/ / Intrigue, dynamics, unpredictability - the main components of a successful detective. The best Russian detective series

Intrigue, dynamics, unpredictability are the main components of a successful detective. The best Russian detective series

Among foreign projects there are manysuccessful serials in the genre of adventure detective. Domestic cinema is ready to provide worthy resistance. The best Russian detective series are characterized by an intriguing plot and unpredictable ending. Fans of the genre will be satisfied! We present the most striking examples of the subject matter under consideration.

Scientific discoveries at gunpoint

The most powerful security structures, includingmodern army, are ready to accept a new idea, concerning methods of their individual defense. This is a completely undeveloped and not studied in practice project, but it will definitely change the existing system. Its authors are young scientists who live a correct, honest life. A chain of circumstances puts one of them under attack, and the other has no choice but to temporarily forget about their project. What will help intelligent educated geniuses get out of a dangerous abyss? Friends have to face intrigues, corruption and betrayal, which they did not expect ... Criminal-adventure multi-series film "Wrecked", released in 2012, earned warm reviews and praise from critics. This allowed him to be included in the best Russian detective series.

the best Russian detective series

What is justice?

Domestic 24-series project tells aboutthe secret service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Every day its employees struggle with the most dangerous criminals, cross the road to well-known authorities, do not fear personal threats. Officer of external surveillance Anton died in the performance of duties associated with a hired killer named Tashkent. His girlfriend Pauline does not intend to leave the case unpunished ... The "outdoor surveillance", which got into the best Russian detective series, includes a fine ensemble of young popular stars - Daniil Strakhov, Ilya Lyubimov, Dmitry Kochkin, Sergei Peregudov and others.

What detective story without humor?

The best comic-ironic series is recognized"What did the deceased say?" The main character accidentally becomes the person to whom the dying gangster calls the cipher of the hiding place, where the treasures are hidden. The whole criminal syndicate is looking for an object. But women's intuition, savvy and charming coquetry allow John to come out dry almost from every trap, which on her long journey to wealth will be a lot ...

the best Russian detective serials list

Mystical secrets of the criminal town

The provincial town of Ozersk is frightened by the news ofThe fact that the burial ground of the Scythians, storing ancient objects, came to life. For several months this place is shaken by a series of murders. Arrived at the investigation of the incident, Lieutenant Colonel Khromov concludes that they all have a ritual motive ... Find out where the truth is buried, the protagonist will be for more than one episode. The best Russian detective series have been replenished with the multi-series film "The Challenge". By the way, this project was filmed for three years.

Gold of Fools

Private detective, a native of the FSB Artem Kharlamovproved to be a professional. His first client is an elderly second-hand bookseller who got a rare and very unusual book on his hands. It contains a cipher, which, if unraveled, leads to treasures hidden by Napoleon in Moscow. But behind the location of treasury treasures hunts not only artful second-hand bookseller ... In the next series, the protagonist will uncover the secrets of the ancient artifact that came from Tibet to Russia. "Shadows of the past" in 2007 fell into the category "The best Russian detective series."

the best Russian detective series

The list of topics under consideration continues"The Abduction of the Goddess." This is not a historical project, although the story is connected in part with the story ... The opening of the jewelry salon with rare items of exposition is overshadowed by the theft of the headset "Tears of Aphrodite." His master suspects this director of the exhibition, Alexander Orlov. Sister Alexander intends to justify his brother's honest name. A journalist by profession, she takes up the investigation of the case, while the Prosecutor General's Office instructs the same best detective Ilya Melnikov. The common goal will rally young people ...

Russia - an adherent of the genre

For all the variety of films under investigation,To note that our country turns to detective focus quite often. Because of the intriguing narration and dynamic development, multi-episode tapes deservedly fall into the best Russian detective series. The rating of such pictures shows which of them remain the most loved and recognized among the audience.

the best Russian detective serials rating

Among the most striking examples of domestic projects in recent decades, the following can be singled out:

  • "Secrets of the investigation" (since 2000).
  • "Kamenskaya" (since 1999).
  • "Streets of Broken Lights" (since 1997).
  • “Footprint” (since 2007).
  • "Freud's method," two seasons (2012, 2015).
  • "Hunting on the asphalt" (2005).
  • The Red Chapel (2004).
  • "Death to Spies" (2007).
  • "Marina Grove" in two parts (2012, 2014-2015).
  • “The Blind” (2004).
  • “Disappeared” (2009).
  • “You ordered the murder” (2010).
  • “The Road Home” (2014).
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