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Leading "RTR-Planet"

One of the most popular and favorite channelsRussians is "RTR-Planet." At the moment, the audience of the channel is about 30 million viewers around the world. RTR-planet is always topical and interesting programs, the latest news, entertaining, entertaining programs, and, of course, beloved by all the national cinema. Today we will not talk about the privileges of the TV channel itself, but about the leading ones, which daily delight the audience with a portion of interesting and fresh information.

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Leading programs "Morning of Russia"

«Morning of Russia» - programinformation-entertainment character, which is broadcast from 6:00 Moscow time. The program includes a news block "Vesti", communication with invited guests, sports news, economics, interesting and informative categories.

It should be noted that the leading RTR-Planetsconstantly changing, but this does not prevent the transfer of "Morning of Russia" to maintain the maximum ratings. To date, the program is led by Andrei Petrov, Elena Lender, Vladislav Zavyalov, Elena Nikolaeva and Denis Stoykov and Anastasia Chernobrovina.

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About each of the details below.

1. Andrei Petrov.

Andrei began his career with a host on the radio,Then he was invited to lead the program on RBC. I also tried myself as a correspondent on TV-3. Then he was offered to work on the television channel RTR-Planeta leading in the program "Morning of Russia". Now Andrew every day pleases the audience with his appearance on the screen.

2. Elena Lender.

Almost all the leading "RTR-planets" beganhis television career from work as a journalist. Elena also "started" with the game in the children's musical theater "Impromptu". In 2009, Lender became an actress of the theater "Chekhov Studio", and in 2013 - she was offered to work as the anchor on the Israeli channel in the news block. Since 2014, he is conducting the program "Morning of Russia" on "RTR-Planet".

3. Vladislav Zavyalov.

His way to Russian TV Vladislavbegins with work on the Rostov TV channel GTRK "Don-TV." In 1999, Zavyalov became the leader of the "Vesti" program, and in 2001 he conducted the "Federation" program. In 2009, Vladislav opens the author's program on "RTR-Planet." Since 2012, is the permanent host of the program "Morning of Russia".

4. Elena Nikolaeva.

Elena, unlike other colleagues, beganHis television career with photomodelling and acting. In 2009, she began working in the magazine "RBC Daily", in 2010 on - the television channel "Expert". In 2012 Elena was offered to conduct the program "New business with Elena Nikolaeva". Since 2015, the girl accepts an offer from the RTR-Planeta television channel and becomes the host of the program "Morning of Russia".

5. Denis Stoykov.

Leading "RTR" (Russia) are always smiling andcheerful. For example, Denis Stoykov always pleases the viewer with his positive energy and a dizzying smile. It is noteworthy that the TV host previously professionally engaged in sports. Denis is a two-time silver medalist in the Pentathlon World Championship. Since 2015, Stoykov is the presenter of the RTR-planet television channel.

Anastasia Chernobrovina - the most beautiful Russian tedious

Since 2002, Anastasia Chernobrovina is the leading"RTR" ("The Morning of Russia"). It is noteworthy that the girl first appeared on television as a news service journalist. At the same time, Nastya was leading her program, which described the stars coming on tour to Izhevsk.

Then Anastasia was involved in the transfer"Vesti 11" on the TV channel "Russia" and prepared reports for "Vesti ABM". Since 1998, Chernobrovina has been working on TV-6 as a host, and in 2001 she has been trying her hand at TVC channel.

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"Vesti-Moscow" on the channel "RTR-Planeta"

"Vesti-Moscow" is an information program,broadcast on the TV channel "Russia 1" and "RTR-planet". The program has been broadcast since 2001. In the same year, the program was awarded the TEFI award as the best information program in the category "Regional News". The leading "RTR-Planet" ("Vesti-Moscow") - Elena Goryaeva, Yuliya Alekseenko, Nikolay Zusik, Mikhail Zelensky, Svetlana Stolbunets, Ekaterina Konovalova.

Read more about each next.

1. Elena Goryaeva.

Elena is leading the Vesti-Moscow program since 2013.Previously, she worked as a correspondent on the radio, then she was offered to try herself as a host in the Vesti program on the Rossiya TV channel. Since 2004 Elena has been engaged in the program "Vesti +".

2. Yuliya Alekseenko.

Julia is conducting the morning editions of the "Vesti-Moscow" program. Previously, she was the presenter of the program "Vesti-Sport" and "Bolshoy Sport" on the TV channel "Russia 2".

3. Nikolai Zusik.

Nikolay is also on the "Leading«RTR-Planet». He began his career as a TV presenter at the State TV and Radio Company Irtysh, where he held the post of a correspondent, and later a chief editor. Since 2014, he conducted the morning program "Vesti". Now it is the permanent leader of "Vesti-Moscow".

4. Michael Zelensky.

Michael - a fairly versatile personality.Few people know that previously a talented young man was professionally engaged in figure skating ("Candidate for Master of Sports"). It is also remarkable that Mikhail has a medical education.

Since 2011, Michael has broadcast "Live". Since 2013 is leading in the program "Vesti-Moscow with Mikhail Zelensky."

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5. Svetlana Stolbunets.

Earlier, Svetlana was leading the "Economy News" within the framework of the "Vesti" broadcast. Now is the leading morning issue of "Vesti-Moscow" in the framework of "The Morning of Russia".

6. Ekaterina Konovalova.

Catherine began her television career with workon the TV channel "Russia". The leading "RTR" ("Good Morning, Russia") often succeeded each other on the post. Catherine is one of those who stayed in the transmission the longest. In 2009, Konovalova offered to participate in "Desperate Housewives", and in 2010 Katya becomes the permanent leading program "Vesti-Moscow".


"Vesti" - the well-known informationa program that has been on television since 1991. The leading RTR (Russia, Vesti): Ernest Matskevicius, Sergei Brilyov, Igor Kozhevin, Irina Rossius, Nikolay Dolgachev, Evgeny Rozhkov, Andrey Kondrashov, Olga Meshcheryakova, Maria Sittel, Oksana Kuvaeva, Alexander Efremov, Dmitry Kiselyov.

A few words about each further.

leading planet Earth

1. Ernest Mackevicius.

Has been working on the TV channel "Russia" since 2002.Ernest - the host of the "Vesti" program, which is released at 20:00. It should be noted that the presenter in 2008 was awarded the Order of Merit for the Fatherland of the first degree, and in 2014 - the Order of Friendship.

2. Igor Kozhevin.

Leading "RTR-Russia" refers to their work withall trembling and love. So, Igor Kozhevin has been working in the field of journalism for many years. Since 2010, he is the host of the Vesti + program and the Vesti program, which is broadcast at 4 pm.

3. Irina Rossius.

Irina - the leading "RTR-Vesti" since September 14, 2015. The news block is on the air at 20:00. Previously, she worked on the TV channel "Russia 24".

4. Nikolay Dolgachev.

Nikolai is famous for covering events in Ukraine during the military operations. Since 2014, he is a military correspondent for the VGTRK. February 23, 2015 took the post of the presenter of "Vesti".

5. Evgeny Rozhkov.

Yevgeny Rozhkov is on the list of "Top RTR News" news since 2015. Previously, he was a military correspondent.

6. Andrey Kondrashov.

Andrei is a political columnist and presenter of the "Vesti" program.

7. Olga Meshcheryakova.

Olga - the leading "RTR-news" since 2015. The program is broadcasted at 11:00 and 14:00 Moscow time.

8. Maria Sittel.

Maria since 2008 is the permanent leading "Vesti". Previously, each day led the program "Special Opinion" and "Special Correspondent".

Elena participated in the show "Dance Eurovision 2007", where she took the place of the leader.

9. Oksana Kuvaeva.

Career journalist began in 1997, when Oksana offered the post of the leading news on the Yekaterinburg channel "ATN". Since 2013 is included in the list of "Top Leaders" ("RTR-Planet").

10. Alexander Efremov.

Alexander is the leading "Vesti" at 20:00, at 11:00 and 14:00 - for European regions.

Dmitry Kiselev - love of work and homeland

Dmitry is included in the list "The best leading channel" RTR-Russia ". Kiselev is also the general director of the Russian information international agency "Russia Today".

Channel Leaders

Dmitriy is the author of a documentary about the collapse of the USSR - "Crash", as well as the film "100 Days of Gorbachev", "100 Days of Yeltsin", "Sakharov" and "1/6 of the land".

In 2014, he was included in the sanctions list of Ukraine because of his position with respect to military actions in Ukraine and the annexation of the Crimea to Russia.

Sergey Brilyov - the main messenger

Sergey is the leader and the leader of the program"To conduct on Saturday," a member of the Presidium of the Council on Foreign and Defense Policy, Deputy Director of the State TV Channel Rossiya, and also a member of the Academy of Russian Television.

The leader of the "Live" Boris Korchevnikov

Boris Korchevnikov is one of the most talentedTV presenters of Russia. Since 2010 he is a member of the Academy of Russian Television. Boris worked as a TV presenter of the program "I Do not Believe!", "Istria of Russian Humor" ("STS") and "The History of Russian Show Business." Since 2013 he has been broadcasting the "Live" program on the "RTR-Planeta" TV channel.

It should be noted that in 2015, Boris wasan operation was performed to remove the brain tumor, which was quite successful. Since 2014, Korchevnikov was included in the sanctions list of Ukraine for position in relation to the accession of the Crimea to Russia.

The program "About the most important"

The program "On the most important" is one of thethe most cognitive and interesting on Russian television, as it affects the problems of human health. The hosts of the "RTR" channel ("About the most important") - Sergei Agapkin and Svetlana Permyakova will talk about how to recognize the symptoms of the disease and how to cope with them.

leading news of the RTG

Sergey Agapkin is a candidate of psychological sciences, a doctor-rehabilitologist, specialist in the field of traditional methods of recovery. Since 2010, he is the host of the program "On the most important".

Svetlana is a famous Russian actress, a former member of the KVN team. Since 2014 is the leading program "On the most important".

Vladimir Soloviev and his "Duel"

Since September 2002, Vladimir Soloviev has been conducting the political program "Duel", where invited guests discuss the economic, political and financial problems of the world community.

Vladimir Solovyov is a candidate of economic sciences and a public figure. Among other things, the famous TV presenter is fond of music, writing songs and books.

Since 2014, he has been included in the list of Ukrainian sanctions. Solovyov was also awarded the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin with the Order of Friendship and the Order of Honor.

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"Rules of the Movement" with Alexander Bubnovsky

The program "Rules of Motion" entirelydevoted to health. In this program, Dr. Bubnovsky communicates live with the audience and demonstrates how to regain strength, prolong youth, cope with the ills with the help of the right movements.

The presenter of the program is Alexander Bubnovsky - doctorthe president of the Health, Ecology Sports Foundation, a professor, a member of the Moscow Journalists' Union, the author of popular scientific books, the creator of a unique health program for children.

Olga Skobeeva and Vesti DOC

"Vesti DOC" - one of the most interesting programs, which tells about high-profile documentary secrets and investigations.

Olga Sobeeva started on one of the St. Petersburg TV channels. Now is the leading "Vesti DOC".

Everyone who is listed in the article deserves to enterin the list of "Top Channel Leaders" RTR-Russia ". All of them achieved success on their own, no matter what. So let's wish these talented people success in their future projects.

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