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How the group "Blue Bird" spread its wings

Music of the 70s-80s is associated with manywith the songs of the band "Blue Bird". Shlyagery in the performance of this talented collective continue to sound today. But, like most other instrumental ensembles, the group "Blue Bird" (the photo is shown below) underwent a replacement in its collective.

The origin of the group

It all started in 1972, when in the city of GomelVIA "Voices of Polesye" was formed. This young group, like other beginners, performed Western compositions. The team was played by experienced musicians. On the drums was Boris Belotserkovsky, and on the keyboard - Mikhail Bolotny. The vocalist in the group was a student of the music school Drozdov Sergei, who also played the bass guitar.

group blue bird

After some time to this ensemblejoined the saxophonist Robert, the Swamp Brother. Since he had already performed with several VIAs and had some experience, he helped the collective to go around the country, giving concerts.

Transformation into the "Blue Bird"

In 1973, this team began work in the Gorky Philharmonic and changed its name to "Contemporary". Here they were joined by Yevgenia Zavyalova, Yura Metelkin and Yura Yanin.

In the fall of 1975, Robert agreed with the directorKuibyshev Philharmonic Society, that their team will move to them. October 10, the ensemble arrives in the city of Kuibyshev and begins its activities with the fact that it takes a new name, which was invented by Robert. From that day on, the group "Blue Bird" appeared, which was to become world-famous.

The path of success

By the end of 1975, a smalla record that only had four songs. Among them was the "Maple" performed by the "Blue Bird". It was this song that made the band instantly popular and helped them literally spread their wings. The voice of this hit was Sergei Drozdov.

group composition blue bird

Soon, in February 1976, the ensemble went tohis first concert in Togliatti. It is this day, February 22, that is considered the birthday of the VIA. In the same year the group "Blue Bird" held its first concert in Moscow. The director of VIA was Zhuravel L. Ya., Who arranged for them touring.

The group "Blue Bird" flew to heaven andContinuously gave concerts throughout the country. They also went to contests in other countries, where they became laureates. For example, in 1979 they visited the Czech Republic at the festival "Banska Bystrica". Every major festival, whether in Russia or a neighboring country, has already managed without the Bluebird.

Such popularity was explained by the fact that the collectiveadhered to one genre in performance. For this, only two brothers wrote songs and some composers who could catch the specifics of the group. Among them were Yu. Antonov, S. Dyachkov, V. Dobrynin.

The period of calm

In 1991 the band went on tourin the USA. But after the return the group "Blue Bird" suspended its activity, and they began to have a quiet time. The participants of this ensemble began to work on their own projects. But for the period of the existence of this collective, 2 vinyl collections, 8 large albums and 11 minions were created and recorded. All this was bought up in millions of copies.

group of blue bird photo

It can be noted that the composition of the group "Blue Bird"often changed, and after the original team disbanded in 1991, some of its members recruited their own musicians and created each of their ensembles, and they all called it "Blue Bird".

Only in 1999, Robert Swamp Robertrestoration team, which included Drozdov, Barkov, Levkin and Komarov. Since 2002, when Drozdov left the band, the composition of the ensemble began to change again. All members of the collective write music, poetry, and also sing. At the same time, Drozdov did not stop singing and gave concerts, recruiting new musicians.

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