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"The disheveled sparrow": a short summary. "The disheveled sparrow", Paustovsky

Konstantin Georgievich Paustovsky wrote a lot of works about animals for children, including the story "Disheveled Sparrow", a brief summary of which you can read right now.

Masha, father, mother and Petrovna

The narrative begins with an introduction to the main characters of the story. Girl Masha lived with her mother, nanny and father, but my father was rarely at home, since he was a sailor.

The author begins the story "Disheveled Sparrow" withdescriptions of people. So, we learn that Masha's father fought in the Great Patriotic War, he was wounded, but survived. At this time it is very far away, in Kamchatka, it was due to return only in the spring, and the action of the story "Disheveled Sparrow", the brief content of which you read, occurs in the winter.

disheveled sparrow

Masha Masha was a ballerina, she danced in the theater.Very soon she would play Cinderella for the first time. During this speech, she certainly wanted to put on her husband's gift. It was a bouquet of flowers made from thin glass. The woman valued very much the gift of her beloved. Around this bouquet, the main events will unfold, but closer to the end of the action, but for now it is necessary to tell about the main heroine. This is Masha.

The girl was submissive.When my mother put a glass bouquet to her on the table and forbade the girl to touch him, she obeyed. This evening Masha looked out the window, and her nurse Petrovna was dozing on the couch. It was eight o'clock, the child tried to behave very quietly so as not to wake the nurse, otherwise she would certainly tell her to go to bed.

Crow and the sparrow

But not only about people in hiswork "Disheveled Sparrow" Paustovsky. While Masha was looking out the window, the crow looked from the other side of the room to her. She waited for the nanny to take the girl to wash her hands and open the ventilator to ventilate at night. It turns out that this bird often climbed through the window into the room and stole that sugar, then sausage, then cookies.

disheveled sparrow spider

The raven carried its prey to an abandoned stall,in which she lived. The bird was very afraid that someone would penetrate into her dwelling and take away the mined. She even dreamed of it. One day it happened. A sparrow named Paschka climbed up to her. But he got hungry there. After all, when people were riding horses, it was always possible to feed on these animals with oats. This was especially appreciated in winter, when it was difficult for birds to procure food. But over time people began to drive cars, and those who did not feed oats.

Crow was not sorry for the hungry sparrow, she pushed him out of the stall. He fell unconscious on the snow.

Militiaman and Masha save the bird

The sparrow was very lucky that at this time nearbythe policeman was on duty. He felt sorry for Pashka, put it in a warm mitten and put it in his pocket. There, the disheveled sparrow warmed up. The summary goes to the next episode.

a story of a disheveled sparrow

At this time Petrovna and Masha came out for a walk.The policeman suggested that the girl take the sparrow, she agreed with pleasure. She brought it home right in the mitten, stroked the feathers with a brush, fed crumbs, took care of the bird. Pashka flew freely around the room. So he lived in a girl's house for 24 hours. I even saw a crow fly into a window and steal a fish's head.

Pashkin's thanks

to the ruffled sparrow of Sparta

What does K.G.Paustovsky? The disheveled sparrow decided to thank the caring girl, but did not know how to do it. Once he brought her a caterpillar, which he found on a tree, but Petrovna threw out the insect. Then Pashka decided to restore justice, and began to drag all sorts of things from the dwelling of the crows to the Machine House. But apart from her belongings there were strangers too. After all, crow has stolen from many people. Here's what the plot came up with. Paustovsky.

The disheveled sparrow brought the objects taken away from the crow into the house. To do this, he flew into the window and threw them directly on the floor, and then flew off on his business.

Crow steals a bouquet

One day, Masha wanted to see howa crow comes to them. The girl opened the window and watched. She saw a bird fly into the room, sit on Mom's desk, then grabbed a glass bouquet, then flew out the window. When my mother came from the theater, she was so upset because of the loss that she was crying for a long time. Together with her, her daughter shed a few tears. Petrovna began to reassure them, saying that a glass bouquet can still be found.

In the morning the sparrow flew into the window and heard thathappened the day before. Mom went to the theater for a rehearsal, and Pashka followed her. It was necessary to find out where she works. For the present the fairy tale "The disheveled sparrow" does not end. The final of it promises to be positive.

After returning home from rehearsal, Mama put on Masha a white festive apron, Petrovna dressed up, throwing a satin shawl, and everyone went to the theater.

Desperate brave souls

Only a disheveled sparrow did not go to the theater.Paustovsky almost at the beginning of the story acquaints the reader not only with Pasha, but also with his wise grandfather Chichkin. He ordered all the sparrows to gather and take away from the crow a glass bouquet, which was so dear to the Machine family.

At first the sparrows sat next to the crow's hideout andteased her so that she flew. But she realized that it would be easier for enemies to attack her on the street, since there was a lot of room. Then it was necessary for small birds one after another to penetrate into a close tent in order to find and repel the thief for what they came. What ends his story Paustovsky? The disheveled sparrow will be able to help or not be overcome by a strong crow? The reader will soon find out.

disheveled sparrow

Meanwhile, the performance has already begun in the theater.Masha was delighted with the way her mother looks and dances, but the woman's eyes were sad, because she really wanted to pin on the dress a precious gift from her husband who stole the crow. To rectify the situation, at this time in the stall, the disheveled sparrow was trying hard. The summary comes up to the final part.

Pashka saves the situation

The audience was delighted with the performance.Even theater workers came to see the action. In such an atmosphere of universal happiness, the audience was puzzled why Cinderella's eyes are sad and full of tears. But at that time a small disheveled sparrow flew into the theater, who had recently participated in a fight. Spectators saw that something was shining in his paws. It was a glass bouquet. Pashka circled the stage, uncovered his prey, and Cinderella caught a precious bouquet. She pinned him to her dress and became the happiest.

This ends the story. The disheveled sparrow repaid for the good, because the good must come back.

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