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"Prince of Silver": for the chapters, the summary of the work

One of the most famous works in the Russianliterature of the second half of the 19th century is the novel of AK. Tolstoy "The Prince of Silver." According to the chapters, the brief content of this work is difficult to retell, because the storyline and composition differ in complexity and a lot of unexpected turns, dynamic scenes, constant introduction of new characters into the text. Remember the course of events is difficult because of the fact that it is complicated by numerous descriptions, which, incidentally, convey the color of the era.

General description of the work

One of Tolstoy's main novels becamework "Prince of Silver." According to the chapters, the summary of this work should be retold by grouping the story lines according to the main events that are associated with one or another of the characters. But for a more detailed answer it is necessary to take into account the most characteristic features of the novel, which greatly distinguish it from other works of literature.

The novel was published in 1863 and immediately attractedattention to themselves. Some regarded him as a colorful and expressive narrative about the time of Ivan the Terrible and lauded the author for reproducing one of the most dramatic and interesting periods in Russian history; others, on the contrary, argued that the work was too romantic and sublime in spirit and meaning, that under the domination of realism was perceived as step back. The sources for the writer were "The History of the Russian State" by Karamzin, a monograph on the way of life of the Russian people, as well as folklore songs, legends and legends.

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Time of the reign of Ivan the Terrible and his oprichninathe novel "Prince Serebryany" is dedicated. According to the chapters, the short content of this work must be memorized in accordance with the appearance of the characters. The first three of them are devoted to the arrival of the main character, voevoda Nikita Romanovich Serebryany to Russia after the unsuccessful Lithuanian embassy, ​​during which he tried to achieve peace, but did not achieve his goal, because he was too straightforward, while foreign diplomats turned out to be cunning. Passing through the village, he witnesses the outrage of the oprichniki and, taking them for robbers, beats off the attack with the help of local residents. One of them remembers him and promises to complain to the king himself about the boyar's behavior.

prince silver 8 chapter summary

Further development

The novel "Prince Serebryany", according to the chapters, is shortthe content of which is the subject of this review, is interesting scenes of everyday life of the 16th century. The next four chapters are devoted to describing the arrival of the protagonist to the royal court, his reception and feast in the chambers. Here the author gives a detailed account of the new order, which was established at a time when the voevoda was abroad. The writer shows with special expressiveness the terrible behavior of the new tsarist henchmen in the novel "Prince Serebryany." Chapter 8, the summary of which is a description of the feast, is especially important for understanding how the author imagined this difficult time in Russian history. It is here that the main henchmen of Ivan the Terrible are shown and their description is given. But first Tolstoy reproduces the picture of the royal chambers, the richness of the decoration of the room, a plentiful dinner - all this luxury, as it were, shades even more those terrible events that followed. Here the author presents Malyuta Skuratov, Afanasy Vyazemsky, and Boris Godunov, whose figure is particularly interesting in view of the fact that he, while remaining a supporter of the ruler, nevertheless managed to avoid participation in his atrocities.

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New twists of the plot

Especially expressive images of historicalthe novel "Prince Silver" is different. Chapter 8, the summary of which is the relationship of the king with the voivode, reveals the writer's skill with renewed vigor.

The Tsar voivodes mercy, but at the same time he showsHis mercilessness toward the disagreeable people, when on his orders they poisoned one old nobleman. From the 15th chapter, the love affair between the main character and his former bride, Elena Dmitrievna, which, however, is already married, is becoming more active. The next two chapters tell of her abduction by Vyazemsky, who was also in love with her. So, one of the most difficult questions in school classes is the summary of the chapters "Prince Serebryany". Tolstoy in 20 chapters narrates about the misadventures of his hero, who was sent to prison, but was rescued by his rogue friend, and how he later took part in the battle with the Tatars and met Fedor Basmanov.

a brief summary of the novel Prince of silver by chapters


At the same time, the author narrates the fate of the spouseElena Dmitrievna, who was executed for his honesty and directness. The same fate befell other oprichniki, to which the 30 chapters are dedicated. To its completion came the description of the adventures of the protagonist, who, after parting with his beloved, went to fight in Siberia, where he died. Thus, the summary of the novel "The Prince of Silver" by chapters shows how complex and serious the work is.

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