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"White Bim Black Ear": a summary, the meaning of the work

white bim black ear

There are works not only Russian, but alsoSoviet literature, do not read which - it means very seriously deprive yourself. Such books should be read, and repeatedly and at different ages. They make you think about eternal truths and enduring human values.

"White Bim Black Ear": a short summary

In the story this is a very simple story.About the clever dog that the writer and hunter took to himself, about his life with his beloved master. The story is conducted, as it were, on behalf of three storytellers: the master, Bim himself and the author. Moreover, Bim's impressions are also conveyed by the author, but the style of narrative changes radically. Childhood, hunting, communication with a wise and selflessly beloved person - that's Beam's happy life before the illness of the host. This dog is the White Bim Black Ear. The summary can not give an idea of ​​Bim's perception of the human world, of all the dog's experiences, of all the misadventures that fell on his head.

white bim black ear, content

Bim is looking for his dear owner and is dyingliterally a few hours before being discharged from the hospital. If you do not read the book "White Bim Black Ear", the summary does not help sympathize with Beam, he will remain one of the dogs that just was not lucky.

According to the story, a film was shot thatthe moment is known even better than the product itself. We must admit that the director has repeatedly applied widespread melodramatic techniques. The film is a heart-rending story, whereas the book, if you read it, is also a narrative about Soviet society. Many of these: lost, were homeless, abandoned because of the death of the owners or their irresponsibility. Not all of the "casualties" are, of course, as smart as Bim, they understand the words, they are so intelligent, but they all look at the world with the same confidence as he does. In the book, Beam, of course, strongly humanized, he thinks and acts not by instincts, but as a person. This is what causes such a strong emotional reaction.

The film "White Bim Black Ear", the summary of which will fit into two lines, two-part. And all this - the misadventures of Bim, which look in one breath.

work white beam black ear

But sympathizing with Beam in the book, are all ready to do the sameto behave and in life? The work "White Bim Black Ear" touches and makes you cry, but does it teach anything? Or do emotions remain on their own and do not affect actions? Is anyone ready to shelter a stray dog? There are a lot of such people in our cities, but in almost all people they cause only irritation. The book "White Bim Black Ear", the content of which many knew since childhood, taught the kindness of not all. Why is this happening? Why is the most remarkable literature, the most refined works of art do not automatically change a person, simply because of the strong impression they have made? In order to become kinder, more humane, it is necessary to conduct enormous internal work. Every new generation must necessarily read such books in order to learn to be more attentive to those who are close.

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