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How to treat diarrhea in rabbits? Rabbit diseases: symptoms and treatment

The digestive system in rabbits is very complicated.and tender. Therefore, diarrhea happens with them quite often. And the problem is usually quite serious. If the owners do not take any measures, the animal may die.

The main causes of diarrhea

The answer to the question of how to treat diarrhea in rabbits depends primarily on the causes of gastrointestinal disorders. Most often diarrhea in rabbits results from:

  • Improper feeding. Experienced breeders do not advise too sharplychange the diet of animals. New feed in the "menu" should be introduced gradually (approximately within two weeks, increasing the dose). Of course, all food included in the diet of the animal, must be of high quality and fresh. Rabbits should not be given rotten, musty and moldy foods. And, of course, the diet should be balanced.
  • Colds. With this disease, rabbits quite often begin to vilify.
  • Infections with worms. Helminths also often cause diarrhea in rabbits. The reasons in this case are in violation of the natural intestinal microflora and the death of beneficial bacteria.
  • Coccidiosis. This is quite a dangerous disease.If untreated, after 8-10 days the animal will die. If it is coccidiosis that caused diarrhea, the rabbit will look very lethargic and apathetic. Most likely, his appetite will be gone.

what to treat diarrhea in rabbits

How and what to treat diarrhea in rabbits

If the animal has diarrhea, it is worthconsult a veterinarian. Especially if the diarrhea lasts more than three days. Also be sure to watch the rabbit. At the first sign of apathy, lethargy and lack of appetite, it is imperative to contact a veterinary clinic.

In addition, from the cage should be removedall feed, except hay, and pour the rabbit plenty of water. What to give to rabbits from diarrhea to travel to the vet? A good option could be a decoction of chamomile or oak bark. If the rabbit refuses to drink them, he can be forced to do it with a conventional syringe with a needle taken out.

Sometimes animals are also treated with the drug "Baytril".Injections are made into the back of the thigh of a rabbit (1-2 mg for cubs, 5 mg for adults) for five days. However, this advice is only advisory. The owner of a sick animal is still better to contact a specialist.

rabbit disease symptoms and their treatment

A very good solution is to use instead.regular hay special commercial feed, made on the basis of medicinal herbs. In addition, experienced breeders advise giving a sick animal preparations containing electrolytes that intensively fill the body with fluids. This may be, for example, "acidosis". It is given in 5 ml per liter of water for the first 2-3 days. And then the dose is increased to 10 ml. This drug is harmless, but to consult with a veterinarian about the advisability of its use is still worth it.


How to treat diarrhea in rabbits, so weyou figured out. Preparations prescribed by a doctor, as well as chamomile decoction, most often help, and the animal recovers. However, there are cases of death of animals. Therefore, be sure to conduct prevention of diarrhea. In order to prevent diseases such as diarrhea, when growing rabbits it is necessary to follow these recommendations:

  • Do not give the animal too much fruit and vegetables. This is especially true for beets and cabbage.
  • It is not necessary to feed the rabbit stale food.
  • It is not recommended to change the diet too dramatically.
  • Cells need to be kept clean.
  • The animal should create a comfortable environment.

    diarrhea in rabbits causes

And, of course, you need to do all the necessary vaccinations for the rabbit.

What should be the diet

In the "menu" of these cute animals with weak stomachsand the intestines should include a sufficient amount of feed containing fiber. This may be hay, grass, fresh or dried brooms. It is this food that should be the basis of the rabbit's diet. Vegetables and fruits also give, but in small quantities. Especially useful for rabbits are apples and carrots. In any case, they do not cause diarrhea. In addition, in the "menu" of an animal should include cereals. Usually rabbits are fed barley crushed cereal. A very good option is considered oatmeal. But wheat is too often not recommended.

Special "menu"

Very popular with home loversanimals and special granulated feed for rabbits. Particularly convenient is considered their full-variation option. In this case, other feed is not necessary. Such granules are composed of all the necessary ingredients for the rabbit. Cereals, bran, yeast, herbal and fish meal, chalk, etc. can be pressed into them.

What to give to rabbits from diarrhea

You can buy and ordinary loose balancedfeed for rabbits. In any case, do not buy too cheap product. Such blends are usually not particularly well balanced. Also, when buying food you should definitely study its composition.

Disease Prevention

Gastrointestinal disorder is often caused sufficiently.serious rabbit disease. Symptoms and their treatment (most common) will be discussed below. Now let's talk about what measures should be taken when keeping rabbits to prevent infection. For the prevention of infectious diseases and the appearance of worms, first of all, rabbit cells should be kept clean. Feeders should be rinsed after each feeding. The cell is cleaned and wiped daily. Once a month it should be treated with a solution of whiteness. The floor in the cage must be slatted. In this case, it will not linger feces and urine.

rabbit disease bloating treatment

The animals themselves must feel in the cages.comfortable Do not allow overheating in the summer time or strong hypothermia in the winter. For the prevention of colds, the cells should be positioned so that they do not have drafts.

The main diseases of rabbits: symptoms and their treatment

Diarrhea in these animals can cause infections such as:

  • Coccidiosis. His features include ruffled wool,sagging and bloating, loss of appetite, yellowness of the eyelids. In this case, the answer to the question of how to treat diarrhea in rabbits can be only one - drugs prescribed by a veterinarian. This is usually sulfadimethoxine (0.2 g per 1 kg of live weight on the first day and 0.1 g over the next 4 days) or norsulfazole (once every five days in an amount of 0.4 g per kilogram). The course of treatment with both drugs is repeated after five days.
  • Infectious stomatitis. Помимо собственно диареи, к признакам этой diseases include the presence of sores on the tongue and excessive salivation. The treatment of this disease often consists in lubricating the oral cavity with a solution of copper sulfate (2% solution).
  • Paratyphoid. Its main features include loss of appetite, lethargy, disheveled wool. In this disease, rabbits are most often treated with furazolidone (30 mg per kilogram of weight over 7 days).

There are many others causing diarrhea.rabbit disease. Abdominal distension, the treatment of which is also necessary, is a phenomenon that often accompanies diarrhea in the event that poor-quality food became the cause of the disorder. This phenomenon is called meteorism. Treatment in the presence of this symptom is usually done in combination with activated charcoal. It is added to the food of the animal in the amount of 3-5 g per day.

granulated rabbit feed

So we’ve found out in generalwhat is the treatment of diarrhea in rabbits. However, since the causes of diarrhea can be different, it’s not worth doing diagnostics yourself. To determine the disease and prescribe the necessary drugs should be a veterinarian.

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