/ Who is a bitmaker? Musical accompaniment with the lips of human

Who is a bitmaker? Musical accompaniment with the lips of human

Here you listen to rap, and there the recitative goes under a certaina clear rhythm. Also it is impossible to guess, that for the tool it gives. Maybe it's drums? But no! This is a person who can play the main musical theme with his own lips, hands and sense of tact. How to call such a craftsman? This is a real bitmaker! And who is a bitmaker? It is a virtuoso combining the functions of a composer and an arranger. He feels the music at a deep level and it can be interesting to beat even a primitive recitative.

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From the very beginning

Translation of the term from English is sufficientsimple: in the word two roots (beat and maker), meaning the concepts of rhythm and the manufacturer. That is, the word "bit" hides "melody", and for "bitmaker" - the value varies from the pathos composer to the amateur arranger. Rappers read their texts under a simplified rhythm, which then can and should be diversified with music. Today the creation of bits is a real art in the genres of rap and hip-hop. Most often the work of a professional bitmaker is built in this way: he cuts out the liked part of the melody of a certain track, and then writes a rhythmic part of the drums and basses to it.

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Why can it be your atmosphere?

Now it's clear who the bitmaker is, but we needAre they? Maybe they are just a tribute to fashion? But in fact they are mediocre people with no musical ear? Many professional composers at first seriously doubted the art of creating bits, but their opinion radically changed in just a couple of years. Let's try to remember and imagine the atmosphere of any night club. Music bursts dynamics, the river pours alcohol, and you want to dance until the very morning. On the stage there are leading evenings. And it is they who can make the hall so, as no cocktail can do. In their power to make the usual "slow" a source of positive and energy, to make a dance of melancholy, to kill melancholy and "pumping" the audience. If you like creating music, perfecting the already created tracks, giving emotions, without saying a sound, then your sphere is a great disco. DJ-bitmeyker in this case - this is your vocation!

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For whom to move?

It would be nice to know who such a bitmaker isclass? Are there any people in our time who can be considered virtuosos? Whose example can I follow? In the US, this is certainly Dr Dre, Kanye West, Farrell Williams and the legendary Timbaland. Of course, they do not limit themselves to rap, but eventually turn into showbiz sharks, producing tracks of their labels. In Russia for a long time makes excellent bits Pencil, Basta and Noggano, represented by Vasily Vakulenko. You can not ignore the group "Casta" and specifically her frontman Vladislav Leshkevich. Bitmakers today have to get along with the computer, since it opens up an immense space for work. There are many programs that can make life easier for a musician of this kind. If there is no traction to the computer, today it is unlikely to be a genius in the creation of bits. Have to compose music in the old-fashioned way!

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How come to this case?

Initially, bitmaking seems like an ephemeral task,more fun than work. This point of view quickly turns into a fiction. Even the first software for a beginner is able to scare away, as the possibilities seem limitless, but why they can not be implemented for some reason. Many teenagers refuse to create bits already at the stage of acquaintance with basic programs. Others will know who the bitmaker is at the stages. Useful video lessons, tips for experienced and useful resources on the web. To throw it is impossible is not a bicycle, and it is possible simply not to "go" again. Often the first serious works come out "from the pen" bitmeyker only after 4-5 years after starting work. So there is nothing to be impatient in this sphere. It is necessary either to be a gift and from nature to do everything wonderful, or work hard.

Professional growth

Over time, each bitmaker becomes different.Street dancer grows into a person with a certain amount of knowledge. Most often the writing of bits goes to the background and the musician aspires to full-fledged artists. If you want to compile a track, then it does it quickly, like a designer. There are good habits, like choosing only high-quality equipment and addiction to the right music.

In another way, musicians look at their colleagues,can easily calculate the one who is engaged in plagiarism. Bitmaking is still considered a bread business, as it does not become obsolete, is popular at concerts, in clubs or on promo-promotions. In addition, the bitmaker gets used to doing everything perfectly. He knows how to turn any track into a candy, give him fire, remove the "passing" tidbits and make a true bomb that can tear the dance floor to shreds. In Russia, there are many talented potential artists, even in the opinion of Western professionals, but they still receive little attention and, accordingly, do not see the point of especially trying.

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