/ How to learn to dance hard at home? Tips and benefits from buti dance

How to learn to dance hard at home? Tips and benefits from buti dance

Tver is a new trend in modern dance,the founder of which was the world-famous Miley Cyrus. And the theme of how to learn how to dance hard, has become one of the most popular among modern youth. It was this style that created the fashion of Miley, trying to get rid of the disgusted image of the heroine of the children's channel Disney.

how to learn to dance hard
The desire to dance encompassed girls and boys around the world, with the age of admirers of the hard begins already from about 12 years.


About how quickly something can dialthe popularity of all young people, regardless of their social status and age, can be judged by the firmament. Literally in a short time the term was included in the online version of the Great Oxford Dictionary.

What does "hard" mean?One of his official interpretations is that it is a dance in a provocative manner, accompanied by a fairly active movement of the hips in a deep squat. First, the audience reacted to this style a little coldly and even judgingly, but within a few months, fitness classes and dance schools began to recruit groups to study it. And the most amazing thing is that those who want to learn how to dance fast are still enough.

How to learn to dance hard

The technique is fairly simple at first glance, butso it only seems. Despite the fact that there are several basic movements, it is not always possible to learn them and correctly execute them sometimes. That's why many girls visit dance groups to fully master the art of shaking their buttocks.

how to learn to dance hard at home

How to learn to dance hard at home? Yes it is very simple - for this it is enough to observe several rules:

  1. Put your hands on your hips and sit in a deep squat. The legs should be on the width of the shoulders, and the feet should be deployed in such a way that the knees are just above them.
  2. To move the hips forward, put your thumbs on the coccyx and press.
  3. To implement the movement of the hips back, on the contrary, pull yourself by the pelvic bone.
  4. Remember that a deep squat means that you can not move anything more than your hips.
  5. When you have already understood how to properly move the booty, you can put your hands on your knees and rotate so that your wrists are facing outward.
  6. Now increase the tempo, and you will succeed!

how to quickly learn to dance firmly

This is only a basic movement, and there isa variety of different performance techniques are hard. It, for example, can be danced by the wall. For convenience, they stand on all fours with their backs against the wall, rest their hands on the floor, and legs raise on the wall. At the same time they are bent, as if in squatting. You must stand up steadily, you do not need to press your stomach against the wall and try to level. When your legs are bent, you need to move your hips as described above.

Tips for Beginners

The first and most important advice that can givespecialists in this case, is to put the feet on the width of the shoulders. If you put them wider or closer to each other, then a proper deep squat will not work, and as a result, the dance will look somewhat strange.

Never wear tight-fitting clothing,if you want to understand how to learn to twerk. Jeans and the like are not suitable for beginners - better short shorts, as well as leggings. Among other things, they will be able to effectively emphasize the line of the pelvis.

When dancing against the wall, try not to fall.forward - you should steadily rest your hands and not lose vigilance. Another important tip is to pick up your hair in a pigtail or in a ponytail. Thus, they will not climb into the face and interfere with dancing.

Warm up before dancing.

Warm up for bootie dance

How to learn to twerk safe forhealth? Remember that at the same time we will get a huge load on the muscles, so you should first prepare well for the session and warm up. You can perform simple tilts to the sides, back and forth, and you should do them slowly and feel how the muscles stretch. You can also clasp your hands behind your back and bring your chest forward, the pelvis should be strongly retracted - these are the so-called backbends. That is, you should go through all the movements of the basic warm-up before the dance.

how to learn twerking for beginners

Before each lesson should be a smallstretching to warm up your muscles and not be injured when you dance butti dance. Moreover, in the middle of the lesson, you should also be a little distracted and stretch, try to sit on the longitudinal and transverse splits, and then continue to dance again.

Tverka health benefits

Many are looking for ways to quickly learn.twerk dancing, but some don't even realize how good it is for their health. First, your muscles will always be in good shape. With the help of such a dance, you can fully reveal your sexuality and get rid of many unnecessary complexes.

Rhythmic contraction of the gluteal muscles will helpGet rid of cellulite, and rotation of the hips and good stretching will only strengthen the legs. The effect of doing twerking can be compared only with a good anti-cellulite massage.

Due to constant active movement your bodywill become more fit. At the same time, due to an increase in blood flow, the cardiovascular system is strengthened. Deep squat makes it possible to pump up the muscles of the inner side of the thigh. As a result of such activities, pain during menstruation is reduced.

Here you could find answers on how to learn.twerk dancing, and you can get much more - a beautiful relief figure and a constant good mood. After all, how can you practice buty dans and think about life problems?

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