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Sakharov Vasily: the work of the writer

Vasily Sakharov is a talented Russiana modern writer who created a large number of works in the literary genre of fantasy and fantasy. His novels and whole book cycles have one important feature - they are all imbued with sincerity and love for the homeland, which are peculiar to the Slavic peoples as a whole.

Sakharov Vasily Ivanovich: writer's biography

Vasily Ivanovich was born on November 19, 1977 in theRussia (Krasnodar region) in the village of Ternovskaya. In 1997, Sakharov Vasily entered the Marine College named after G. Sedov in Rostov-on-Don, after which he received the navigator-navigator's profession. After a while, the future writer was summoned to serve in the Navy. In connection with the current life circumstances, Sakharov Vasily has the qualifications in a variety of different professions: a paramedic, a sailor, a landscaper, a security guard and a builder. For a long time I could not find my place in the work and was more interested in my hobby - searching for treasures. At the moment, Sakharov Vasily Ivanovich is and actively participates in the affairs of the Cossacks of the Krasnodar Territory.

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Creativity Sakharov

All the works that Sakharov Vasily wrote can be divided into literary genres such as fantasy and fantasy.

Writing career began with the publicationworks in a well-known online magazine. Vasily Sakharov ("Samizdat" became his constant companion, since he first published the samples of the pen on this portal) quickly gained popularity and recognition from the readers. In 2011, the first novels were published - "Soldier" and "War for the Gate".

In 2012, the bookstores of Sakharov Vasily - "Bulavin" appear in the shop windows.

Despite the fact that at the moment it is already possible to find printed versions of books, written by Vasily Sakharov, Samizdat is still an irreplaceable partner of the writer.

In addition to art works, Sakharovthere are a large number of articles in the main historical subjects. Since the author was born Sakharov Vasily in the Krasnodar region, many of his articles tell of the Cossacks, the history of the past. In addition, the author is very good at conveying what is now the Russian Cossacks.

All the books of Vasily Sakharov are interesting for their plot, they are written in a light syllable and, indeed, are worth the time spent on them.

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Trilogy "Thor"

A series of books "Tor" refers to the literary genrefighting fiction. In the center of the plot is a young soldier who lives in the thirtieth century of our era. Progress in technology has long allowed to live on other planets that are suitable for humans. However, there is also a danger that threatens the human race. These are long, debilitating wars that increase in scale and take away innumerable innocent lives. The protagonist is Viktor, sent to one of the old military planets in order to create a new working structure. But fate plays a cruel joke with him, and the main character learns that his grandfather is looking for him, whose existence he did not even suspect. Unexpected appearance of a relative dramatically changes the life of Victor.

Vasily Sakharov's book "Vedun"

The novel belongs to the literary genre of combat andhistorical fantasy. In the center of the plot is an ordinary person who is invited to participate in the experiment, which he agrees without hesitation. As a result of the experience, the protagonist finds himself in the past, in the twelfth century. There is no possibility to go back, so the hero is lost - what should he do? As a result, he makes an important decision - to change history and help the Slavic people survive the Night of Svarog with less losses.

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Trilogy "War for the Gate"

The cycle refers to a fantastic literarygenre. Actions take place in a parallel space in space, where the Elven Empire has been fighting for many years with its rebel slaves. After their defeat, the elves begin to draw in other worlds inhabited by people, into this intra-racial split. Thanks to manipulation and false promises, the elves manage to create a huge army. The planet Earth also participates in an absolutely unnecessary war for it. However, not everyone wants to die for other people's interests. The protagonist - Timothy Kudryavtsev, goes his own way, not wanting to participate in other people's conflicts.

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The novel "Fork"

The work is written in the genre of fiction.The novel is an alternative history of World War II, in which there are prototypes of Hitler and Stalin. The main character goes into battle under the banner of Germany against the troops of the USSR. The main idea of ​​the author is the construction of the Russian state and Kazakia.

The cycle of the books "Urquhart Roicho"

The whole series of books belongs to the literary genrethe fantasy. The soul and mind of the protagonist is in the body of the son of the dying count-master. Not trying to impose their customs, the hero tries to settle and get along in an unusual environment for him. He has friends, enemies, patrons. The protagonist tries to study the ancient magic and become again the same person. The main idea of ​​the work is to show that in any world both people and nonhumans are like an ordinary person who has his goals, desires and secrets.

The novel "The Afterlife of the Ancients"

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The work refers to the style of fantasy.In the center of the plot - a lonely baronial son, who is not accepted in the family. He feels like a stranger everywhere. Having learned about his blood secret and origin, the main character finally loses hope for the best, and goes to war, in which magicians and representatives of ancient wizards participate. The novel describes the story of the life of this hero, all of his mental torments, thoughts and reasoning, what he had to go through in order to finally find spiritual balance and understand his purpose in this world.

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