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How to Dance Slowly: Practical tips that will be useful in different situations

For someone, the question of how to dance slow,becomes relevant in school years, and for someone - only in the institute. Well, someone will attend to the question of the technique of slow dance only on the day of their own wedding. Well, let's figure out how to learn such an important matter!

How to Dance Slowly in School Discos: Tips for Guys

This question is equally important for both girls andand for the guys. Only here to pay attention it is necessary on some different moments. As a rule, a guy invites to dance. Do it right. The young man comes to the girl and asks if she dances. If the excitement is parched in the throat, you can just stretch your right hand with your palm upwards - this is a common invitation gesture. In case the girl agrees, she tilts her head and puts her hand over the boy's outstretched hand.

how to dance slow
To a young man, before dancingslow, it is worth learning that in the process you should not cling to the girl too much. To feel her figure, to try to grasp her hips is not the best line of behavior. Where it is more correct to conduct a partner smoothly, attaching her to the waist with her left hand, and the right hand of the girl should be kept in her hand, slightly bent at the elbow. It would be nice to get in time with the music (at least not try to "outrun" the rhythm). In order not to doubt how you look in the eyes of a partner, it would be nice to rehearse in front of a mirror how to invite a girl. And in how to move in time with the music, it also does not hurt to practice!

how to learn to dance slowly

What do you need to know the girl?

A girl, before being interested in howyou need to learn how to correctly accept an invitation or refuse. If you agree to dance - tilt your head and take an outstretched hand. If not - do not shake your head desperately and loudly declare that you do not want to dance with this individual. It's enough just to shake your head and apologize.

In the dance, do not hang around your partner's neck,put your head on his shoulder (unless, of course, you are not the official couple). Certainly you should not take the lead and try to lead. It's the prerogative of a guy. That's all! Nothing difficult in how to dance a slow-wit with a guy, no! You just need to demonstrate the femininity that is characteristic of girls.

Both girls and boys, in order to understand how to dance slow, it is worth watching a couple of movies - this will be a clear lesson.

How to learn how to dance slow at ceremonial events?

Sure, a slow dance in a school discosignificantly different from the dance at a secular reception or, for example, the dance of the newlyweds. To make a proper impression, you need to practice beforehand. It is not necessary to dance tango and waltz on a professional level, but basic movements are still better to learn. This will not allow us to get involved in an important event.

how to dance a slow with a guy

A very important moment for girls is skilldance in high heels and in a long dress. It's not so easy, but you need to practice in order to learn how to move so that you do not step on your heels with your heels.

That, in fact, that's all!

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