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Dennis Quaid - filmography, personal life

The popular American actor Dennis Quaid(full name - Dennis William Quaid) was born on April 9, 1954 in the city of Houston, Texas. After graduating from the school "Bellaire High School", he entered the University of Houston at the Department of Theater Arts, but soon left his studies and went to Los Angeles, hoping to become a film actor. In Hollywood, no one was waiting for him, and Quaid had to somehow settle down to make a living. To begin with, he became a waiter in a cafe, but after working for two months, he realized that he was wasting time. Then Dennis got a clown in the park of children's attractions. Speeches took away all day time, but it was possible to earn money - the knowledge received at the theatrical faculty in Houston was useful.

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Debut in the big movie

However, Dennis Quaid, whose photo was alreadyin all agencies for the selection of actors, did not abandon attempts to become a movie star, and in the end his perseverance was rewarded with several episodes in some low-budget film. And, as it turned out, you just had to start. Gradually able novice actor noticed, and he began to receive roles, albeit episodic, but already with the text. And in 1979, Quaid played the role of Mike, one of four friends in the youth film "Going Off" directed by Peter Yates. The role was in fact one of the main and required a real actor's play. Dennis by that time had already gained experience in film episodes and coped with his task.

The first nominations

The young actor received some very flatteringreviews by critics. And since the film was awarded five nominations for Oscar, four for Golden Globe and one for BAFTA, the future of Dennis promised to be promising. Indeed, Quaid starred in 1981 in three films at once: "Caveman", "All Night Away" and "The Night when the lights went out in Georgia". Movies with Dennis Quaid were filmed more and more, and this gave the young actor confidence.

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The main roles of Quaid

The film "Caveman" directed by Karl Gottlieb- this is an unusual styling, telling about the quite meaningful life of prehistoric people. The main role, the character of Atuka, was played by Ringo Starr, the role of Lara, his friend, was performed by Dennis Quaid. The heroes of the film talked in prehistoric language, understood only by themselves. The most frequently heard words: Ul - food and Zag Zag - sex.

Movie "Night, when the lights went out in Georgia"director Ronald Maxwell - about young musicians, trying to find a use without any success. Dennis Quaid played Travis, who for his creative career created only one hit and is very burdened by this circumstance. In the end he throws to music and indulges in all serious, constantly drunk in the company of casual women and goes to prison, where he was trying to rescue sister Christy.

A movie "All Night long" directed by Jean-ClaudeTramon was awarded the starring participation of Barbra Streisand (Cheryl Gibbons) and Gene Hackman (George Dapler). Dennis Quaid played Freddie Dupler, son of George Dapler. Freddie has a close relationship with Cheryl. Father Freddy in the course of events unfolding in the picture, trying to drive too smart girl Cheryl from his son. However, he falls in love with her.

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Role of space actor

Then, in 1982, actor Dennis Quaid playedastronaut Gordon Cooper in the film directed by Philip Kaufman "Guys, what you need." The type of Quaid could not be better suited for fantastic subjects, and the following year Dennis received the role of Alex Gardner in the film "Escape from Sleep" directed by Joseph Ruben. And in 1985, Dennis Quaid, whose filmography quickly replenished with new paintings, played Willis Davide, a space shuttle pilot in the film "My Enemy" based on the story of Barry Longyear, directed by Wolfgang Petersen. The success of Quaid in the science fiction films brought him another role - in the film "Inner Space" directed by Joe Dante. The character of Dennis is Duck Pendelton, who participates in scientific research to reduce living creatures to microscopic dimensions.

Variety of roles

In 1989, Dennis Quaid starred in two films:"Fireballs" directed by Jim Mikebride and "From the Life of Secret Agents" staged by Herbert Ross. In the first film, Dennis played the legendary rock singer Jerry Lee Lewis, who was condemned by the society for marrying the too-young Myra Brown. The second film about a couple working for the CIA. Special agents Jeff (Dennis Quaid) and Jane (Kathleen Turner) on arrival to rest in a small resort town are under close surveillance of the local police.

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Star partnership

Two films - "Look at Paradise" directed by AlanParker and "Postcards from the edge of the abyss" directed by Mike Nichols - were filmed in 1990. In the first, Quaid took the lead, in the second he played Jack Faulkner, the second-place hero, but his partners in the film were the first-magnitude Hollywood stars, Meryl Streep and Shirley MacLaine.

In his next film, Dennis Quaid starredthree years later, in 1993. It was a film directed by Glenn Gordon Karen called "Cleaner Nepalm", where the actor played Wallace, a man with supernatural powers. The character of Quaid could by force of thought set fire to the surrounding objects and even people.

In 1995, Dennis Quaid first met onset with Julia Roberts. They were to play a married couple in the film directed by Lasse Hallstrom "The occasion for conversations." In the center of the story is Grace Bichon (Julia Roberts) and Eddie Bichon performed by Kuyeda. The events in the picture begin to unfold after Grace learns about her husband's infidelity.

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Of the most recent films with DennisQuaid can be noted "Fort Alamo", filmed in 2004 by director John Lee Hancock. Filming of the picture began after numerous permutations of directors and actors. Initially, Ron Howard was supposed to be in the director's chair, and Russell Crowe was involved in the lead role. However, at the second stage of the discussions concerning the financial provision of the film project, disagreements arose. Howard demanded an increase in the budget to $ 200 million, and his proposals were not accepted. As a result, Ron Howard himself and Russell Crowe left the project. But the most interesting is that the "Fort Alamo" subsequently failed miserably at the box office, collecting only about 25 million of the necessary 120.

Dennis Quaid, whose filmography was already quite extensive at that time, did not feel this failure on himself and continued to withdraw, as if nothing had happened.

Personal life

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The personal life of Dennis Quaid is so far onlyone shock, but what! In 1991, he married the superstar of Hollywood, the darling of America, the charming Meg Ryan. As he did it, no one can understand until now, including Meg herself, and her mother is even more so. The whole being of this worthy woman, the mother of the actress, rose up against the drunk and sniffing cocaine of Quaid. But ... the forbidden fruit, as is known sweet, and Meg Ryan did not listen to her mother. And though Dennis Quaid and Meg Ryan did not quite fit together, the wedding took place.

The first time in the family of Dennis and Meg was allwell, the actor stopped drinking, the happy couple had a son. Career in the movie has been successfully promoted by both. This continued until 2000, and then on the set of the film project "Proof of Life" Meg Ryan met with the leading actor - Russell Crowe. Meg also played the main role, female. The interaction between the actor and actress was quite close throughout the process of filming. And it ended in unexpectedly flushed feelings.

For some time the lovers managed to hide theirmeeting. But no matter how they were encrypted, no matter how they flew from one city to another, the omnipresent paparazzi tracked them down. Of course, Dennis Quaid does not envy, the blow to pride was palpable. But the actor quickly recovered. As for Russell, he did not stay long near Meg Ryan, he soon left her, referring to the love of his native continent, Australia.

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