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"Wave a wing!": Reviews of the cartoon (2014)

Animation genre is best mastered by Hollywoodcinema empire. Agree, the country of dreams is the leader in the production of not only full-fledged paintings, but also children's cartoons, which require patience and long months of painstaking preparation. Other foreign colleagues can not yet boast of the same successes. And yet, bypassing the main competitors, French filmmakers took a chance by presenting to the audience a new cartoon work called "Wave a Wing!". Whether they managed to conquer the young spectators and their parents, let's try to find out.

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"Heavenly" idea

A relatively new French film companyCompagnie Cinématographique boasts several full-length paintings of various genres, issued since its inception. But the animation - the genre for it is completely new. In 2013, screenwriters Antoine Barro and Cory Edwards showed the draft copy of the script for the future project. The plot was built around one small bird, represented by such a slob, always shabby, but, as shown by practice, incredibly brave, able to climb to heaven above.

How much this idea could attract viewers,remained unclear. But the cartoon, as if gaining moral support, received a very symbolic name - "Wave a wing!". The audience had yet to receive feedback. Only time and recognition (or non-recognition) by the public could give a clear answer to the question: what the company lost, and how it won recognition. After all, the prestige of the new film company was put on the stake, because the cartoon was given high hopes. And the company began work on the film "Wave a wing!". 2014 (the year of release) promised to become hot - the film had to compete with impressive rivals, tapes "How to Train the Dragon 2" and "The Family of Monsters."

Brighter images, more authenticity

During the year, artists-animatorscreated prototypes of the main characters. There were several of them, and everyone had to be different from the others. The film "Makhni Wing!" Also included many different landscapes and natural realities. Without this, it is difficult to imagine a cartoon about birds that were to soar in the sky and look down at the earth. Consequently, the artists were required to maximize the overall picture to reality, including the registered streets and squares. The director's post was given to Christian De Vit. The debutant was not afraid to take up the "Makhni Wing!", And as the help were attracted the best decorators of the studio-partners Haut et Court, Panache Productions and TeamTO.

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Zheltorotik in the center of the plot

For a simple understanding of the narrativethe same simple story was required. First of all, the cartoon "Makhni Wing!" Was designed for a children's audience, which will not understand the subtleties of the storylines. By the way, the picture was intended for viewing by all generations, without age restrictions. However, many distributors offered to give it the status of PG. In world cinema, this means the desired presence of parents, in this case - when viewing "Wave a wing!".

Thus, the script writers narrowed the plot by makingthe main character is a little bird named Sizhik. He always dreamed of conquering peaks, but remained cowardly and downtrodden. Before sending to the warm African region with leader Darius, a misfortune takes place - he contacts the evil cat, which deprives him of the opportunity to manage the articles. He chooses Chizhik as commander-in-chief, shows the road, gives some advice, and a small bird in his eyes gains courage. Rising to the sky, now Chizhik is responsible not only for himself, but for his entire team. In addition, he will have to learn how to be a leader, although among the pack there are those who might not like it. This was the key scenario idea tape "Wave a wing!". Reviews of the large audience, whose evaluations the studio was waiting for, were to show whether the creators succeeded in implementing the idea.

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The course is the premiere of the film!

The premiere show took place on October 11, 2014 inGreat Britain, at the International Festival in London. In the US, the cartoon "Makhni Wing!" Appeared on December 5. France confined itself to the last place in the prime minister's turn. In the country of origin, the rental is scheduled for February 18, 2015. The decision of the distributors to release the cartoon at different times became a surprise for many spectators. Our country among the first to buy the right to display the tape "Makhni wing!". 2014, November 6 - the date of the premiere of the cartoon.

Given the significant difference in the release dates,to draw conclusions about the overall success is still too early. But something can be said about Russia already. For several weeks, the cartoon was in theaters. The total number of domestic viewers of the picture "Makhni Wing!" Exceeded 335 thousand people. It should be noted and the fees. In our country, they amounted to more than 1.3 million dollars.

This result is a good indicator.The film "Wave a Wing!", Reviews about which were still expected from foreign viewers, have not yet been fully appreciated, there was no clear picture of his success. But those who already looked at it, were ready to share their impressions.

View adventure birds were happychildren and adults. First of all, the cartoon "Makhni Wing!" Was pleasantly amazed by the qualities that screenwriters generously rewarded Chizhik. A sort of a fool, he believes in his strength to the last, relying on intuition. Throughout the journey, the feathered team has to get into the storm, collide with the hunters, get off course, and even meet with the "iron bird".

The similarity is in difference!

In order not to create a visuala picture of the similar birds, animators did not forget about their difference from each other. In the first place it consisted in character: endowed with completely human qualities, the main characters turned into harmful, arrogant, cowardly, good-natured and soft creatures. In addition, secondary characters also looked diverse. So, for example, thick seals caused laughter, and stupid hares turned out very funny. In short, a real blend of explosive characters was created, harmoniously beaten in the cartoon "Wave a wing!". Reviews of the film - a confirmation.

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On a journey - only with good!

A distinctive feature was the absencenegative images. It is impossible not to notice and not to appreciate. On the other hand, the young spectators "Wave a Wing!" Waited for some opposition to the whole team of goodies. By and large, villains in general are not provided for by the author's plan, as well as the struggle between good and evil. Instead, we see a lot of funny, positive moments and children's jokes, creating a pleasant mood when viewing. Cartoon "Wave a wing!" Is like a continuous journey. An adventure that includes a lot of trials that end safely. And a sweet aftertaste after the final credits.

An old fairy tale about the main

The viewer will be right when talking about the nextthe story of a loser chosen for the accomplishment of great deeds. Certainly, such pictures as "Makhni Wing!" Are needed constantly to support people in their desire to be better than they are now. Especially if with genuine ease to submit it to the example of birds of a young audience. All the strength of the spirit, like a bolt from the blue, falls upon the yellow-faced Chizhik, and he has no choice but to take up the challenge and hold the blow to the end. Let his becoming as a leader moves according to the patterns we studied a thousand times, viewing takes place in one breath - so that small viewers can not sit still!

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Without music, nowhere

What an animated creation without soundsupport? The musical component is unobtrusive, it harmoniously complements the actions taking place on the plot "Wave a wing!". The feedback of the audience speaks about the correct decision to give the Russian voiceovers to the characters by famous figures of show business.

Vadim Galygin, who gave Karl a voice, is veryis good in his master reincarnation. Pelageya's vocal abilities simply amazed, literally forcing her Godbird to come alive. Alexei Vorobyov also coped with the task - in some moments to find out that this is a popular singer and actor, it is extremely difficult.

The best is for the children!

Speaking of the general impression of the cartoon, it is impossible to say anything about something bad.

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Everything that comes to mind, exclusivelypositive. There is no platitude, good humor, an original idea embodied on the screen, an instructive aspect and a good mood - all of this is connected in the tape "Wave a wing!". Reviews about the cartoon show that this is a bright and worthy product. By its strength, it is in no way inferior to competitors and main predecessors. In particular, it is very similar to the "Rio", where the main characters are also birds, launching into a long and fun adventure. Really warm cartoon "Makhni wing!" Contributes to the creation of family comfort, becoming an excellent occasion for an evening pastime.

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