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Summary "The Man in a Case" А.P. Chekhov

There are a lot of talented people in Russian literaturewriters, but there are not really that many really useful and instructive works. To such amazing people who are able to reflect on uncomplicated human fates on paper, and AP Chekhov refers to them. "Man in a case", the brief content of which allows you to get acquainted with the work of a great writer, brings readers to the XIX century, where after hunting two friends start talking about closed and lonely people.

Summary of the person in the case
The story begins with a conversation between two friends - IvanIvanovich, a veterinarian, and Burkin, a gymnasium teacher. The first is surprised by the behavior of the elder's wife, whom they stayed to spend the night with. The fact is that a woman keeps sitting at home all the time, and goes out on the street only at night. Burkin objects, saying that there are a lot of wonderful people in the world and tells a friend the story that happened to his colleague at the gymnasium, the teacher of the Greek language Belikov.

The summary "Man in a case" isa story about a teacher who led a strange lifestyle. He always wanted to fence himself off from everyone, he created cases and partitions between himself and the outside world. Even in the summer he wore sunglasses, in a warm coat and with an umbrella, every thing Belikov hid in a cover. He understood only the decrees, where something was forbidden, because everything is clear in them, but the instructor did not understand where something was allowed, because there are no boundaries for permissiveness, so that whatever happened did not happen.

Belikov went to visit his colleagues, but onlySilently sat, and then said goodbye and left, he tried to protect everyone from danger, but those around him were afraid and called only "a man in a case." Chekhov, whose brief content allows one to understand the character of a lonely individual, was a very good psychologist, because he revealed not only the problems of one Belikov, but of the entire society of that time.

Man in a Chekhov case brief contents
Summary "The Man in a Case"shows that even with such an eccentric person, changes can happen. With Belikov, they occurred after the arrival in the gymnasium of a new history teacher with his sister. Varya was beautiful, cheerful, sang well, she charmed everyone, could not resist her charms and Belikov. He began to walk with her, but always hinted that marriage - this is very serious.

The teacher was a very vulnerable and fearful person,which shows the summary of "Man in a case." After the caricature drawn on him and Varya, he walked not himself, finished off his meeting with Varya and her brother, who were riding bicycles. According to Belikov, the girl and the teacher of the gymnasium should not spend time like this. To explain himself to them, he went to the family home, but Vary was not there, and the freedom-loving brother simply let his colleague down the stairs. At the moment when Belikov was rolling down the steps, Varvara came, from the picture she saw, the girl burst into a ringing laugh.

Chekhov man in a briefcase
Summary "The Man in a Case"shows how much the teacher was scared to even imagine that the whole city would find out about his shame. He came home, cleaned the photo of his bride and took off. Belikov died a month later. On the face of the deceased was a joyful smile, as if he had found what he was looking for - a reliable case from which he would not leave. People buried him with a pleasant feeling of liberation, as if freed from unnecessary obligations.

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