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How to draw sea horses in different techniques

Seahorse is an interesting species of fish.They have a bizarre shape, making them unlike any creature living in the water. It is this uniqueness that attracts people. Seahorses often become an inspiration for artists, and they paint quaint marine inhabitants with bright colors, which as a result gives a colorful picture of the underwater world. How to draw sea horses? It's not difficult, the main thing in this business is practice.

A bit of history of sea horses

Before you answer the question of how to draw sea horses, you need to learn a bit about them. Seahorse appeared not so long ago, as scientists say, it is a mutated species of fish-needles.

how to draw sea horses
These creatures prefer to live in an environmentalgae, since they have a unique property - mimicry. It is because of this fact that people think that there are many kinds of sea horses. In fact, this is not so. There are only 32 of them, but since each of them is able to change color, the variety of the color range of sea horses is amazing.

Many will be surprised, but this kind of fish is inactive. They attach their tail to algae and in this condition spend up to 10 hours, catching their food.

Pencil Technology

Anyone who has ever thought how to draw a seahorse with a pencil, understands that you need to start with a sketch:

  • First you need to outline the overall shape. The head in the first stage should be similar to the horse's head, and the body to the base of the symbol of the treble clef.
  • If the sea horse is drawn in an environment of algae, then you need to consider that the size of this fish does not exceed 20 cm.
  • After sketching out the first outlines, you need to move on to the first drawing. At this stage, the head of the seahorse looks like a crocodile head, a large cranium and a long proboscis nose.
  • To the body of this bizarre fish you need to finish the thorns. They start from the head and continue up to the tail.
  • And, of course, at the base of the tail, on the back, you need to draw a small fin.
  • When the overall outline is ready, you need to move on to the details.

how to draw a seahorses in stages

  • We cut a thin strip from the back - this area does not need further elaboration. The rest of the body evenly and, most importantly, in shape, you need to apply horizontal strips.
  • How to draw sea horses more realistically? To do this, you need to put light and shadow on each section of the fictional light source.

Painting in color with children

Drawing with children, many parents are wondering how to draw a seahorses in stages. Here is a simple scheme for drawing a unique sea fish with the help of cams and fingers:

  • To begin with, you need to choose bright colors that are in good harmony with each other. You can see analogues of sea-horses on the Internet, or you can choose your favorite combination.
  • Next you need to take paint, ideally - gouache, and put them on a palette or on a piece of paper.

how to draw a seahorse with a pencil

How to draw seahorses with your hands? It's simple.We ask the child to hit the fist on the palette, on the back of the fist should remain a thick layer of paint. Further the same blow the child should put an imprint already on the drawing sheet. Seahorse ready, now you need to work out the details.

And the final stage will be drawingwith needles along the body of the fish. Three strokes on the back need to be done longer than the rest, it will be a simulated fin. It remains only to add an eye, and the sea horse is ready!

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