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Ilya Kovrizhnykh: roles, films, biography

Ilya Kovrizhnykh is an actor with Russian citizenship.A native of Alma-Ata (Kazakhstan). He played in 20 films of detective, dramatic and melodramatic genres. Among his works are roles in the series: "Penalty", "Second", "Black Wolves", "Split", "Kotovsky". The first work in the movie happened in 2004. Zodiac sign Capricorn. The height of the actor is 185 cm.

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Biography of Ilya Kovrizhnykh

Was born on January 15, 1981 in the cityAlma-Ata. According to the actor's recognition, as a child he, like many of his peers, wanted to become an astronaut or driver, showed interest in oceanography, went to swimming classes. According to him, then it seemed to him that all the most interesting things in the life of the planet - this is what is in the sky or under water. In that he chose his way into acting, the Kazakh theater "Benefit", in which his mother worked, was guilty. Within the walls of the theater, the future actor, staying close to his mother, spent all his free time, in the same place and his first role happened: in the play "Duck Hunt" he portrayed a boy with a wreath. After the theater was closed, Ilya Kovrizhnykh decided to go to Moscow for admission to the theater institute. He claims that, despite the fact that his mother worked as a theater expert, she did not in any way encourage Ilya to become an actor, however there was no objection on her part either.

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In 1998 he became a student of the Higherthe Shchukin Theater School. Ilya Kovrizhny, talking about those years, said that then he just got lucky. In the first year there was the question of his expulsion from this university, but the "played by someone else's etude" prevented this. According to the actor, he considers himself a fatalist and believes that everything in the world is predetermined.

Work in the theater

Ilya Kovrizhnykh, whose filmography replenishesand to this day, first proved himself as a theatrical actor. In 2002, he graduated from theater teaching and soon began working at the Theater House "Old Arbat", playing a role in the musical "Rag doll". In 2002 he joined the troupe of the Russian Drama Theater named Volkov (Yaroslavl), where he worked for nine years and has played in twenty performances: "Requiem", "cylinder", "not Leave Your Lovers", "Seagull", "Three Sisters" , "Solo for hours with fight" and others. The actor notes that in this theater he had many remarkable roles that he "could not have played ever and nowhere else."

In 2008, thanks to its remarkableplayed the role of Motla in the production of "Memorial Prayer", became a diploma of the international Volkov Theater Festival. In 2011, Ilya Kovrizhny began to serve in the Moscow Gogol Drama Theater (now Gogol Center), which he calls "the theater of his life".

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Working in a movie

Talking about his arrival in the cinema, the actornotes that for several years he unsuccessfully "studded the thresholds on Mosfilm," but in 2004 he received a call with the proposal to take the role of Tsukerman in the project "Penalty", after Maxim Galkin refused it. Ilya accepted the proposal, although at that time he was engaged in a theatrical production of "Chiogin's skirmishes".

Actor in one of his interviews, describing the beginning of his cinematic career, said that:

  • I saw that director Dostal was looking at him, who differs in that he "praises the actors to make them feel more confident".
  • For the role quickly learned to "cinematic stuff": do not move and do not blink.

Movies about the war

Ilya Kovrizhnykh in 2004 in an interview with a journalistHe noted that he did not serve in the army, he always took a negative view of military affairs and never took a positive view of the military organization system based on the method of subordination, although he often has to play the military because the form is "to his face". Asked what helped him "to capture the atmosphere of war" in his work on the role in the Penal Battalion, he noted that a man who "passed through this meat grinder" worked as a consultant in the project.

Ilya carpet filmography

In 2009, Ilya Kovrizhnykh, whose photo is andon this page, played in the television military drama of the serial format "The Second" along with Alexei Vorobiev, Vladimir Steklov and Anatoly Pashinin. The events unfold in August 1941, when the fascist army moves at an accelerated pace to the capital of the USSR. In this difficult time for the country, the NKVD officers prevent the attack of German saboteurs on the motorcade of the first persons of the Soviet state on one of its routes.

New roles and plans

In 2016, the actor told in his video about his creative plans for the near future, saying that:

  • He is shot in the first full-length film "Turkish Saddle".
  • Busy in the detective series "Escape to myself." The actor liked that he was entrusted with the role of "a cross-cutting character, who in the process of investigation finds himself in all the small stories of a great story."
  • Play in the play "Ordinary Miracle", in which he was offered the role of a bear.
  • At the moment he considers himself a free artist.

Filmography of Ilya Kovrizhnykh:

  • "Penalty."
  • "Fights: Happiness of a scout".
  • "Cranes will shout."
  • "Black wolfs".
  • "The cop."
  • "The Dark Kingdom."
  • "Fifth guard".
  • "Nika".
  • "The Third Life of Darya Kirillovna."
  • "The second."
  • "Kotovsky".
  • "Split".
  • "Zemsky Doctor."
  • "The power of the heart."
  • "The price of life".
  • The Wonderworker.
  • "Naparnitsy."
  • "Birth certificate".
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