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KG Paustovsky "A dense bear". A Brief History of the Tale

Konstantin Georgievich Paustovsky - well-knownSoviet writer of the twentieth century, whose books have been translated into many languages ​​of the world. His works are included in the school program on literature. A contemporary of such great masters of the pen as Bulgakov, Kataev, whom he knew personally.

Paustovsky dense bear

The writer was very fond of traveling.He had to visit the Kola Peninsula, live in Ukraine, visit the Volga, Kama, Don, Drepre, Central Asia, and the Crimea. And this is an incomplete list of places visited - a brief summary. Paustovsky wrote a "dense bear" in one of these campaigns.

During the war he worked as a military correspondent.I knew life in all its manifestations, not by hearsay. In his stories for children, he paid much attention to nature, tried to awaken in the formed personalities a kind attitude towards her, the desire to live in harmony with the flora and fauna, with people and with himself.

Summary of the story Paustovsky "The dense bear"

The protagonist of the work is Petya the little one."Little" because he lives with his grandmother, whose son (his father, also Petya) died in the war. The boy lives in the village and is engaged in the fact that he takes the calves. So it turns out that from morning till night Petya spends time in nature. Every day he learns the world closer, gets to know his inhabitants, feels how he breathes. Even the trees talk to the child, not to mention animals, birds, insects.

to the dense bear of the Powers
Particular attention should probably be paid tograndmother Petit-little Anissya. These women who have seen life often play in our lives an inconspicuous, but huge (if not the most important) role. And she even had to raise a grandson alone, who was an orphan from childhood. And in their dialogue, her genuine caress and care, bitterness and love are heard. Anisya tries to protect him from early adulthood: "You're buried in corners all the time and think." And you think early, you'll have time to think about life. "

In general, the boy grows under the supervision of a grandmother on one side, and under the supervision of nature - on the other.

Nature in the story of K. G. Paustovsky "The Dense Bear"

And in the summary of the works of this authorthere must be a place for how skillfully and subtly he describes nature, what amazing metaphors he chooses for the reader to penetrate as deeply as possible the beauty and harmony of the wonderful world. Petya fell in love with this world, and animals and birds "fell in love with him for what he did not lick." He became a native for them. Even the sound of the boy's horn in the mornings was already necessary for animals and trees, because without it something was missing, something went wrong. Foliage rustled, greeting the child, the birds sang, meeting him, and bumblebees and beavers - flew around and walked around. Even the bell rang with Petya, shaking his head.

And only one character could harm the little hero Paustovsky - The dense bear.

a brief narrative of the story of the dense Bear

Summary of the concluding part of the story

So Petya the little one has merged with natureIt is clear that when the hungry bear decided in the autumn to profit from the calves, which the boy was on a daily pass on the opposite shore, then the animals, birds, and plants stood up for his protection. The poor clubfoot could only retreat, but with great difficulty and without a tail.

After such an unsuccessful dinner, the Dormant Bear rebelled that he would never turn to the other side, got into his lair and began to prepare for winter hibernation.

Now you have read Paustovsky’s book "The Dormant Bear" (summary).

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