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Classics of the twentieth century: concise, Bunin, "Caucasus"

The theme of love is touched upon in many storiesIvan Bunin. The writer describes the beaten, at first glance, situation of treason and a love triangle. But that's the genius of this short story, that on just a few pages the author has so deeply described the topic that some writers fail to do this in three volumes.

bunin caucasus

Summary. Bunin, "The Caucasus": the escape

The protagonist and heroine of the stormy and passionatenovel. Their happiness is overshadowed only by the fact that she is a married woman. The heroine is afraid that her husband is aware of something and suspects her. But nevertheless lovers want to escape from the rainy Moscow and plan a frivolous escape to the Caucasian coast. Having agreed to come to the station at different times, they manage to realize their treacherous plan. The husband escorts his wife right up to the passenger seat on the train, worrying that she will settle comfortably. She managed to leave, but she is sure that her husband will immediately follow her.

Summary Bunin "The Caucasus": by the sea

Beloved settled in a small village onthe seashore. Reveling in the great happiness, the heroine is tormented only by the fact that in a few weeks everything will be back to normal: she will return to cold Moscow to her unloved husband. The sea, magnolias, palm trees, white caps of mountain peaks - all this will be left behind, she again will have to pretend to her husband and lead a double life. But the real tragedy happens to another person who, maybe, loves the heroine even more than the lover - with her husband.

Summary. Bunin, "The Caucasus": Searches

In all the little story about her husband's heroineit is written rather poorly. All that is known to the reader: he is a man with a hard and tough character who will uphold his honor to the end as a husband and an officer. The frivolous wife was not mistaken: he really tried to find her almost throughout the Black Sea coast of the Caucasus. But I did not find it ...

bunin caucasus summary

Summary. Bunin, "The Caucasus": death

Staying in Sochi, he spent the day in nothingwithout refusing, and on his return to the room he lay down on the couch and shot himself a bullet in the temple of two revolvers. The deceived husband kept his word and defended his honor in the most horrifying way. This concludes with a brief summary of the story "The Caucasus". Bunin shows us that love can be both unearthly happiness, and a great grief.

Who is right, and who is to blame?

The author contrasts in the work of the charactershusband and lover. Remembering the behavior of the beloved heroine in the compartment, we can say that he is a cowardly man. Indeed, at the sight of her husband, he carefully hides in the corner of the compartment. The husband, on the contrary, is a brave and resolute man. Probably, such sharp differences of the lover from her husband and attracted the heroine to him.

Most readers, of course, accuseonly his wife and her lover. But, as a rule, in love stories it is always very difficult to find completely guilty and completely not involved. In fact, all three are guilty to varying degrees. This story pushes on the thought: what happened after the death of the heroine's husband? The writer gives an opportunity to each of us to come up with a continuation of the story.

a summary of the story caucasus bunin

We advise you to read a short, but at the same timea brilliant story written by Ivan Bunin - "The Caucasus". Summary can not fully convey all the subtleties of feelings and emotions of the heroes of this remarkable work, so we recommend you read it yourself.

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