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The best fantastic books - the choice of millions of readers

The popularity of such a literary genre asfantasy, it is difficult to overestimate - the best fantastic books find their readers every day, and modern writers all add their works to the treasury of masterpieces. At the same time the genre itself is so diverse that it can attract almost any person with the widest range of interests - in this section you can find a work in the style of fantasy, space opera, cyberpunk, epic, detective or love fantasy.

Best Fantastic Books

Any rating of the most famous literaryworks are opened by the best books of fantasy - the trilogy "The Lord of the Rings" by J. Tolkien, the series "The Song of Ice and Flame" by George Martin, as well as the newcomer "Harry Potter" by Joanne Rowling. These books are known all over the world, and do not need any ideas. It's nice that in different ratings there are so many domestic authors currently writing in the genre of fantasy such as Alexey Glushanovsky with his series of books "The Path of the Demon", Alexander Rudazov with the cycle "Archimagus", Olga Gromyko with the trilogy "The Witch" and many others .

The best fantastic books

The best fantastic books in the style of spaceopera - is, above all, the "Dune" by Frank Herbert and "Founding" by Isaac Asimov. The genre of space opera was written by many talented authors, for example Ursula Le Guinn, Paul Anderson, Robert Heinlein, and this despite the fact that for a long time such books were considered primitive and miserable. Perhaps this was the case with the birth of cosmopoli in the 40s of the last century, as a separate literary trend, but since then the genre has undergone drastic changes. As an example, you can bring the cosmologist "Lord from the Planet Earth" from Sergey Lukyanenko - this book was written 15 years ago, and it is still considered the best product of this trend among domestic writers.

The best fantastic books in the style of cyberpunk -this is, first of all, "Do Androids dream of electricians" Philip Dick and "I, the robot" from Isaac Asimov. The first work was born long before the very concept of "cyberpunk", so that it can be called the progenitor of the genre, and the second book became a textbook, and it was from this work that mankind first learned about the three laws of robotics.

best fantasy books
The best fantastic books with elementsThe detective story is undoubtedly the Dresden Dossier series from Jim Butcher (the series has more than 10 books and is not yet finished) and a series about the adventures of private detective Harriet from Glen Cook. Our compatriots working in this genre are not so pleased with readers - basically these are rather mediocre works. There are also pleasant exceptions, in the form of all the same Sergei Lukyanenko with his "Watch" and Andrei Belyanin with the series "The Secret Search of the King of Peas", but this is still not a detective fantasy in its pure form, but a mixture of different styles. An interesting fact is that many of the best fantastic books have been screened, some of them repeatedly, but in the case of the "Dresden Dossier" cycle, a blunder has clearly emerged. The creators tried to make a popular TV series, something like the movie "Supernatural", but it did not go beyond several episodes.

Science fiction, as a literary genre, for a long timetime will remain popular, because it is these books that still allow people to believe in miracles. And in our daily lives, sometimes it is just necessary to spark a belief that the desired will certainly come true.

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