/ How to learn to dance a lambada? History of the origin and features of passionate dance

How to learn to dance lambada? History of the origin and features of passionate dance

Lambada is a fusion of forro and sambaas movements and a combination of rhythms of carimbo and merengue. Before you learn about how to dance Lambada, decipher the name of the style. The very word "Lambada" is translated from Portuguese as "contact". This is due to the fact that the partners touch the dance as much as possible to show all the sexuality and sensuality of this style.

Characteristics of dance

So, how to dance lambada?This is a pair dance with a rhythm of 4 counts and a tempo of 70 cycles per minute. And the first part of the bar has a slow movement, and the next two - fast. The partner begins to dance with the right foot, and the partner - with the left. The peculiarity of the dance consists in the fact that a woman dances only on her socks, and the man leans on the floor with the whole foot.

Lambada how to dance

Sexuality above all?

Many people think that Lambada is too vulgar danceand is filled with sexuality only. In fact, this is not so. The original lambada represents quick and graceful movements with the full impact of oneself, with the indication of all love, passion within the reasonable. And vulgar sexuality is present only in Hollywood films.

Forbidden lambada - a myth or reality?

Lambada dance was never forbidden.In those days, there really was a ban on one type of dance because of frank moves. It was called maxiks. Lambada fell into this mess completely by accident. There were people who liked to carry out any news. Thus, without knowing in reality what movements can not be performed, they started spreading the news that Lambada is a forbidden dance.

History of occurrence

Lambada originated in Brazil, in the Amazon basin,At a time when the country was a Portuguese colony. There are no exact dates, but it was approximately from 1500 to 1883. At the heart of the dance lay the movements from the tribal dances of the Indians of the carimbo, so the original lambada was called the carimba and represented a loose dance of outpouring of the senses, where the woman did her best to embrace and embrace the man with every bend of her body. Accompaniment for the dance were drums from hollow tree trunks.

Lambada - forbidden dance

Later, the accompaniment was strongly influenced byparties of Caribbean music. One day, one of the radio stations in Brazil began to call all the music of the carimba. The locals understood that all popular compositions are the carimba.

Melodies began to be enriched by various musicaleffects using modern musical instruments. And soon the carambo became known as the Lambada. Spreading across Brazil and borrowing certain features from other dances, over time, the lambada gained its individual rhythm - a score of 4, which became the final change. Now the lambada has become a completely separate kind of dance, quite unlike the caribbo.

How to dance Lambada?

How to learn to dance yourself?Experts advise to dance the lambada barefoot, as the rhythm is very fast, and the extra stresses in the dance are inappropriate. You need to completely relax your whole body. Partners take the starting position, cuddling as close as possible to each other. The man should hold the woman firmly with his right hand in the lower back, and with the left hand, squeeze her right hand. The partner puts his left hand on the partner's left shoulder.

Choose a large room for training tonothing to cling to during movements. Any dance consists of certain key elements. Lambada is not an exception. Therefore, we divide the dance into elements and learn each individually. After combining the movements in the correct sequence and learning the dance at a slow pace. Every time we try to speed it up.

dance lambada music

So, how to dance the original lambada?Begin to move smoothly, pumping from side to side, while moving his hips, drawing in the air eight. Knees should be kept slightly bent. It is necessary to work out this movement for the beginning. Over time, it will get better.

Add the steps to the first move.We take a step forward and begin the rotation of the hips, throwing one leg at a time. We add to the learned movements of the hand. We start to lift them in turn, shaking their wrists. These are all the basic movements that you need to know in the Lambada. It is necessary to work out the ease and speed of each element first one, and then and with the partner.

Learning Lessons

There are special lessons for dancing lambada.Therefore, you can learn not only on video on the Internet, but also to use the services of a coach. Specialists recommend teaching lambada at the dance studio, since the dance has its own characteristics, which it is difficult to learn without explanation.

Lambada Dance Lessons

The song "Lambada"

There is also a specific dance music of Lambada.History says that in the mid-80s Olivier Lamota, having visited a local festival in Brazil, decided to create a group of Latinos who would play the song "Lambada". In the future, the composition was recognized as a violation of copyright, and only an instrumental version remained.

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