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Fable "Swan, pike and cancer." Morality: the business should do amicably

There is a IA. Krylov fable "The swan, pike and cancer."Morality for the time being we will not consider. Let's remember the modern bike. A new couch was bought by a man and tries to bring him into an apartment. The sofa is stuck, neither forward nor back. I asked my neighbor on the court to help. He readily took up. Now they are dragging together. They try, rest, puff, sweat pours hail - and the sofa as it stood, it's worth it. Finally the master of the sofa says: "That's all. Enough. I feel that we will never bring him into the apartment. " The amazed question of the assistant: "So we are introducing it ?!" There remained a very topical fable "Swan, pike and cancer." Morality in the 21st century is as relevant as it was in the 19th century.

One of the most famous fables

More than two hundred fables written by an ironic writer.In any moment of being and life he was able to see stupidity and ridicule it. If you ask any passer on the street, what fables IA. Krylova, he remembers, then he does not hesitate to name a few. And also recall that there is still a fable "Swan, pike and cancer." Morality, if asked, will quickly display.

fable swan pike and cancer morality
This is a Russian classic, a gold fund.Well, in our time, this was Faina Ranevskaya, who aphoristically and aptly, in one phrase, knew how to put someone's swagger on the show, etc. Such was the early-departed Leonid Filatov. And how many aphorisms and epigrams was written by Valentin Gaft! Do not translate on the Russian land people who know how to look from a different angle to what is happening.

How did you start writing a fabulous fabulist?

Not immediately found a genre in which he will notequal, I.A. Krylov. First he wrote opera librettos, tragedies, comedies - plays. In one of the comedies, he made the main character (under a different name, of course, but it was understandable to contemporaries) of the famous writer Ya.B. Princess. In the comedy, the main character is shown with irony. This lively and ridiculous caricature has forever quarreled the author with the playwright. Krylov had an unsuccessful attempt to publish a satirical magazine, and he also continued to write plays, essays, pamphlets. Without realizing, apparently, he was typing literary experience.


At the age of 36 Krylov in Moscow showed the fabulist II.Dmitriev translated Lafontaine fables. There were only two of them, but Ivan Ivanovich supported Krylov's interest in this genre, saying that he finally found his direction. Ivan Andreevich was a great connoisseur of the Russian language. In addition, he was inclined to ridicule and pessimism and an allegorical retelling of ancient stories. Nature created it for writing fables, and he, having published three witty works in 1906, again wrote satirical plays and set to comedy in verse. Finally, in 1808, he prints seventeen original fables. The following year he published a volume consisting of twenty-three fables. He was deserved success among his contemporaries, who will continue to accompany him through life. Despite the criticism of NA. Zhukovsky, the reading public acknowledged Krylov's original talent, which distinguishes him from other literary figures.

morality fable wing swan cancer and pike
His works were not random sketchesinspiration. He carefully worked on every fable, thinking deeply about every word and detail. He aspired to the maximum shortness and aphorism, carefully keeping the exact Russian words. The moral teachings at the end of the fable were so carefully performed that they quickly entered proverbs.

Political overtones

In 1814 the fable "Swan, pike andcancer ", the morality of which is derived in the first triune. It was devoted to the fact that the Russian public was annoyed by the actions of Alexander I's allies after the end of the 12-year war. The fable was written on the eve of the Congress of Vienna, which passed later, very slowly, almost nine months, in dances and amusements, defining other borders of European states. There is another option. It shows the disagreements of the State Council.

What a morality fables swan cancer and pike
As a sharp current satire on the stateThis short work was perceived by the contemporaries of the fabulist. Today, the fable "Swan, pike and cancer" is not fully politically read. Morality, as a rule, lies at the everyday level. But it can always be read as a harsh and politically topical one.

Krylov's fable "Swan, pike and cancer"

This work was published in 1816 inthe collection "New Fables". There are only twelve lines in it. There are three characters - a bird, an arthropod and fish. They need to carry a cartload with a small luggage. He is not heavy. Everything must pass quickly and well. Each in his own way tries with all his might. And the way it was. The whole trouble is that the Swan is soaring into the sky. And in another way he can not. Cancer moves as it should be to Raku - back. The third comrade, Pike, of course, goes to the water. What is the moral of the fable "Swan, cancer and pike?". Guilty the author does not seek. He says directly that it's not for us to judge them.

fable of the wing swan pike and cancer
And that as it stood in one place, it's worth it,then because the common cause must be done in concert, according to a single plan. And the main one is needed, the one whom all will obey. And if everyone does something at their own discretion, then nothing will happen. How it happened with the three wretches. This is the vital and simple morality of Krylov's fables "Swan, Cancer and Pike".

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