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V.Bykov "Sotnikov": a short summary of the story

"Sotnikov", which will be briefly described below, is a military drama, it is a drama about the difficult conditions of the Second World War and betrayal, it is a drama about the persistence of Russian character and false friendship.

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Vasil Bykov "Sotnikov": a brief summary of the work.

The two main characters around which theplot of the story, - Fisherman and, accordingly, Sotnikov himself. Once on a winter night they were given the task: to get any food for the partisan detachment, who was in the forest. The road was difficult - around the Germans alone. The occupied territories were constantly guarded, and local residents reluctantly entered into contact with partisans. Sotnikov, a brief summary of the novel of the same name, will give the main story, was seriously ill and could hardly keep up with his comrade, but since there was no one else to send for the assignment, he went. Having reached the nearest village, the guests looked in the headman's house. The fisherman, without fear and risk, immediately attacked the elderly man, blaming him for service to the Germans. Then they took the sheep and went on with the prey. But only they reached the road, as they heard the sound of approaching wheels. The fisherman ran quickly, and Sotnikov told him to leave him. He left, but soon returned for a sick comrade and dragged him to the nearest village. There they were taken to the house of Demchikha, who did not take ill with them and did not cheerfully, cured Sotnikov, fed them and concealed them from the Germans. Later policemen were looking for vodka in the house of a poor woman, but their search did not end with success. And then suddenly they heard a cough from the attic. Not believing the mistress of the house, they climbed upstairs. There they found Sotnikov and Rybak. Having tied them, as well as Demchikha, they were taken to the local police. The original of the work and a brief summary (Sotnikov - the protagonist of the story) should convey the main idea of ​​the work - the preservation of moral principles in the difficult conditions of war.

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Already at the first interrogation the whole essence was revealedheroes: Sotnikov immediately made it clear to the investigator that the Germans would not wait to hear any information from him, that he would remain silent like a real partisan, while Rybak behaved quite the opposite: he was complaisant and submissive, for which he received an offer to become a local policeman . The next day, Rybak publicly agreed to serve Germany. When Sotnikov led the execution, it was Rybak who helped him to climb the bench. Sotnikov symbolically several times throws him: "Bastard!" But the support from under the feet of the hero knocks out all the same Fisherman ...

Sotnikov, a brief summary of the novel of the same namepersonifies all the horrors and nightmares of the war, was hanged on the square. The fisherman then realizes that there is no turning back, that it is already impossible to escape after liquidation, it's impossible to return to your squad!

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The story of "Sotnikov", a summary of whichinspire everyone to read the original, written simply and clearly. The work shows how, under the conditions of war, people can turn and buckle for their own lives, and how others can give this life for their homeland.

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