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M.Gorky "Makar Chudra": a short summary of the work

Have you read "Makar Chudra"? The summary of the work will be set out below. This is the first romantic work of Maxim Gorky. A distinctive feature is the confrontation of two ideas.

"Makar Chudra": a summary of the work

The narrative begins with the narrator and an old gypsy named Makar Chudra sitting on the seashore.

Makar Chudra Summary

He has already seen a lot and knows how to surprise a person. Another story was about the "eagle and eagle" - about a sensible gypsy Loiko Zobare and Radda.

Lojko Zobar knew all the Slavic countries.The glory of him was known for a long time. He was clever and clever, many dreamed of killing him. Loiko was a lover of horses and despised money. He could help the needy at a difficult moment, while the gypsy was insanely beautiful.

It should be noted that the short content of "Makar Chudra" will help assess the conflict of the work, get acquainted with the main characters.

Loyko arrived in one noble camp.One of the gypsies had a beautiful daughter, Rudd, who was known for her beauty and independence of character. Radda liked everyone: her black long hair and the same black eyes captivated the men. In the evening Zobar played the violin: all the "local women" burst into tears, only Radda remained stable. Loiko did not like it. The next time Zobar sang a song - Rudd laughed the only one. After that, Zobar decided to ask for her hand, to which the father agreed.

a concise content of Makar Chudra
The central image of every romanticthe author's works are a free man. This is exactly what Raddu and Loiko Maxim Gorky did. Makar Chudra (the summary of the novel of the same name is a kind of plan of the original work) - a peculiar, colorful figure in the story. He talks about freedom laconically and beautifully.

Loiko approached the free gypsy woman and told her thatshe captivated his heart and that he takes her as his wife. To which he received an unexpected answer: "A free man will live as he wants." Zobar fled to the steppe, where in three hours came Rudd and put a gun to his temple. Loiko felt a desire to kill her, but he heard that Radda had come to make peace and that she loved him. She promised Zobar that she would become an obedient wife if he bowed to her in front of the whole camp. Zobar agreed. Returning to the camp, Loiko told the old people that now she was alone in his heart and that he was ready to fulfill her request. As soon as Radda came, he first rushed to her feet, and then took out a knife and planted it on the very hilt. Radda, plugging the wound with her hair, replied that she expected such death, laughed and fell down dead. At that moment, the father of a free gypsy woman stuck the same knife in the back of the handsome Zobar. So they fell together, "the eagle and the eagle." Makar Chudra, the short content of this work should be an impetus to the reading of the original, told his interlocutor the legend of freedom. Thus, he confirmed that two freedom-loving proud people can not be together.

bitter macar chudra

"Makar Chudra" (the summary of the story is neededfor the evaluation and analysis of the story) is a complex composition work. The structure of the "story in the story" makes it original and interesting. A beautiful love story between two people who put liberty above all people ends in tragedy: independence proved to be beyond their senses.

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