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Useful list of literature for the summer: Grade 4

Careful parents tend to worry aboutthat during the summer holidays their child would be engaged in something useful. If this issue is left to its own devices, then children will be brought to nonsense every free minute. They will sit day and night in front of the monitor, playing various computer games. This is not only not useful, but also very harmful to the psyche and the eyes. In most schools, a definite and specific list of literature is given for the summer. 4th grade is the stage when books for children become more entertaining and serious.

list of literature for summer 4 class

The fourth graders are no longer kids, they canto comprehend much deeper texts that require thoughtful reading and responsible attitude to the process itself. This article contains the recommended list of literature for the summer of the 4th grade. If desired, you can expand or change it. The works included in the list of books are cognitive and unique.

Antoine de Saint-Exupery. "A little prince"

This is an absolutely amazing book thatbrings just a whole stream of positive energy. She leads an adult person to change, is able to induce to action. For children, the work is also of considerable interest, since it teaches us to realize the true values ​​and motives of our actions. It is best to read "The Little Prince" with the child, explain to him the significant details of the narrative.

list of literature for summer class 4 phos

If you yourself with interest transfer thisstory to the kid, then he will be inspired. Perhaps, after reading, he wants to portray the characters on paper - let him do it. Drawings on the books read will perfectly complement the list of literature for the summer. 4 class - this is a new stage in the life of the child, you need to approach it with all responsibility.

A. P. Chekhov. "Kashtanka"

This touching story about the dog is notcan leave indifferent. To read this book to a child or together with him is to instill in him the foundations of good and evil. The story about Kashtanka teaches empathy, be sensitive and responsive to someone else's trouble. After this reading, be sure your son or daughter will not pass by a hungry animal on the street. Abandoned cats and dogs will not go unnoticed by the baby.

recommended list of literature for the summer of the 4th grade

The main thing that this work teaches is skilltake responsibility, sensitivity and attentive attitude to everything around him. Be sure to read with the child "Kashtanka", if he was asked a large list of literature for the summer. GEF 4 class considers as a stage of formation of self-consciousness and productive thinking.

A. Pogorelsky. "Black Chicken, or Underground People"

This book must be read on time.And it is better to do this in 10-11 years, when the immediate perception of the world is still preserved. What is the story about? The boy Alyosha wants to study well, but so far this task seems beyond his power. Exactly until he meets the hen, Chernushka, who turns out to be the minister of all underground residents.

The child will gladly learn this work, if you tell a little about it. Tell me that this book is about loyalty and betrayal, about error and redemption.

Lewis Carroll. "The Adventures of Alice in Wonderland"

One of the most popular books, which perfectly complements any list of literature for the summer of the 4th grade. Amazing adventures and mysterious reincarnations are waiting for you!

Approximately this may be a list of literature onsummer 4 classes. The main thing about which parents should be remembered is - try to interest the child, do not impose your choice to him. Let him decide which book to read first, and what can be left for later. You can instill love for reading only in the family.

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