/ / Abstract: "The nose" of Gogol N.V.

Abstract: "The nose" of Gogol N. V.

A lot of discussions and an evil criticism towards the authorcaused the story of Gogol "The Nose." The summary tells of a fantastic story, which under no circumstances could really happen. Because of the unrealistic plot, not all magazines agreed to print this work, the writer had to make several changes to his story several times. Few of Gogol's contemporaries realized that the "Nose" has a double meaning. Describing the absurd situation, Nikolai Vasilyevich wanted to show the defects of the society of his time.

Disappearance of the nose

concise nose
An amazing incident occurred on March 25,it was then that the barber Ivan Yakovlevich found in the bread baked by his wife, the nose of his client, collegiate assessor Kovalev. A man decides to get rid of such a find, but constantly drops it, which is indicated to him by others. In the end, the barber throws his nose into the Neva. In the meantime, Kovalev wakes up and comes to the mirror to look at the pimple jumping on his nose, but does not even detect the nose itself.

The fact that the collegiate assessor is in dire need ofdecent appearance, narrates (about this, in fact, says the work itself), a brief summary. The nose destroys all his hopes, because Kovalev came to the capital in order to find a good job and get married. The disappearance of such a significant part of the body makes the assessor powerless and unnecessary.

Meeting with the nose

a short summary of the story of the gogol's nose
Summary of the story "The Nose" by Gogoltells us that somehow covering his face, Kovalev goes to the chief policeman, but on the way meets his lost part of the body. The nose, dressed in a plumed hat, a gold-embroidered uniform in the rank of a state councilor, sits in a carriage and goes to the Kazan Cathedral to pray. The major goes after him, at first Kovalev is even shy at the sight of such a noble official. At the request to go back, the nose pretends that he does not understand what the speech is about and the collegiate assessor does not succeed in his intentions.

Oval-Politzmeister Kovalev does not find the house,therefore, it is going to advertise in the newspaper about the loss of a part of the body, but it also fails there - this is exactly what the short story says after the work. The nose can not just disappear from a decent person, so the private bailiff only listens with irritation the major's complaint and does not help.

gogol's narrative short
Upset Kovalev comes home and beginsponder the cause of your misfortune. And then it occurred to him that perhaps it was all the fault of the staff officer Podtochina, who had hired some witches, because the collegiate assessor was not in a hurry to take her daughter's wife. When a policeman brings a nose wrapped in a piece of paper, Kovalev does not find a place for joy - it's what gives us a brief summary. The nose in the meantime does not even think to stick to the place.

A happy ending

According to the capital, rumors spread that the nosethe collegiate assessor strolls along Nevsky Prospekt, walks in the Tavrichesky Garden, goes to Junker's store. But on April 7, everything fell into place - Kovalev woke up and found the loss in his rightful place.

The summary of "Nose", though brief, but allthe same holds the story that in just one day the major was able to visit many places: in the confectionery, in the department, even lucky enough to meet Podtochinu with his daughter. A description of the story of the happy Kovalev author interrupts the recognition that this story is invented. Gogol even is surprised that some writers take such stories for the basis of their works.

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