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"Demon" by A.S. Pushkin: analysis. "Demon" of Pushkin: "spiteful genius" in every person

In the famous poem "Demon" AlexanderPushkin described the state of man that has repeatedly visited many people. For example, when we are striving for something, somewhere in a hurry, doing something, and then at some point we stop and start thinking about what we did, analyze our actions, and think about their consequences.

What is hidden under the demon?

Pushkin demon poem

"Demon" - this is what brought the life of the poetsolid doubts, that which doomed his life to a meaningless promise. But not only about this wanted to say Pushkin. "Demon" - a poem that carries a fairly simple hidden meaning. Such an "evil genius" is in every person. These are such traits of character as pessimism, laziness, uncertainty, lack of principle. And those people who are able to drive such a demon on their own, find the strength to go further, and in the future they succeed. But those who do not cope with the "evil genius" and is given into his captivity, lose confidence in themselves, are afraid to protest the crowd and are unable to achieve something in life.

Detailed analysis

The "demon" of Pushkin is a poem,the components of which are only 3 sentences. In the first sentence, the lyric hero's way of life is narrated, where the reader's acquaintance with the demon takes place. The second sentence already talks about the meetings of the hero with the "evil genius". This proposal, although it is the shortest, but we can say that it is in him the demon is revealed in all its glory. But the third sentence makes it possible to understand the author and make a detailed analysis. The "demon" of Pushkin is most qualitatively revealed in the third sentence, because it is in him that the author lists those worries and doubts that visited him during the "torment".

What did the author want to say?

verse of Pushkin's demon

The main thing is to correctly perceive the demon.It is even useful to experience such experiences. But you need to have strong and persistent character. Pushkin's poem "Demon" speaks of perseverance, of a strong will. While the demon comes to his victim, a person is given a wonderful opportunity to think about the future, rethink the past and take the right path. At such moments, the most important is the confrontation with the demon, firmness and willpower. It is necessary to analyze the situation in time and make the right conclusion and analysis. The "demon" of Pushkin teaches the reader to think over his mistakes, not to succumb to temptation and firmly defend his opinion.

Demon for Pushkin

It should be noted that many of the poet's friends couldsee in the demon of a certain comrade Pushkin - A. Rayevsky, since this man was bold and sarcastic, in addition, he saw the world, as if through sunglasses. The author also noted that they made the wrong analysis. Demon Pushkin is a collective character and says that such temptations can be visited by any person.

As a young man, Pushkin began to notice that thanhis love of life became more evident, the more often he was visited by thoughts full of skepticism and completely devoid of romance. And only when the time of intoxicating youth passed and the gray daily routine came to light, Pushkin's poem "Demon" appeared.

analysis of the demon Pushkin

In it, the author displayed his skepticism and the firstdisappointment in life, creating such a mythical hero, who gave human features. The author eventually managed to conquer the demon, he was philosophical about life, while not losing freedom and faith in love.

What did Pushkin mean?The demon is a poem that urges a man to fight temptations, to fight against himself, preserving the purity of his soul and his feelings, because that's how you can defeat a demon and achieve significant success in life, and it's so hard to do when fate regularly checks us for strength !!

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