/ How to learn to dance street dance? Where to begin?

How to learn to dance street dance? Where to begin?

No matter where you have a desire to learnto dance street dances. Maybe you watched a movie with the same name, or maybe you walked along the street and saw the guys who did awesome things. It is important that the desire that you have visited does not seem impossible to you. In fact, you can learn to dance at any age. So, you decided, but immediately the question arises: "How to learn to dance street dance? Where to start? "Let's take a closer look at the first steps for learning such a delightful dance. But first we will return to the past for several decades.


how to learn to dance street dance

The first street dances appeared in the 70s.Their homeland can be considered the United States. At that time, people from small towns became whole families moving to larger metropolitan areas. The ghettos and neighborhoods with middle-income residents were almost overcrowded. In those days, young people were allowed to take music out to the street, listen to music and have fun. This became the birth of street dances. For children who spent time on the streets, dance schools or studios were not available, their parents simply could not pay for their studies. Therefore, young people began to dance in the streets.

It did not matter who you are, what your nationality is,how you dress. Everything was said about dance, unusual movements, your own style. The guys living on different streets, figured out the relationship with dances, proving their superiority. It did not matter who you were and where, it was important how you can dance.

Where to begin?

I want to learn how to dance street dances

First, it is advisable to ask whether there is ayour city places in which you can learn the technique of street dancing. If they are, then you are fabulously lucky. The fact is that to master the technique it is necessary to learn the most basic basic elements. Having learned the basics, you will understand how to learn to dance a street dance so as not to look like a robot that simply repeats the learned movements.

If for some reason you can not practicewith the total flow of students (due to a large age difference, for example), then talk to the choreographer. It is possible that he will agree to give you individual lessons, advise you to look at the necessary materials, which tell you how to learn to dance street dance. Most importantly, do not be shy to take the first step.

Important points

how to learn street dancing at home

In street dancing, the most important thing is improvisation.Look closely, and you will see that no dancer repeats exactly the movements of the other (this applies only to the dance of the individual, in group games it's the other way around). For success in dancing, two things are important: the ability to improvise and feel music. In this case, success is assured.

If you've never gone to a dance club,and all your dances were limited to a disco, then you will, of course, sweat. It is desirable to repeat new movements at home, preferably in front of a mirror. So you will be able to see and understand what you are doing wrong, as looking from the outside. Do not learn a few movements at once. Everything should be done gradually. Every new movement must be worked out by you before automatism. You must learn to perform it subtly and clearly so that you do not have to think about where to put your foot or how to raise your hand.

Learned a few movements, try to dobunch, also work it out until it's completely clear so that you pick up at night, you'll repeat it without hesitation, "on the machine." With this approach, you yourself will soon understand what you need to do and how to learn to dance street dance.


film where street dance is dancing

For a person who is just starting to masterstreet dance, all movements seem simply unreal. This is not so, because others are dancing. If you have a strong desire to learn to dance, do not give up. If you start to engage, do not allow yourself to quit this exciting activity. It is difficult only at the beginning. Engage in auto-training, tell yourself: “I want to learn how to dance street dances, and I will do it!” And dance, wherever there is a possibility. Do cleaning? Dance! Cooking dinner? Dance! Are you going to visit? Turn up the music and dance!

Training for beginners at home

Is it possible and how to learn street dance at home?Of course, it is possible, however, it will be somewhat more difficult without the help of a choreographer. In this case, you just need to buy a video for beginners to dance. Disassemble all the most simple movements, learn them. In no case do not start with complex elements, even if they seem to you not so difficult. Sit on the Internet, on the forums, there you can find a lot of useful tips from those who managed to learn how to dance on their own. Ask around friends or acquaintances, but what if they go to dance classes? Now street dancing is the most popular. It is very useful to watch a feature film where street dancing is performed.

The main thing is to believe in yourself.You can learn street dance, but you don’t need to hurry. Then you yourself will feel how your life has changed, because music helps. She cheers up, and dancing will put you in shape if you want to lose weight is the best way not to find, and do not need any diets. And most importantly, if you started to dance, do not give up. Repeat again and again: "I want and I know how to learn to dance street dance, and I will dance it!" Believe in yourself, and you will succeed.

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