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"Unreal show" (performance): reviews, actors. Theatrium on Serpukhovka under the direction of Teresa Durova

All fans of the work of the famous French author Bernard Verber should attend the performance "Unreal show". Actors, reviews and features of this production will be described in this material.

The original script

For several seasons in the theaterEurope's scenes continually put the work of the famous French writer. The success of the talented Verber lies in the originality of the plot, in which he manages to squeeze philosophical meaning and easy, understandable humor to everyone.

The works of the beloved author can now be seen on the domestic scene. Now in the "rental" performance "Unreal show."

unreal show performance reviews

Alexey Kiryushchenko directed the work. Produced by Albert Moginov. One of the first staged this performance was Teatrium on Serpukhovskaya.

The plot tells an unusual story.In a small closed room were unfamiliar and completely different man and woman. She is hot, changeable. It is logical and closed. The young lady works as a tamer tamer, and the gentleman is engaged in scientific research. The only thing that unites young people - they do not know why they were in this place and have no idea how to get out of here. All they have to do is wait.

Despite the fact that in the production there are only twoactor, "Unreal show" - a performance. Reviews about the story are usually positive. Viewers like the way the situation develops. In the course of events, the characters come together and raise topics that they previously tried not to discuss.

A unique duet

The main female role is played by Love Tolkalina.This famous and beautiful Russian actress is familiar to many viewers on television projects. For example, it could be found in such films as "Antikiller", "The Bride at Any Price", "Sakura Jam" and "Zhukov". Many people go to the theater to look at their favorite actress. However, as the visitors note, on the stage the woman opens from the other side. The audience is delighted with the fresh and extravagant game. For many guests, Tolkalina opens in a new light.

Дмитрий Марьянов также принял участие в проекте "Unreal show" (performance). Reviews about the work of this artist are excellent. The majority of TV viewers know this person on the main role in the TV series "The Personal Life of Investigator Saveliev." To successfully get used to the image of his hero, the actor was helped by a rich stage experience. Therefore, in contrast to the emotional and vibrant role of Tolkalinina, Marjanov suggested a reserved and sober role for the main male character.

Theatrium at Serpukhov

Load for the mind

The concept of the play is similar to a reality show. Moreover, the main characters for a while even believe that they are in some kind of transfer, where people are played. However, this story is more complicated.

Not very much criticism goes to the work of "Unreal show" (performance). Reviews of the performance in general are good.

Visitors like what themes thatraised, fairly serious and have a philosophical basis. However, the material is given in simple, accessible words. The idea of ​​this work is clear even for those who rarely visit the theater.

One of the minor disadvantages of thisactivities - the ending. People who liked the play are not always clear about the ending. As it turns out, the main characters were abducted by aliens, whose purpose is to find out whether humanity should exist. But those who are well acquainted with the books that Bernard Verber wrote, declare that this work is the absolute style of the author. The writer repeatedly turned to mystical subjects in his works. This story, the original title of which "Our Friends of Man", even plan to film.

 unreal show duration

Entertaining moment

Why do I really need to go to thisstatement, so it is for a lively, unostentatious humor, the audience claims. Satire and irony are present in almost every replica of the characters. Therefore, a lot of laughter in the performance hall "Unreal show". The duration of this production is two hours. It should be noted that there is no intermission. But the guests say that time passes very quickly and almost unnoticed. The production looks at one go.

A big plus is that the directors triedput in a piece of the soul. The translated text is somewhat different from the original, say supporters of the French author's creativity. However, this feature gives a piquancy and emotionality to the dialogue.

Additional Information

Many are unpleasantly struck by Teatrium onSerpukhovskaya because of the lack of additional elements. Some visitors complain about the lack of scenery. Indeed, on the stage there is only a bed and four pillars. They play the role of the cage into which the main characters are planted. However, most of the viewers like this kind of interior. He is unobtrusive and does not distract from the main thing - the plot. In general, the guests share their impressions, such "poor" scenery is quite enough.

Supporters of this theater say that it should not beforget that "Unreal show" is a performance. Reviews are good, but to enjoy watching and playing actors, a luxurious interior is not needed. In addition, the production itself does not provide for more decorative elements on the stage.

unreal show

Many visitors, after learning the secrets of the plot,that this production belongs to the genre of drama. However, in reality it is a comedy work. Replicas of actors over and over again cause audience laughter. It is because of the ease and positive the performance is worth a visit.

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