/ Actor Luis Mandilor: biography, photo. Best movies and TV shows

Actor Luis Mandilor: biography, photo. Best movies and TV shows

Luis Mandilor is an Australian actor whooften fall into the role of criminal elements. "My Big Greek Wedding", "In Search of Adventures", "The Angel's Point", "The Game of Their Life", "Thirst for Speed", "Betrayal" - famous films with his participation. Also it can be seen in the series "Castle", "Hunters for antiquities", "Friends", "Charmed." What else can you tell us about Louis, his life and his creative activity?

Luis Mandylor: the beginning of the road

The actor was born in Melbourne, it happenedin September 1966. Louis Mandilore was born into a family of Greek immigrants whose professional activities were not connected with the cinema world. He has an older brother Costas, who also chose an acting profession for himself. The spectators Kostas remembered thanks to a series of horror films "Saw", he played the detective Mark Hoffman.

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As a child, Louis was not interested in the dramaticart, his main passion was sports. Mandilore engaged in Thai boxing, achieved great success in football, for some time was a member of the Australian youth team. However, fate ordered that he became an actor.

First roles

His first role was played by Louis Mandilor in the series"Chinese beach". In this television project, telling about the everyday life of the US military, he played a secondary hero. Next, the actor starred in episodes of several popular TV series, for example, "Touch the Angel", "Friends", "Charmed," "Straighten the Brains," "Grace in the Fire."

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In 1996, the beginning artist managed to attractto himself the attention of Jean-Claude Van Damme, who offered him a small role in his directorial debut "In search of adventure." The picture tells the story of a criminal who travels in search of his life purpose. Van Damme appreciated the acting talent of Luis, helped the young man get a major role in the film "Champions". In this film, he embodied the image of a champion in "gladiatorial" battles, which intends to avenge the death of his brother.

"The Chinese policeman"

The first time to attract the attention of viewers LuisMandilor was able thanks to the television project "Chinese policeman". A comic thriller tells the story of a legendary policeman from Shanghai who is in Los Angeles for the sake of catching a Chinese mafia. The actor embodied the image of Luis Malone, who becomes a partner of the main character, and then his close friend.

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It was assumed that Mandilor will be removed in the secondseason of the "Chinese policeman". To the disappointment of the fans of the actor, the contract with him was canceled, the reasons for which remained behind the scenes. Various versions have been voiced, including romantic relationships between the role of Malone and his colleague Kelly Hu. The break of the contract had no consequences for the career of the actor, he soon starred in the flamboyant crime comedy "The Boy, You're Hit."

New Age

In 2002, the viewer's court was representedcomedy "My Big Greek Wedding". Luis Mandilor in this picture brilliantly embodied the image of Nick, the brother of the main character. The film, telling the story of a girl tired of her family, earned more than $ 200 million in worldwide box office, which speaks of his grandiose success. Next, Louis starred in the television project of the same name, where he again played the favorite of many viewers Nick.

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In the new century, Mandilore got one brightrole after another, most often he created images of criminals. He starred in the thriller "The Point of an Angel", narrating about the investigation of the brutal murder of young priestesses of love. Then the actor showed himself in the film "The Pink Band", played Frank Bianchi in the dramatic thriller "Betrayal".

Fans are worthy of attention and other filmsLuis Mandylore. In the sports drama "The Game of Their Life" he starred along with his brother Costas, both actors played the role of football players. The plot of the picture is borrowed from real life, the drama tells about the legendary match between the teams of England and the United States, which took place in 1950. "Thirst for speed", "Hostages", "Way of the sword", "In pursuit of luck", "Sinners and Saints", "Perfect Summer", "Code of Honor", "Hotel of the Damned" - other interesting films with his participation.

Personal life

The biography of Louis Mandilor testifies,that he was married to actress Talisa Soto. She remembered the audience thanks to the paintings "The Death Battle", "Dream Catcher" and "Don Juan de Marco". Surprisingly, soon after the divorce, Talis married the elder brother of the actor Costas. On the relations of relatives, this event had absolutely no effect, Louis happily spends time with his beloved nephew, the son of Costas and Talisa. Later, his first wife divorced and with his brother, married actor Benjamin Bratt.

Stronger was the second marriage of the famousactor. Luis's chosen one was the little-known in our country actress Anil Zaman, on this girl he is married so far. Lovers were not embarrassed by the significant age difference. There are no joint children for the couple, however, they can not be excluded in the future.

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