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"Divergent", "Insurgent", "Alligator": a short content of the best-selling trilogy

Veronica Roth, author of the trilogy "Divergent" inshort terms became a popular and recognizable writer due to his offspring. The work was not only welcomed by readers and still sold out, but it was also filmed. It is not clear what exactly the public likes - books or film. The final part of the picture - "Alligator". The summary of the book on which it was filmed became the main topic of this article. The film is just getting ready for release, but the most ardent fans can already find out the story that the whole world will soon see on the screens.


Prior Events

Perhaps, it is worthwhile to tell what eventsoccurred in the first two books. After all, "Alligent" (the book), a summary of which will be presented below, can not be considered separately from "Divergent" and "Insurgent".

The main character, Beatrice (Tris) Prior (sometranslators write "Pryor") lives in a world where all people are divided into factions. Fractions are only five, their names correspond to the character traits that determine their members.

This friendliness, fearlessness, erudition, sincerityand Renunciation. Children up to a certain age belong to the faction of the parents, and then (at the age of sixteen) pass their own distribution. True, genes remain genes - most of them remain in the group in which they were originally, some - go.

alligator book

Being different is dangerous

The young Tris Prior was defunct, but the distributiongave her the choice - go to a different faction, and she chooses Fearlessness. So everything looked from the outside - not such an unusual phenomenon. But in fact, her choice was much broader - she learns that she is a divergent. This makes her the Chosen One and the target.

First book

In the "Divergent" part of the events is dedicated to Tris, who learns to be Fearless. Part - a dynamic battle with the system, where the girl's divergence unfolds, and the familiar world begins to crumble.

The second book

"Insurgent" ("Rebellious") brings to the trilogysome changes: the events become larger, are transferred to the battlefield. The secret gradually unfolds, grows into the manifest. Tris with each skirmish and collision shows in itself more and more features of Fearlessness - its character coarsens, hardens, together with egoism there is a force. Beatrice Prior is undoubtedly a positive character, but she, of course, is a real fighter.

At the end of "Insurgent", Tris and her comrades go outside the city. It's time to learn the secret of the structure of society!

veronica mouth alligator

Veronica Roth. "Alligator"

The summary of the book conveys a very smalla particle of its essence. It is recommended nevertheless to read the original to imbue with the idea, draw your own conclusions and understand the characters. If the goal is to briefly learn about what is said in the novel, to become interested and later to read, do not open this article to the end, inadvertently not reveal all the main riddles for yourself.

The plot of the book "Alligator", a summarywhich is considered here, is quite dynamic, like the whole trilogy, so young people will be interested. In the third part, however, more attention is given to several detective subtext: in order to keep track of the events of the book, one must clearly understand the cause-effect relationship.

Tris has a mother’s diary in her hands,as a result, it turns out that even her past is not so simple. In addition, it becomes extremely clear that people in the city (it turns out that this is the territory of Chicago, USA) do not at all understand how things are in reality. For example, their hometown is just one of the experimental residences, and the faction is one of the possible formations of society. "Normal" people, suitable only for one fraction, have damaged genes, while in divergents, which is Tris, on the contrary, the genes are clean.


Summary of the book "Devotee" ("Alligent"), if it consisted only of listing facts, would not give an idea of ​​the work in principle. There are some features that should be mentioned.

So, "Alligent", a summary of whichhere it is considered, it departs from the usual division of black and white in the first two books. It is also exceptional in that when it would seem that it turned out that the structure outside is not perfect, the order from the outside turns out to be no better: the people who staged the experiment for supposedly good, in fact, are more flawed than unbiased scientists with a claim to heroism .

The final
summary of the book devoted alligent

The final of the book is not the embodiment of a happy ending."Alligent" - a book, a brief content of which, although incomplete, but gives an idea of ​​the plot, which ends with the death of the main character. It is so unusual for such works as it is natural for real life. Yes, the book lives while the main character is alive - the story tells about him. And in the end, everyone dies. The main feat of Tris made only his immortal act, although she did not survive.

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