of long serials from hot Latin America. And then began their confident intrusion into our air. "Slave Izaura", "Just Maria", "Rich too cry", "Wild Rose" - these are the films that made us throw all our affairs and forget about everyday vanity. With what impatience we waited for the next series to find out how the main (positive) heroes coped with the main villains and intriguers.

"Wild Angel": a brief description of the series

Undoubtedly, one of the most successful "soapopera "in the history of Latin American cinema is the love story of two opposites. "Wild Angel", a brief description of the series which is familiar to every fan of this genre, tells of the poor orphan Cholito, Mili or Milagros. Beauty had a hard fate: her father left her pregnant mother, for which she hates him. Secretly the girl who grew up in the monastery, dreams to meet this "coward" and spit in his face. But she does not even suspect how close he will be to her: her father, as if native brings up Ivo - a rich guy, who will fall in love with Miles.

Touching and cheerful, mischievous and optimisticseries "Wild Angel"! The description of the series can not be done completely: their film company produced as many as 270. But it is possible to note the main moments that captivated viewers around the globe.

Beautiful lover

Having lost her mother, Cholito remains an orphan,however, she has one good friend. With her the main character works in the afternoon, and in the evening she goes to the disco. There she sees a young guy (Ivo), but Miley does not pay attention to him. Possessing a strong temper and a very quick temper, she gets the nickname "Wild Angel". A brief description of the series tells that the girl loves to play football and wear comfortable men's clothes. During one match Ivo calls Miley a guy, for which she splashes him in the face with water. But since then their paths will begin to intertwine. After some time, Milagros goes to work in the house of DiCarlo - a family owning a large construction company. She falls in love with Ivo, and the young businessman also breathes unevenly to the young servant. After overcoming many trials, partings, slaps, the main characters still go to the altar.


History of tape success

"Wild Angel", whose series description is filed inthis article, the film is vivid and memorable. In many ways, his success is due to a successful script and a good production, beautiful costumes and humor. But the great merit in that and the brilliant cast and their convincing game. On the main roles, the producers chose not the famous movie stars, but the novice actors. Young Natalia Oreiro and Facundo Arana have gained immense popularity after the release of the film.

Watch the episode "Wild Angel"!A brief description of the series can not convey the atmosphere of the holiday, which is inherent in Latin American films. You can not hear the tunes of the soundtrack, for which you want to dance. Therefore, it is better to turn on the TV and enjoy the tremendous action, positive emotions that the "Wild Angel" is sure to bring to you.

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