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City of Voronezh: Nikita Library

The main city of Chernozem region, its culturalcenter and focus of scientific life is Voronezh. The Nikitin library as the largest in the region fulfills the functions of a universal collection of documents and a local history center. This is not only an information institution, but also an educational institution, as well as taking an active part in the cultural life of the country. On the initiative of the library, exhibitions, contests and literary readings are held. The activities are aimed not only at increasing the popularity of the library system, but also in attracting public attention to the problems of ecology and the historical past of the country.

Voronezh Nikita library

History of the library

Many sights, cultural andscientific achievements are famous for the city of Voronezh. The Nikitin library is the largest in the region and one of the oldest. It was opened in the 60s of the 19th century on the initiative of the city's progressive intelligentsia. Attempts to give people the opportunity to read books were made within a hundred years. And only in the middle of the 19th century, thanks to the efforts of I. Nikitin, people were able to get acquainted for free with novelties in the literary salon at his bookshop. After the death of the poet, a library was created there. First its fund was replenished with the help of donations and private collections. And by the beginning of the 20th century there were already about 60,000 books in it. The library opened three branches in the districts of the region. After the revolution, it was nationalized and continued to develop. By the beginning of the Great Patriotic War in the library there were already more than 600 thousand volumes. In the people, it has always been very popular and called it "nikitinkoy." And only in the 1960s the library was officially named after its founder.

Library today

Now this is the center for the entire library systemarea, universal repository of documents. In addition to a variety of printed materials, there are audio materials in the funds, and recently electronic media. In all, about three million copies of books, booklets, printed editions are kept there. There is also a lot of valuable material on history. Many interesting events survived the city of Voronezh. The Nikitin library conducts active local history work.

Nikita library Voronezh electronic catalog
Here you can find a rich collection of books in Russian andforeign languages, filing of magazines, there is a rich library and access to the Internet. About 60,000 people use the library every year. The level of service is constantly increasing, and one of the best in the country now is the Nikitinsky Library (Voronezh). An electronic catalog, created recently, will help you to choose the literature you need quickly, and experienced polite workers will help you to understand it.

What services does the library provide?

The building in which is now located"Nikitinka", was built in the 60s specifically for her. Therefore, the entire huge fund is conveniently located, there are also extensive storage and interlibrary loan. Ordering literature on the Internet is also offered by the Nikitin library (Voronezh). The official website will tell you about the time of work, will give an opportunity to order the literature you need or to extend the book without leaving home. Many departments of the library are needed only for specialists, and most readers use only a few.

nikitin library Voronezh official site

Structure of the library

- subscription, where you can take the right book at home;

- Department of Local History, which contains literature on the history of Voronezh, its cultural life and sights;

- the department of natural and technical literature is very helpful for many students in writing coursework and preparing for exams;

- Several reading rooms allow you to get acquainted with the necessary books in a relaxed atmosphere;

- The department of periodicals provides an opportunity to read most modern and old newspapers and magazines;

- Music and music department, where you can take literature home and get acquainted with it in the same place;

- a music library;

- two Internet rooms where you can read books online for free.

For many neighboring regions, the center of cultural and informational life is Voronezh. Nikitin Library plays a leading role in this.

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