/ / Analysis and summary: "Swineherd" (for the readers' diary)

Analysis and summary: "Swineherd" (for the readers' diary)

Works G. Kh.Andersen has long been included in the school curriculum and is usually read by children with great pleasure. In this article, we will review the analysis and a brief summary of the fairy tale "Swineherd" for the reader diary.

About the work

The literary fairy tale "Swineherd" was first published in 1841 in the collection of works by Andersen. The work quickly gained popularity and was even adapted for theatrical productions.

a swineherd for a readers diary

It is believed that the work was completecomposed by Andersen himself, however, there are many folklore motifs in it. So, very popular among folk tales was the motive of punishment by a proud prince. He is present in one of the tales of the Brothers Grimm, where the king disguises himself, wooing himself to the arrogant princess. However, unlike folklore subjects, which traditionally end well, Andersen's tale is less sentimental.

Summary: "Swineherd" (for the readers' diary)

The protagonist of the fairy tale is the poor prince whorules a small kingdom. He decides to marry the daughter of the emperor. The prince sends as a present the beloved of a nightingale and a wonderful rose with a beautiful scent. However, the proud girl did not accept gifts, because they were alive, and not made by the hands of a person.

Andersen's Tale has a pronouncedan instructive orientation, and a brief summary ("Swineherd") can serve as a confirmation of this. For the readers' diary, you can slightly shorten the text presented here and do not go into detailed descriptions of gifts.

Prince decides to go to the service of the emperor inas a swineherd. He invents a pot that plays a melody and shows who is cooking what, and a rattle that can reproduce all the poles and dances in the world. These things attract the attention of the princess, and the prince sells them to her for a kiss.

Andersen shows how cruelly punished is pride and arrogance. Confirmation of this can be found by reading the summary ("Swineherd") for the readers diary.

So, the princess kisses the prince and at this moment theirfinds the emperor. He drives them out of his land in anger. The princess began to cry in sorrow. The prince in the meantime disguised himself and said to the sobbing girl that she despised her, because she did not agree to become the wife of an honest man, but for simple trinkets she agreed to kiss the swineherd.

a brief summary of the fairy tale of a swineherd for a readers' diary

Theme and idea of ​​a fairy tale

Now we can talk about the main topic and ideafairy tales, and the above summary ("Swineherd") will help us in this. For the readers' diary it is also recommended to write a few words about this.

So, the main theme of the work is hopeless love. The main problem is social injustice, love by calculation, replacement of true feeling by artificial.

The idea of ​​a fairy tale is that one can not judge people by their welfare and social status.

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