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A. P. Chekhov, "The Joke" - a short summary of the story

The article describes a story written by A. P. Chekhov, "Joke", a brief summary of this work and the readers' opinions about it.

Very brief retelling

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In 1886 he published his next story Chekhov - "Joke". A summary of it is given below.

A young man is riding with a girlsledges from the ice slide. At first the girl, frightened by the steep and high slope, flatly refuses to go for a ride, but the young man persistently persuades her, and Nadya finally agrees. They quickly fly down, and with a particularly strong gust of wind, her companion in a low voice says "I love you ...".

Once inside, Nadezhda Petrovna is lost inguesses, who said the cherished words: her companion or is it a joke of the wind? The desire to understand the mystery is overcome by the fear of a steep descent, and the girl is already proposing to the young man once again to roll down the hill.

Again and again they slide on the sled with a steepsnow-covered slope. Each time the heroine of the story trembles with fear, and the man with a gust of wind in a low voice says: "I love you, Nadia." Again and again the girl is lost in conjectures, whether she heard this phrase or not? And the young man is only interested in watching her doubts and shy hope ...

Continue the retelling of the work, which Chekhov wrote - "The joke." Its brief content provides an opportunity to understand the very essence of the story.

The next day the young man receivedHope Petrovna note with a proposal to ride a toboggan from the slides. Everything again was repeated: a frantic descent and cute quiet words with a strong gust of wind. In March, the young man went to Petersburg for good. Before leaving, he joked again. He hid himself at the fence of Nadenka and, having waited for the wind, he threw: "I love you, Nadia!". The girl laughed happily ...


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How did Chekhov finish his story?The "joke" (a brief summary see above) gives the reader an opportunity to reflect. The narrative jumps abruptly for many years before. Nadenka is married, she has three children, but her most romantic memory is the gust of wind that brought the cherished declaration of love. A young man in years with perplexity recalls the joke of youth, he does not understand its meaning.

Readers' opinions

That he wanted to tell his story to AP.Chekhov? The "joke", the brief content of which is described in the article, causes readers sympathy for Nadenka and the rejection of the behavior of a young man who literally threw such important words in the life of every girl to the wind.

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